Dog crate covers are the perfect accessory for wire dog crates. They offer functionality and allow you to customize the looks of your dog crate to match any surroundings.

Wire dog crates - while very beneficial - are not very aesthetically pleasing ​due to it's cage-like design. Dog crate covers offer an excellent solution to this problem.

Benefits of Dog Crate Covers 

​Dog crate covers have a number of benefits besides simple aesthetics. These covers can protect your dog from wind drafts as well as insulate the dog from cold temperatures.

Additionally, dog crate covers​ helps to block out excess light and gives your dog more security and privacy.

These reasons, plus more are why many veterinarians and dog specialists recommend the use of dog crate covers.​

Dog Crate Covers - Benefits At-A-Glance:​

  • ​Provides a peaceful and comfortable den-like environment
  • Blocks unnecessary visual distractions
  • Blocks wind drafts, protects from cold
  • Provides shade and blocks direct sun exposure
  • Protects dog's tail from injury (blocks tail of getting between wire cage wires)
  • Dramatically improves the visual aesthetics of a typical wire dog cage
woman peeking thru a dog crate cover

Types of Dog Crate Covers 

Dog crate covers are made from a number of different materials. Most commonly, covers are made out of polyester, cotton, or thick canvas.

​Polyester Crate Covers

Polyester covers are lightweight and easy to fold and transport. These types of covers are a great choice for use during pet transport. ​These covers are the most economical of cover choices though they are not as durable and stylish as other types of covers.

Cotton Crate Covers

Dog crate covers made out of cotton fabric come in a variety of colors and style. These cotton covers are more breathable than polyester covers and are a better choice for warmer climates.

Cotton dog crate covers are machine washable. These types of covers offer protection from cold drafts and low temperatures but they are not ​usually water resistant. 

Canvas Crate Covers

Canvas crate covers are the most durable - and heavy - crate cover option.

Crate covers made out of canvas material are better able to withstand chewing and scratching from pets.

The downsides of this type of cover is the heavier weight. Heavier and bulkier crate covers are harder to wash and not as easy to transport as the other cover options.​

Can I Just Use an Old Sheet or Towel As a Dog Crate Cover?

Yes, you can use towels or sheets as dog crate cover. However, their are number of disadvantages to using sheets or towels versus dog crate covers.

Non-fitted towels and sheets are easy for dogs to pull and chew on. This can be messy and pose a choking hazard for dogs.

photo of a dog pulling a towel

Additionally, using sheets or towels during crate transport can be tricky since the sheets and towels are not made to be secured to the crate. Also, sheets or towels are not water repellent and will actually collect water if it allowed to get wet.

Basically, if you plan to use a dog crate often, getting a dedicated dog crate cover would be a much better option than using towels or sheets -they look better, function better, and are safer to use.

Can I Make My Own DIY Dog Crate Cover?

Yes, you can definitely make your own dog crate cover. With just some basic sewing skills, and a eye for design you can make your own basic crate cover for $15 - $25, depending on the material.

Making your own crate cover is great if you want to work with a specific material and design.

Instead of a wire cage being an eyesore, your custom made crate cover can blend perfectly with your home's specific decor.

​However, you will need a bit more skill and patience if you want to make a crate cover that has multiple windows, openings, and fasteners.

Check out this great tutorial for making a basic but versatile dog crate cover.​


MidWest Polyester Crate Cover for Wire Crates

The MidWest Polyester Dog Crate Cover for Wire Crates is the most basic type of dog crate cover available. It is also the most budget friendly of all the different types of covers.

This 100% polyester cover is lightweight, washable and folds small.​

The Midwest dog crate cover fits all wire dog crates well. The cover has velcro tabs to ensure a secure fit.​

​Out of the different options of dog crate covers available this cover isn't the most attractive in terms of design. However, this crate cover would be perfect for use during transport and traveling. 

When transporting your dog in their crates, a cover helps to minimize stress. The lightweight and water-repellent cover is easy to fold and store. ​

When using this cover, ensure that your dog has proper ventilation and is not over-heated. Because this cover is made from 100% polyester it is not as breathable as other fabrics.​

Check the latest price of the MidWest Polyester Dog Crate Cover for Wire Crates here.

Precision Pet Indoor/Outdoor Crate Cover

The Precision Pet Indoor/Outdoor Dog Crate Cover is a tough and durable crate cover that is versatile and adjustable.

This heavy duty crate cover is guaranteed to fit all Precision Wire crates. It will also fit "most" other common crate sizes. Because it is a heavy, tailored-fit cover it is important to take proper measurements of your dog crate before ordering.

The quality of this crate cover is pretty impressive. It features heavy-duty fabric that is both sun and water resistant. The fabric is double-stitched and heavy duty zippers are used to ensure long term durability.

Our favorite feature of this cover is it's adjustability. This cover has side mesh windows and roller shades that can be put up or down depending on the temperatures and / or your dog's needs.

There is also a back zipper to make getting to the dog crate pan easy.​

This crate cover is available in tan and black. We like the neutral tan color because it goes well with most home decor themes. The cover is machine washable.

The only downside to this cover is that it is quite heavy and not as easy to wash as lighter weight covers. ​

Because of the tailored fit, it is important that you ensure that the cover will fit your particular dog crate. ​

Check the latest price of the Precision Pet Indoor/Outdoor Dog Crate Cover here.

Petsfit Polyester Crate Cover for Wire Crates

The Petsfit Polyester Dog Crate Cover for Wire Crates is a another high quality cover option. The smokey grey color gives the cover a modern appeal that will look great in various home decors.

This crate cover will fit most common dog crate sizes. The outside material is made of durable and thick oxford cloth. The inner lining is made of black polyester for easier cleaning and quick wipe downs.

The cover features multiple window options as well as a top opening for increased ventilation. One thing to note is that the window / door opening for the side ​of the crate is centered.

Not all wire crates have perfectly centered door openings so the side opening of the cover might not be perfectly aligned to all crates. However, the side door to most crates still should be able to open and close.

Additionally, most dog owners primarily use the main front door for access to the crate.

This Petsfit crate cover ​is competitively price and costs less than a lot of similar covers of comparable quality.

Check the latest price of the Petsfit Polyester Dog Crate Cover for Wire Crates here.

Molly Mutt Crate Cover

Molly Mutt dog crate covers take up a notch in the style and design department.

Molly Mutt crate covers are offered in a variety of colors and styles  that will appeal to any fashion conscious dog owner.

The covers are made out of high quality materials and ​will fit most standard size wire dog crates. These covers are also pre-shrunk to ensure proper fit even after washing.

​This Molly Mutt crate is designed to be able to roll up and down on the front and side of the crate. It has a convenient button snap system to keep the rolled up cover panel in place.

One of the only downfalls to this crate cover is the price. These designer covers do cost quite a bit more than other crate covers. ​

Check the latest price of the Molly Mutt Line of Pet Crate Covers here.


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