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Squishies, squishies, squishies!

So cute, so kawaii, so satisfying.

But what are they?

A few years ago, fidget spinners were all the rage. 

These trinkets exploded across the world, but just like other trends, fidget spinners were soon swept under the carpet for something else.

Thankfully, the item that replaced more annoying objects is wonderfully satisfying, malleable, and smushy.

If you’re thinking squishies—also known as kawaii squishies—you are correct. No doubt you have some questions about this squishy toys that are mochi mochi like Shiba Inu cheeks, so we’re answering them all today.

Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about kawaii squishies:

What is a Squishy, Really?

A squishy is a super soft stress relieving toy that comes in whatever shape and size you can image.

Small or large, there are varieties of squishies that can fit in the palm of your hard or be larger than your head.

However, the defining trait in a genuine squishies is that when squeeze the life out of it, it automatically poofs back to normal. 

The speed at which the squishy rebounds from your squeezing and smushing depends largely on the material said toy is made of, which we discuss below.

What Are Squishies Used For?

Like fidget spinners and those egg-shaped hand exercises, squishies can be used as a stress relief toy for children and adults—because we all know how good it feels to squeeze and throw things that bounce back.

It’s actually been proving that the slow rise of the materials in squishies, as well as the rhythmic squishing and squashing have anti-anxiety effects, helps release dopamine, and also stimulates muscle relaxation and endorphin release.

But, you don’t have to use your squishies just for stress relief.

Since squishies come in all shapes and sizes, you can get creative with utilization.

What Are Squishies Made Of?

Squishies are made largely of polyurethane (PU).

This material is the same used in foam and sponges, such as memory foam, kitchen sponges, cushions, and so on.

But different foam types can be mixed together to create squishies of various foams to develop alternative textures and squishy-goodness.

Some squishies may also be made out of silicone.

Keep in mind that PU is generally toxic to consume, so don’t let your toddler or pupper nibble on any type of squishies.

These Are Silicon Squishies:

Where Do Squishies Come From?

Although you might think squishies are the latest craze, that’s not true! 

Squishies have long been hailing from the land of wiggly, wobbly mochi and all things kawaii: Japan. 

Kawaii means “cute,” in Japanese and is part of the original squishy name.

 Many squishy designs are even influenced by Japanese pop culture.

What Kind Of Squishies Are Available?

There are a number of squishy designs available to suit all interests. For example:

  • Food squishies – these are the biggest selection of squishies available. The most popular in Japan are bread and dessert-shaped squishies, but you can find bananas, strawberries, melon, hamburgers, fries, toast, buttered toast, soda cans, tea cups, macaroons, doughnuts, ice cream…oh, we’re getting hungry.
  • Fantasy & character squishies – galaxy-colored pandas, pink unicorns, unicorn cats, dragons, and other fantasy-themed objects have been squishy-fied. Or, if you don’t want that kind of magic, you can find your favorite characters, like Hello Kitty, Totoro, Rilakkuma, and more.
  • Animal squishies – another large group of squishies belongs to the animal variety. You can find cats in all poses, Shiba Inu and other dog breeds, bears, pandas, llamas, seals, bunnies, hamsters, and more. Sometimes you can find animal-shaped squishy keychains, too.
  • X-rated squishies – well, one can only image what shapes x-rated squishies come in. These are the funniest and squishiest squishies around. They might also be...educational.
  • Poo squishies – no, these aren’t poo-scented, thank goodness. Inspired by the poo emoji, these poo squishies are probably the cutest piles you’ll ever find.
  • Squishy phone cases – these are phone cases that come with squishies, such as cats laying on their backs, attached. The one main difference is that these squishies aren’t made of PU but out of silicone.
Scented squishies – these are squishies that come in any of the styles already mentioned but with food scents. Want a strawberry-scented milk-shaped squishy? You can find it.

Or, you may be able to find a mixture of the above types, like a pineapple-patterned poo-shaped squishy that’s scented like bananas.

You never know!

Can You Make Your Own Homemade Squishies?

The good news is that if your creative and want to experiment, you can make DIY squishies.

Just grab an old sponge, shape it as you want, and coat it in some acrylic paint.

Wait for the paint to dry, and ta-da, you’ve got yourself a squishy.

How Should You Care For Your Squishies?

If you’ve been squashing your squishy like crazy, you might notice that it’s getting sticky or grimy.

Don’t put your squishy in hot water, because this will cause the toy to break down.

Instead, wipe the toy down with soap and cold water.

Once it’s dried, you can start smooooshing again!

Final Thoughts

We’re sure you will agree with us when we say that Kawaii Squishies are a great alternative to squeezing Shiba Inu cheeks all day long (and we’re pretty sure our doggos are happy we don’t do that).

Now that you know everything you need to know about squishies, don't waste any time!

Start squishing!

Our Favorite Squishies!!!

By now, you probably can't wait to get your hands on your own smooshable squishy!

Here are our absolute faves:

SHARK SHOP Mochi Squishy Toys 20-Pcs Pack

The Shark Shop Mochi Squishy Toys 20-Pcs Pack comes with an adorable squishy carrier that just makes the experience that much cuter!

These squishies are made out of silicone rather than PU so they are a bit more durable but not quite as soft as the PU varieties. 

They are great for stress relief when squeezing the bejezus out of something so cute can be incredibly therapeutic.

But there tiny cute sizes and kawaii faces just brings so much joy to both young and old alike. 

Don't let very young children or dogs get to close to these though. They are small and can accidentally get swallowed.

Check the latest price of the Mochi Squishy Toys 20-Pcs Pack here.

Squishin' Fun Slow Rising Jumbo Kawaii 2 Pack Squishie

The Squishin' Fun Slow Rising Jumbo Squishies 2-pack looks cute, smells delicious and is a great deal at the same time.

The PU (polyurethane) jumbo squishies look so delicious that they're best reserved for those not on diets. Seriously, after playing with these types of squishies for a while, guess what kind snack cravings I had soon after?

Unlike some mass produced squishies, these squishies seem high quality, soft, and durable.

Check the latest price of the Squishin' Fun Slow Rising Jumbo Kawaii 2 Pack Squishie here.

Oh So Squishy Slow Rising Cat Squishy Toy

The Oh So Squishy Slow Rising Cat Squishy Toy is simply so kawaii.

The Oh So Squishy line of squishies are composed of CPSC (consumer product safety commision certified) squishies and contain no harmful chemicals or toxins.

They also feature unique designs that are not copy-cat and mass produced.

These are jumbo sized squishies and smoosh really well and rise nice and slowly.

Check the latest price of the Oh So Squishy Slow Rising Cat Squishies here.

R • HORSE Jumbo Narwhal Cake Squishy Kawaii SET

The R • HORSE Jumbo Narwhal Cake Squishy Kawaii set got all your squishy dreams covered.

Narwhale squishy? Check.

My lil pony unicorn cross squishy squishy? Check

Birthday narwhale, birthday my lil pony unicorn squishy? Of course, check.

Made out of environmentally friendly non toxic PU material - and smells great.

The squishies range in sizes of three to five inches.

Check the latest price of the R Horse Jumbo squishy set here.

BeYumi Slow Rising Cat Squishy

This BeYumi Cat Squishy appeals to many Shiba Inu lovers because everyone calls our dogs "cat-like".

So of course, we are drawn to this hiply dressed, Einstein cat.

Made out of environmentally friendly PU foam, this slow rising cat can be smooshed  to a "catty" cake and take about 5-10 seconds to slow rise to your delight.

Check the latest price of the BeYumi Cat Squishy toy here.

Kawaii Squishies Toy,Slow Rising Cute Sushi

Shiba Inu lovers of course should be a bit familiar with sushi.

So of course, we had to include some sushi squishies in our round-up.

These scrumptiously cute sushi squishies include the raw salmon California sushi as well as plain sesame, and black sesame California sushi.

Mmmmmm. Oishi desu nei! (And of course, please don't ingest any type of squishies).

Check the latest price of Kawaii Sushi Squishies here.

Rosybeat Squishies Jumbo Ice Cream Cat

We seem to love cat squishies as there is not many dog squishies to choose from.

We also love food squishies. Especially dessert squishies.

So here's a rainbow colored cat eating a rainbow ice cream sushi for all to enjoy!

So Kawaii!

Check the latest price of the Rosybeat Kawaii Rainbow cat squishy here.

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