Pet furniture covers are great to have in households where are beloved pets share our beloved furniture. 

Pet furniture covers are a great way to extend the life of your couches, love seats, and recliners. They also help keep your living room sanitary and free of excessive pet odor. It's not easy to wash your couch - but it is easy to wash a couch cover.

Additionally, pet furniture covers are a great option for couches already worn down by your pets. You can bring new life and color into your home decor with furniture covers while hiding an old sofa that was once used as your dog's chew toy - or your cat's scratch pad.

Most pet furniture covers such as pet couch covers are designed to easily fit over standard-sized furnishings. Make sure you take good measurements before deciding on which cover style to choose. Some furniture covers are not meant for use with leather furniture while others are only meant for couches that have removable bottom cushions.​

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​Features To Consider When Choosing Pet Furniture Covers

When choosing a pet furniture cover, some of the main considerations will be price, material, design, and ease of use.

Look for pet furniture covers that fit your style of your couch as well as the style of your current home decor. ​

​You also need to decide if you want to cover your entire couch or just the main sitting and leaning areas.

Slipcovers cover entire pieces of furniture but they do take longer to put on properly.

Basic couch or love seat covers cover the main areas of the furniture and are relatively simple to put on and take off.

​If you have leather furniture, you need to be sure that the cover can handle slippery surfaces like leather. Full slipcovers are often a good choice for leather furniture because these covers are fitted over the entire couch / chair and does not slip off as easy basic "throw-on" covers.

Choose a pet furniture cover that you can wash and dry within your washing system. Most of these covers are machine washable, though some need to be hang dried on a line.

Furniture covers come in various materials including cotton, canvas, polyester, wool and suede. It's important to choose one that you are comfortable sitting and lying on. Some have thick quilt-like material while others are thinner and easier to wash.

If you prefer to wash your covers often, it might be better to choose a thinner cover for ease of washing.

Some covers are water resistant but most are never fully waterproof. Waterproof couch covers would be more like "tarps" so they wouldn't be very comfortable to lounge on. Large liquid spills should be cleaned immediately and laundered or dried if necessary. ​



The Original SOFA SHIELD Reversible Furniture Protector

The Original SOFA SHIELD Reversible Furniture Protector is one of the best selling pet furniture covers on the market. 

If you do not have a lot of time to research all of the pet furniture covers available, this cover will be a good choice - as long as your couch is not made of leather or leather-like material. Even with the included straps, this particular cover will not stay perfectly in place on leather like surfaces. It does however work great for couches made out of fabric.

​These SOFA SHIELD furniture covers are made for couches (regular and extra wide), love seats, futons, and recliners (regular and extra wide). They also come in a wide assortment of colors that will make it easy to match your home decor setting. Additionally, the dual colored fabric is reversible for even more options.

This pet furniture covers are constructed with sturdy materials and is machine washable and dryable. ​

​The Pro's of these covers are that they are easy to put on and fit a wide variety of furniture types and sizes. It is very important to take a few simple measurements first before ordering. These covers also come with elastic straps that help keep the cover in place and secure.

Although these pet furniture covers are "not recommended" for ​leather furniture, they still can be used on them as long as you don't mind adjusting them into place periodically.

The SOFA SHIELD Pet Couch Covers are great for protecting your couches from your couch-loving pets. The covers help protect from fur, stains, scratches and bites. Keep in mind that this cover is not waterproof so large spills and liquids should be cleaned immediately.​

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Bella Kline Reversible SOFA Furniture Protector

The Bella Kline Reversible SOFA Furniture Protector is a great all-around pet furniture cover that is easy on your budget.

What's great about this pet furniture cover is it's ease of use. These one-piece sofa, love seat, or chair covers simply need to be draped onto the furniture and tucked in. No straps are necessary.

These covers are reversible and come in a few basic colors. If you have active dogs, the most recommended color would be mocha/tan since the color hides muddy paws pretty well.

The material of the covers is water resistant so it will help protect your furniture from damp or occasionally slobbery dogs. This a great plus. However, if there is a large liquid spill, be sure to check your furniture and launder or dry out the cover if needed.

Another great feature of these covers is that they are made out of natural, hypoallergenic, quilted microfiber. This type of fiber helps to reduce odors as well as ease allergy symptoms - in both humans and dogs.

Finally, the new models of these pet couch covers come with side pockets. These pockets are great to hold remotes, magazines, or whatever necessities that you would like to keep nearby. 

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Maytex Pixel Stretch 2-Piece Sofa Slipcover

The Maytex Pixel Stretch 2-Piece Sofa Slipcover is a great pet furniture cover for those that want to have their entire couch covered. It is also a great choice for leather couches because the fitted cover will not slip.

​This Maytex Couch cover takes a little more work to put on, but once on, does a great job in protecting your couch from stains, scratches, and pet fur.

This couch cover will fit couches approximately 74" to 96" wide. The cover comes in two pieces, one for the bottom seat cushions of your couch (before ordering make sure your couch is the type that has removable bottom seat cushions), and one for the entire couch. There are no cumbersome ties to secure - the elastic corners help to ensure a snug fit.

Overall, this slipcover makes a good dog or cat couch cover. Additionally, it's a great option to cover an out-of-date couch​ and bring some new colors into your current living room decor.

These Maytex slipcovers are stretchable and machine washable and can be dried in a dryer at low heat settings. ​

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Lush Decor Sophie Slipcover/Furniture Protector for Sofa

This Lush Decor Sophie Slipcover/Furniture Protector is a freshly colored and designed to add some spark into your home decor.

The slipcover makes an excellent pet furniture cover because it is both stain and water resistant. It's made out of 100% polyester and can be washed in the washing machine. Hang drying is recommended.

​These covers are available to fit couches, love seats, and arm chairs. They are fairly easy to put on. Side and cushion flaps just need to be securely tucked in. Additional ribbons are included to add extra secureness. 

The one negative about this cover is it's slipperiness. Even when tucked in and tied, this cover tends to slip a bit more than the other covers I've had. However, it was a trade-off I could live with because I really liked the color and design. 

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