12 Amazing Shiba Inu Rescues

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Our Favorite Shiba Inu Rescue / Shelters

Dedication and Compassion

As dog lovers, and especially Shiba Inu lovers, we all appreciate the hard work, dedication, and compassion of Shiba Inu rescue workers and the organizations they represent. 

 We’d like to share a few of our favorite Shiba Inu rescue organizations with you so you can feel good about the assistance that is available for our beloved Shiba Inu breed.

We hope that this article can raise awareness for the difficulties that these organizations face and the importance of understanding the Shiba Inu breed before bringing one into your home. It is heartbreaking to see photos and videos of Shiba Inus that were abandoned by their owners. Let's all do our part to help these hardworking Shiba Inu rescue shelters work less.

1. Saving Shibas, Inc.

Based in Los Alamitos, California - Founded 2012


Saving Shibas Inc. is a non-profit Shiba Inu rescue organization that is located in Southern California. With the assistance of a wide network of Shiba Inu-loving volunteers, Saving Shibas provide rescue, foster homes, veterinary care and adoption services throughout Southern California and the Las Vegas, Nevada area.

shiba inu shelter saving shibas

With no central facility, each dog is housed in a family home with a dedicated and experienced volunteer caretaker. Many of the rescued Shiba Inus come from difficult environments where the dogs may have been exposed to neglect or abandonment. Saving Shibas’ dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers work to provide them with home stability, medical care and quality nutrition.

A Great Environment to Rehabilitate

Because most volunteers are Shiba Inu adopters, the foster dogs will have the opportunity to interact with other Shiba Inus and family members. Each dog’s time in foster care can be from 10 to 16 weeks in length, and a thorough assessment of health and behavior is carefully documented. If necessary, skilled training and behavior modification are provided to prepare the rescued Shiba Inu for successful placement in an appropriate new home.

Before placement, each Shiba Inu has been declared healthy by a veterinarian, is spayed or neutered and is fully vaccinated and microchipped. Each dog also goes to his or her new home with bedding, food and toys and the ongoing support of the Shiba rescue community.

Donations are Tax Deductible

As a potential adopter, you will fill out a written questionnaire, and you are interviewed with a home visit prior to adoption approval. Because Saving Shibas is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, all donations and adoption fees are tax deductible. Adoption fees for each rescue dog are typically between $150 to 400 depending upon the Shiba Inu’s specific needs and veterinary care requirements.

Saving Shibas’ special focus on education means that new adopters will be prepared for the joy - and challenges - you will face when choosing to live with a spirited Shiba Inu. 

2. Shiba Prom

Virtual Online Presence

The mission of Shiba Prom is one of fundraising to support abandoned, neglected and homeless Shiba Inus and mixes who need extra funding for veterinary care. This volunteer-run, non-profit organization is a virtual presence that focuses on creative fundraising for other Shiba Inu rescue organizations through online events, such as photo contests and virtual “Prom” parties. You can participate in these enjoyable events to have a blast while supporting an important cause.

shiba inu shelter resource shiba prom

- via shibaprom

The Shiba prom places a high priority on getting proper care for the Shiba Inus that need it the most.Expensive surgeries and medications can take a toll on Shiba Inu rescue organizations, and the support of Shiba Prom is an invaluable tool in helping needy Shibas receive high-quality care. Toys, beds and food are additional items that Shiba Prom’s fundraising provides to rescue organizations.

Helping Shiba Inu Rescues Lift Financial Burdens

By helping with the financial burden of Shiba Inu rescue expenses, Shiba Prom gives rescue organizations more freedom to do their valuable work helping homeless Shiba Inus. The virtual connections formed by Shiba Prom’s supporters create bonds and friendships in the Shiba Inu community that benefit the rescue care and re-homing process of this beloved dog breed.

Cats are Welcome Too!

Shiba “pawrents,” and Shiba admirers, known as “chaperones,” are all invited to participate, and cat lovers and other dog breeds are also welcome. Shiba Prom is a unique and inclusive online experience for Shiba Inu supporters with an important fundraising goal that will make you feel good about participating and being a part of this vibrant community.

The power of social media provides Shiba Prom with the opportunity to educate, inform and set fundraising goals to care for rescued Shiba Inus. By participating in the fun and engaging events, Shiba Inu supporters from all over the world can connect and learn from one another while helping homeless Shibas at the same time.

A Prom and Dance Just For The Shibas!

The Shiba Prom fundraiser events truly are a themed social dance - or “Prom” - that take place virtually on an interactive website. With tickets to purchase and events in which to participate, Shiba Inu lovers can post photos and videos of their pets for a variety of contests, and you can participate in raffles, trivia quizzes, chats and other fun and entertaining events as well.

Award categories include titles such as Prom King, Prom Queen, Best Dressed, Cutest Couple, Best Canine Smile, Best Dancer and Sassiest Senior. Prizes include designer collars, Shiba Inu decorative items, toys and other fun items for you to appreciate and enjoy.

The money raised benefits specific rescue organizations to help meet their financial needs and continue to provide rescue services for Shiba Inus. These highly anticipated events are a great way to meet new friends and show off your beloved Shiba Inu to others who care about the breed just as much as you do.

3. DC Shiba Inu Rescue (DCSIR)

Based in Washington, DC - Founded in 2012


This Washington, D.C. organization focuses on helping homeless Shiba Inus, and they also extend a welcoming hand to similar types of primitive breeds and mixes. As a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, DC Shiba Inu Rescue’s dedicated volunteers provide experienced foster care, veterinary care and training for Shibas in preparation for new adoptive homes.

A Focus on Homeless Shiba Inus and Education

Homeless dogs often come from situations of neglect and abandonment. DCSIR rises to the challenge of meeting their needs, and pairs each dog with a new permanent home. A strong focus on educating the community about the importance of positive-reinforcement training, spay and neuter, healthy nutrition and holistic care is also an important part of this organization’s mission.

DCSIR’s work is focused in the Washington, D.C. area, but help is available for Shiba Inus across the East Coast. For new adopters, the primary adoption area is the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia, but as a potential adopter, you can be a resident of Delaware, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and West Virginia and be eligible to apply for most dogs as well. In special cases, DCSIR will expand the adoption area to additional states, and as a potential adopter, you must be willing to drive to the D.C. area to meet with DCSIR volunteers and the adoptable dogs.

With an investment in ensuring that foster dogs go to the right home, DCSIR provides new adopters with detailed information about each Shiba Inu’s medical history and behavior. A special venue for ongoing support is provided through an invitation-only Facebook group geared specifically toward new adopters. You will become a part of the DCSIR community for education, support and friendship. Social events and informal Shiba playdates in the D.C. area are a big part of the helpful community for volunteers, adopters and supporters.

DCSIR also offers special support for those who need education or personalized assistance to keep their Shiba Inu in their homes. As a primitive breed, Shibas have many unique characteristics, and knowledgeable volunteers can help you understand the Shiba breed’s special needs to help them be a successful addition to your home and family.

Creative Use of the "Doge" Meme

Embracing the popularity of “Doge,” DCSIR creates memes for fun and to promote education about the Shiba breed and their aloof personalities. These adorable memes help potential adopters to recognize the charm and unique personality of each dog. For example, a favorite Shiba affectionately named “Grumpy Bear” is the subject of many memes with cute quotes and crabby facial expressions.

You will enjoy the clever posts on DCSIR’s Facebook page with these Shiba-themed photos and quotes. Each dog adopted through DCSIR has a happy ending page on the website, so you can become acquainted with the story of each dog and his or her successful journey through rescue and the wonderful outcome of a loving home.

4. Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue (MSIR)

Based in Chicago, IL - Founded in 2002


Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue saves Shibas throughout the midwestern states, including Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nebraska and Kansas. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, this organized network of volunteers assists homeless Shiba Inus throughout the region. The dogs MSIR assists come from shelters or from homes that simply weren’t prepared for the realities of living with the beloved Shiba breed.

shiba inu shelter midwest shiba inu rescue

- via MSIR

Serving The Midwestern States

With no shelter facility, the dogs are housed in foster care with dedicated volunteers. Veterinary care, training and a comprehensive adoption process are provided to assist Shiba Inus and adopters in finding their perfect match. With a wide geographical area to cover, the wide network of rescue volunteers makes transport, fostering and adoption services possible.

All MSIR rescue dogs are spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped and evaluated by a veterinarian. Many of the Shiba Inus who require foster care are young adults, but MSIR also cares for older dogs or those with special medical needs. As a potential adopter, you can benefit from the evaluation of each knowledgeable foster home for temperament and behavioral needs, so each Shiba can be paired with the ideal adoptive home.

Adoption fees are typically in the range of $150-400 depending on the Shiba Inu’s age and any special needs. An application and a home visit are the starting point for being approved to adopt a rescued MSIR Shiba. Following adoption, MSIR offers support and education to ensure that all of your questions are answered and that you and your Shiba are prepared to enjoy a successful life together.

Shiba Inu Training / Obedience Classes

Because of the importance of quality training for your rescued Shiba Inu, MSIR offers a $25 refund when you complete an obedience training class. Training helps to build a bond between human and dog, and it helps to get new adopters off on the right foot for setting a new Shiba up for success in a permanent, loving home.

A special “Shiba Shoppe” is featured on the MSIR website where you can purchase many beautiful Shiba-themed gifts, toys, collars, leashes and other items; the proceeds go to help the dogs in MSIR’s care. The website also offers beautiful photo albums of adopted dogs with happy endings, and it features a photo tribute to rescue dogs who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge that will bring a tear to your eye.

5. Shiba Inu Rescue of Texas (SIRTx)

Based in Austin Texas, Founded in 1999


As a mainstay of Shiba rescue for the past 17 years, Shiba Inu Rescue of Texas is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the state of Texas. With a central location in Austin, a network of dedicated volunteers provides rescue services for Shiba Inus and adopters throughout the region. SIRTx’s mission is to rescue and rehome Shibas and mixes throughout Texas and the surrounding states of Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and New Mexico.

shiba inu shelter sirtx

- via sirtx

A Loving Network of Volunteers and Foster Homes

With no dedicated facility, the dogs in SIRTx’s care enjoy the comfort and care of compassionate and knowledgeable foster homes in the network of rescue volunteers. As a small organization, the primary focus is assistance for Shiba Inus who are at risk of being euthanized in shelters, and SIRTx also takes in owner surrenders or commercially breed Shibas for rescue adoption services.

Education and guidance for the public and potential adopters is also provided by Shiba-savvy volunteers to ensure that adopters are ready for the realities of adding this energetic, primitive breed to their homes.

Breed specific information helps potential adopters to understand the commitment of living with a busy, active Shiba Inu, and practical warnings about special breed quirks like the “Shiba Scream” and the “Shiba 500” are an important part of SIRTx’s educational efforts. SIRTx takes pride in helping all Shiba owners with effective training information, behavioral questions and general support for a successful relationship with your rescued Shiba Inu.

The Adoption Process That Ensures Success

The dogs in SIRTx’s care are evaluated for health concerns, spayed or neutered and fully vaccinated. Their behavior is evaluated to give potential adopters a clear picture of each rescue dog’s needs for a new home. As a potential adopter, you will fill out an application to express your interest in the breed, and the adoption process includes references and a home visit. The Shibas in SIRTx’s care stay in foster homes as long as is necessary until the ideal home match is found; this ensures a lifelong permanent home and a successful adoption placement.

Shiba Inu Puppies Saved From a Puppy Mill

In 2015, SIRTx took in nearly two dozen Shiba Inus from three puppy mills. The influx of so many dogs at one time was a challenge for a small statewide organization, but all dogs found foster homes and went to loving permanent families. With the support of many volunteers, donors and the network of the Shiba Inu community, Shiba Inu rescue organizations can rise to the challenge of caring for large numbers of dogs at one time.

6. NYC Shiba Rescue, Inc. (NYCSR)

Based in NY City, New York - Founded in 2007

Contact Form on Website

NYC Shiba Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in New York State. With an all-volunteer network, NYCSR’s focus is improving the quality of life for Shiba Inus living in the New York City area. Both purebred Shibas and mixes are rescued from difficult living environments and shelters to ensure that the dogs can have a new future in a permanent, loving home.

nyc shibai inu rescue logo

- via nycsr

Dedicated volunteers evaluate and foster the dogs in NYCSR’s care and provide educational guidance about this beloved breed to new adopters and the public. Responsible dog ownership - including selection, care and training - are a primary focus of the NYCSR mission. You will find many resources to learn about the breed, ask questions and determine if the Shiba Inu is the right breed for you.

Purebred and Mixed Shiba Inus Enjoy a Loving Home Environment

As a volunteer network with no dedicated facility, rescued Shibas enjoy a home environment while in volunteer foster care. Each Shiba Inu is evaluated for temperament, and he or she receives a comprehensive medical examination by a veterinarian. Spay or neuter, vaccination updates and other necessary veterinary care are completed before NYCSR dogs go to their permanent new homes.

Socialization and Behavior Support

Temperament is re-evaluated after each dog has spent some time settling into foster care, and volunteers complete testing for compatibility with other dogs, humans, children and cats. Continued socialization and basic obedience training are provided based on each rescue dog’s individual needs and more comprehensive behavioral support is provided by a professional trainer if required.

Participation in educational events like the Super Pet Expo and AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day gives NYCSR the opportunity to reach out to the public and potential adopters with information about responsible dog ownership. You will enjoy materials such as the “Meet the Breed” brochure; it informs potential adopters about the Shiba Inu’s needs and how to responsibly rescue or purchase a dog.

Shiba Inus in The City!

The challenges of owning a Shiba Inu in a busy urban environment means a social network of other Shiba families and helpful rescue volunteers can be invaluable for education and support. Lost dog courtesy postings and outreach among volunteers and adopters form a network across the city that provides opportunities for you to participate in fundraisers and other events.

With a website that features adoptable dogs, foster dogs and the adopted Shiba Inus from every year since the organization's beginnings in 2007, you can follow each dog’s happy ending. A collection of education articles address topics such as adopting an older Shiba and integrating newly adopted Shibas with other pets and children.

7. Southern California Shiba Inu Rescue

Based in Encino, California - Founded in 2002 


As a non-profit animal rescue, Southern California Shiba Inu Rescue focuses exclusively on the Shiba breed. With no central location, a network of dedicated volunteers throughout Southern California provides foster care and adoption services for Shiba Inus in need of new homes and veterinary assistance.

The mission of this 501(c)3 corporation is to provide sanctuary to abandoned, stray and neglected Shibas. Although the bulk of the dogs Southern California Shiba Inu Rescue helps are located in Southern California, partnerships with shelters and other rescues across the country provides the opportunity to assist in many ways.

Serving The Southern California Community

Each rescued Shiba receives love and care in a foster home and will be kept in Southern California Shiba Inu Rescue’s care until the ideal home is located. Medical attention, spay and neuter services, vaccination and obedience training are all included during a Shiba’s time in foster care.

All dogs are evaluated for temperament and behavioral needs, and each Shiba’s personality is considered when choosing a new home. Dogs are only available for adoption in the local area and are not shipped out of state. As a potential adopter, you will fill out an application to express interest in a Shiba Inu and wait for the perfect rescue match.

Shiba Inu Leash and Crate Training

A unique focus on leash training and crate training for each foster Shiba makes each dog’s transition into a new home a smooth and successful process. These life skills are useful for any dog, and with dedicated volunteers providing a solid foundation of training, you can continue the consistency of training and reduce your new dog’s stress during the adoption process.

Southern California Shiba Inu Rescue’s active blog promotes fundraising, adoptable dogs and happy endings. In 2014, Southern California Shiba Inu Rescue was the beneficiary of the first Dogecoin party in Los Angeles. This Shiba-themed bitcoin currency fundraiser was held in a comic book store, and it was promoted with contests, Shiba Inu guests, demonstrations and a Doge-themed card game to benefit rescue dogs.

8. Northwest Shiba Rescue

Based in Beavercreek, Oregan - Founded in 1999


Northwest Shibas4Life Rescue is focused on improving the quality of life for Shiba Inus with education and critical care for homeless, neglected and abused dogs. With a goal of partnership with other rescue organizations, they wish to reduce the number of euthanized Shiba Inus across the country.

shiba inu shelter of northwest

As an all-volunteer organization, NWSR’s volunteers consist of an active core group that balances personal commitments with volunteer activities. The rescued Shiba Inus come from many different situations, and the mission of assisting each homeless dog in finding a new family can include many different aspects of medical care, training and education.

Helping To End Puppy Mills

Working with local and national clubs, NWSR strives to educate the public about this intriguing breed. Partnering with law enforcement agencies in Oregon, they have worked diligently to shut down backyard breeders and puppy mills. As you know, it takes the power of a community and the connections of social media to bring animal lovers together to change the lives of Shiba Inus.

Fundraising efforts include auctions, employer-match donations and donations of food, treats and toys. Volunteer time is also a valuable donation that can be made by local Shiba Inu-lovers. Donations of time and money help dogs such as Jewel, whose prior owner left her tangled in chicken wire, leading to the amputation of her leg. Phoenix languished in an outdoor puppy mill, while parasites and freezing temperatures robbed his body of its strength. These dogs have sad stories, but they have also enjoyed happy endings thanks to the efforts of NWSR.

A Sanctuary For Special Shiba Inus

NWSR also operates a Shiba Inu sanctuary for dogs who may not thrive in a family home. By providing a safe and permanent space for dogs who might not otherwise be adoptable, NWSR can fulfill its promise of a safe, comfortable home for the dogs in its care. 

Fun social events such as the annual picnic include over 100 human guests and more than 60 Shiba Inus, and the event has even included a Shiba Inu wedding for Jewel and Zenji. This special event raised funds to help with the medical expenses for the dogs at NWSR’s sanctuary.

9. Shiba Inu Rescue of Florida

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Founded in 2012

Contact Form on Website

With a focus on both purebred and mixed-breed dogs, Shiba Inu Rescue of Florida finds new loving homes for many homeless dogs in the southeastern United States. Spay and neuter surgeries, vaccinations, and other necessary types of veterinary care are all provided to each dog prior to your adoption. Volunteers also educate adopters about training to ensure that your adopted dog will thrive in your care.

shiba inu rescue of florida

This all-volunteer group also works diligently to educate the public about this beautiful breed and the challenges of sharing a home with them. The goal is for dogs to find new homes that are permanent and to end the cycle of Shiba Inu homelessness. You’ll find it heartwarming to see the community come together to work on behalf of Shiba Inus in need.

Although each dog is lucky to find care with SIRF, as an adopter, you are are the lucky one to have the opportunity to add a Shiba Inu to your home. Volunteers foster homeless Shibas throughout the state of Florida, and this gives each dog the opportunity to experience a home with other Shiba Inus and for volunteers to learn more about the personality and individual needs of each dog.

You will enjoy a website filled with happy-ending stories and remembrances for those who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Each tribute shows the love that SIRF brings to each rescued Shiba. You can apply to be a foster home or fill out an adoption application to start the process of bringing a rescue dog home.

Tight Knit Community

Community is a big part of what SIRF does in the state of Florida. Monthly playdates bring Shiba Inus and their owners together for fun and socialization time. An online boutique provides Shiba-themed clothing, jewelry and other unique items for you to purchase with proceeds going to SIRF’s rescue and adoption programs.

Active Social Presence

A busy Facebook page provides updates on foster dogs and newly adopted dogs so each story can be followed and shared. You will see news stories about Shiba Inus, including the frightening tale of Maiya, who was recently attacked by an alligator. The Shiba Inu community embraces each dog in need as a part of the wider community working on behalf of this loveable, unique breed.

10. Shiba Inu Rescue Association

Based in Chicago, Illinois - Founded in 2008


The Shiba Inu Rescue Association is an all-volunteer rescue organization working to help Shiba Inus in and around the Chicago area. A focus on helping both Shibas and other types of primitive breeds means that they work with commercial breeders, shelters and relinquishing owners. Each dog in SIRA’s care is evaluated for temperament and behavioral needs, and a network of foster homes welcomes each dog with open arms.

shiba inu rescue association

- via SIRA

Promoting Shiba Inu Rescue and Responsible Breeding

Education of the public is also part of SIRA’s mission. You can learn about responsible pet care, the importance of spay and neuter and effective training methods. Obtaining a dog from a responsible breeder or rescue organization is promoted in an effort to help you make good choices about where you obtain your next dog.

SIRA’s volunteer network extends from Illinois to Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and Missouri. They are in the process of acquiring 501(c)3 status, and it is an organization that is quickly growing in the number of volunteers and the size of their geographical area.

It's All in The Family

SIRA was founded by a mom-and-daughter team who has been rescuing Shibas, Jindos and mixes since 2003. With dozens of dogs enjoying the benefits of foster care, medical care, efficient transports, behavior evaluations and successful placements, the Shiba Inus and other primitive breeds in SIRA’s geographical area are lucky indeed.

SIRA’s busy Facebook page features happy endings, foster updates and fundraisers. You’ll also see announcements of volunteer opportunities so that their network can mobilize to meet each dog’s individual needs.

A Lupine products store on their website provides beautiful collars, leashes and harnesses, and your purchase benefits SIRA’s programs. Additional fundraising efforts include summer picnics, with lure coursing, a raffle and a silent auction along with monthly meetups and playdates.

11. Shiba Rescue of New Jersey

Based in Ocean County, New Jersey Founded in 2005


Shiba Inu Rescue of New Jersey is a small but productive non-profit organization based in Ocean County, NJ. As one of three active rescue organizations for Shiba Inus on the East Coast, SRNJ has rescued, fostered and rehomed more than 300 Shiba Inus, Jindos and mixes. Working closely with other Shiba rescue and all-breed organizations across the nation, they are proud of their work on behalf of neglected, unwanted and displaced Shiba Inus.

Hardworking and Compassionate Volunteers

A dedicated network of devoted volunteers offers their passion about the breed and their knowledge to facilitate the successful rescue and adoption of each dog. Giving abandoned dogs a second chance at a home with a loving family is what drives each volunteer to generously donate their time to the SRNJ organization. You can expect a thorough screening process for your adoption to ensure that each dog has an excellent chance at finding the ideal home match for a new happy life.

Education of the public is an important component of SRNJ’s work, and they provide education about spay and neuter services with a goal of reducing dog overpopulation and euthanization. As a central point of contact for shelters and the public, they stand ready with foster homes and they are a proactive voice and effective coordinator for finding Shibas loving homes.

Educating The Public About Puppy Mills

You will find educational information, happy endings and adoption information featured on SRNJ’s website, such as information about Amish puppy mills. You can learn a lot about the Shiba Inu breed and issues in the world of dogs when you spend time reading SRNJ's informative website.

Social connections that will keep you updated include a busy Facebook page with fundraising opportunities, adoption updates and new foster dogs. Special fundraisers include a successful effort for Fritz, a Shiba Inu who was found on the side of the road with a shattered leg. The fundraiser provided more than $1500 for surgery to provide Fritz with a bone graft and plate.

12. Colorado Shiba Inu Rescue

Based in Englewood, Colorado - Founded in 2007


As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Colorado Shiba Inu Rescue is a no-kill rescue group that focuses entirely on the training and rehoming of Shiba Inus and mixes. With no central facility, each dog finds care and comfort in a loving foster home. The group’s many volunteers are located in Denver and throughout northern Colorado.

COSIR works with shelters across the state to take in Shiba Inus in need of assistance. Dogs from owners who can no longer care for them are also a part of the rescue program. By helping to relieve the load on shelters and providing individual attention to each dog, COSIR can ensure that every Shiba receives the best options available in pursuit of a loving home.

Finding The Perfect Shiba Inu Family

While in foster care and preparing for permanent adoption, each Shiba Inu in COSIR’s care is assessed with men, women, children, dogs and cats. The dogs are also exposed to situations that they may encounter after adoption, including trips to retail stores and interactions with other dogs in a dog park. This helps the COSIR volunteer team to know if your home will be ideal for the personality of the dogs in their care.

Each Shiba Inu benefits from a wide range of care as a part of the COSIR program. Medical care includes spay or neuter surgery, deworming, heartworm testing, vaccinations, veterinary exams and a microchip; a dental cleaning is also provided if needed. All dogs under seven years of age receive a six-week training course to ensure that they have basic skills to help with integration into your home.

Informational Website For Prospective Shiba Inu Adopters

As a potential adopter, you can apply online, and you must agree to a home visit and to complete training when adopting from COSIR. A special section of their website offers training information and tips to help you and your Shiba Inu be successful together, and training is a big part of the educational opportunities COSIR offers.

An engaging Facebook page offers updates and adoption announcements so you can follow the stories of COSIR dogs. Events include adoption events and a variety of fun, educational dog events across the state of Colorado.

Shiba Inu Rescue Organizations are the Best!

As you can see, foster care, training and veterinary care are standard procedure for these excellent Shiba Inu rescue organizations. Partnering together and acting alone, the network of support for Shiba Inus is large, proactive and ready to help dogs with difficult medical needs and dedication to training.

Paired with the financial support of dog lovers and the efforts of knowledgeable, energetic volunteers, we are happy that Shiba Inus have a safety net of support in nearly every geographical area of the United States.

Creative fundraising, social connections and education bring value and community to Shiba lovers everywhere. Volunteer your time or donate money to help with their programs, and you can be involved with helping homeless Shiba Inus across the nation through the outreach of all of the amazing Shiba Inu rescue organizations out there - big and small! Thank you greatly for your service!