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Our mission:

Welcome to My First Shiba Inu! At My First Shiba, our mission is simple. We're here to provide you with the absolute best information about the Shiba Inu dog breed. Period. 

Our aim is to make life with your Shiba Inu happier, healthier, and as joyous as possible. We focus on providing scientifically-backed articles that bring value to our readers - not just fluffy copy.

We don't claim to be Shiba Inu experts (though we like to think we are.)

Rather we are die-hard, studied and loyal Shiba Inu owners who will go great lengths to connect you with experts throughout the vast Shiba Inu network of fanciers, breeders, trainers, and health professionals. 

Heard of a woman named Oprah before? Her success wasn't due to being an expert in any particular field. Rather it was her way (and her personality) of bringing together the right sources and experts together.

So that's kind of like us. Shiba - Oprahs. 

Our Team:

Jennifer Tsukamoto (Founder of My First Shiba / Kawaii Shiba Co.)

"Jenny" has been a Shiba Inu owner, advocate and enthusiast for almost 20 years. She has extensive knowledge of the Shiba Inu dog breed from the many years of caring for her own pack of Shibas that included rescues, champion show dogs, and everything in between.

Jennifer is not herself a breeder but has formed many relationships with top breeders who share her beliefs about responsible and ethical breeding that betters the breed that she so dearly loves.

Jennifer's main passion and purpose of this site is to spread breed awareness as well as to raise awareness of puppy mill cruelty.

Christiane Yazot (Manager of Operations, Chief Shiba Spoiler)

Christiane's love for Shiba Inus is as deep as the deep blue ocean of the French Polynesian waters where she hails from.

She manages all the "boring" day to day operations of the website / social media as well as handling media and outreach campaigns.

The rest of her time is spent mostly being bossed around by her Shiba, Kitsune.

about my first shiba team