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Leather collars are our top recommended type of collar for Shiba Inus.

They are made out of a natural material and last just about forever.

Leather Collars - Great For Dogs With Skin Issues

Some dogs with sensitive skin react to synthetically made dog collars but do just fine with natural leather collars.

Leather is a great choice for collars because leather is durable, elegant and can actually look and work better as it ages. Over time, leather will naturally soften and form a perfect, custom fit around your dog's neck.

When shopping for leather dog collars, quality is paramount. Don't look for the cheapest leather collar - look for the highest quality.

Our favorite type of leather is USA English Bridle leather. This ultra durable leather was originally made specifically for horse bridles, hence it's durability.

It's a bit tough when brand new but softens nicely over time. 

Stay Away From Imitation Leather

When looking for leather collars be on the lookout for leather knock-offs such as "split leather" or "bi-cast leather". This product looks like real leather at first but actually contains a layer of polyurethane and quickly degrades as time goes by.

Many unscrupulous dog product manufacturers market this type as leather as "real" leather so be sure to scrutinize all product descriptions before purchasing.

Care and Maintenance of Leather Dog Collars

Many dog owners are surprised to find that leather dog collars do not require much maintenance at all.

Occasional wiping and even rinsing of leather collars is all that's really needed. 

Periodically using a leather cleaner / conditioner is great but not mandatory - especially with high quality collars.


LOGICAL LEATHER - Padded Leather Dog Collar

Logical Leather dog collars are made in the United States and come with a lifetime guarantee on their collars.

These collars are not only durable and strong but stylish as well. Along with the standard leather colors of brown and black, these collars are also available in pink, red, and light tan.

The inside of the collar is padded for maximum comfort and protection from chaffing.

This collar is resistant to stains and moisture and is easy to clean with simple wipe downs. You can also use leather cleaner for additional cleaning and care.

Logical Leather collars consist of military grade buckles and are made to stand the test of time. 

Check the latest price of Logical Leather Dog Collars here. 

Soft Touch Collars - Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar

The Soft Touch Padded Luxury Leather Collar is a durable and well made leather collar that naturally tanned and contain no dyes.

This Soft Touch leather collar is on the larger or "heavier-duty" range side of leather collars. It's built tough and it does have some "heft" to it. 

The D-Ring is made out of solid brass and is quite large in comparison to the overall size of the collar. The brass has a lacquered finish and will not rust.

Although this collar is built tough, it is surprisingly soft and flexible - especially after some time passes. It's padded on the inside to provide comfort for your dog. The padding is also easy to clean with a simple wipe down every so often.

Check the latest price of the Soft Touch Padded Luxury Leather Collar here. 

Perri's Padded Leather Dog Collar

The Perri's Padded Leather Dog Collar is a great overall leather dog collar choice.

It's not too big and heavy, yet it's durable, well-made and comfortable.

The best part of course is that it is available in various colors! Some even feature a snakeskin design.

The inside of the leather is nicely padded with soft lambskin that ensures it is comfortable and won't chafe on your dog's neck. 

Perri's Leather dog collars are made in the USA

Check the latest price of the Perri's Padded Leather Dog Collar here.

Collar Direct Studded Leather Dog Collar

The Collar Direct Studded Leather Dog Collar is very stylish leather dog collar option that does not sacrifice on quality.

Out of the many designer type leather collars, this particular model is one of our favorites. It fits Shiba Inus well and the genuine leather is soft and supple.

The padded leather on the inside also ensures that the collar feels comfortable around your dog's neck.

Check the latest price of the Collar Direct Studded Leather Dog Collar here. 

Classic Personalized Leather Dog Collar with Brass Buckle

personalized etsy dog collar for shiba inus

This Classic Personalized Leather Dog Collar with Brass Buckle is a beautiful leather collar with custom engraving right on the collar's buckle.

Unlike most leather collars that have belt like fasteners, this leather collar has an easy clip-on, clip off solid brass buckle.

This exceptional leather collar is handmade in the U.S. out of full grain bridle leather. Colors available include black, tan, and dark brown.

Although the cost of this leather collar is on the high side, the quality and workmanship of this product justifies the investment on a product that is built to last. This collar also makes a great gift for dog lovers in your life.

Our favorite feature is the engraved brass buckle as dog tag always seem to eventually come off. It's a great reassurance knowing that important contact information will always be with the dog.

This collar is adjustable via a post and screw system. It's very important to measure your dog correctly and order the correct size.

Most Shiba Inus will use either the 5/8" thick, 9-11 inch size, or the 3/4", 12-14 inch size.

Check the latest price of the Classic Personalized Dog Collar here. 


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