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A no-pull dog harness may well be the next best thing since sliced bread for Shiba Inus who have pulling problems. 

Shiba Inus are known - and even becoming famous - for their stubbornness on the leash.

Many Shiba Inu owners either deal with stubborn Shiba Inus that refuse to move while leashed or excited Shiba Inus that pull.

With both of these cases, the use of harnesses over collars is preferred because a harness has less of a chance of choking a dog over a neck collar.

Not many dog owners realize that not all dog harnesses are the same. There are only two main types of dog harnesses that fit around a dogs body but they both serve surprisingly different purposes.

Back Attachment Harness (Most Common Dog Harness)

The most recognized harness is the back attachment harness.  The leash is attached on the back of the dog between the shoulder blade area.

These types of harness work well for dogs that cannot tolerate force in their neck area due to injury or old age. Instead of exerting force on the dogs neck area, this type of harness distributes the pressure over the dogs shoulder, back, and chest areas.

no pull dog harness

Many Shiba Inu owners mistakenly think this type of harness would be helpful for their uncooperative or overexcited Shiba Inu. 

In reality, back-attached harnesses gives your dog more leverage and actually encourages pulling! Sled dogs utilize back-attached harnesses and can pull mightily for hours.

Front Attachment Harness (No Pull Dog Harness)

A front-attachment dog harness looks similar to a back-attachment harness except that instead of attaching to the dogs back - the leash is attached to the front of the dog. 

This subtle but important difference is what makes a front-attachment harness a true no pull dog harness.

Because the leash is attached to the front of the dog, if your dog pulls, its head will naturally turn backward and halt its forward momentum. Your pulling dog does not want to lose momentum and will eventually learn that pulling will actually slow its progress.

no pull dog harness front attachment example

The Benefits Of A No Pull Dog Harness

A no pull dog harness will give you better control of your otherwise less than obedient Shiba Inu. By reducing your Shiba Inus pulling, a no pull dog harness will help to both calm your excited dog and teach your dog good leash walking etiquette. 

Shiba Inus tend to have a high prey drive and will sometimes bolt when it sees something of interest. By using a no pull dog harness in early training, you can reduce these tendencies.

Shiba Inus that are leashed trained and don't pull or bolt will have reduced chances of getting lost or injured.

For dog owners, using a no pull dog harness will offer relief from constant straining, pulling, and stress - something all Shiba Inu owners could use.

The Cons of A No Pull Dog Harness

The only main con of front attached dog harnesses are that they are not recommended for jogging or biking with your dog. 

A front attachment no pull dog harness is only recommended for walking dogs. This is because pulling your dogs attention away from its path could be dangerous - especially at higher speeds. The standard back attached harness is best for trained dogs that run or bike with their owners.

Too Restrictive For Canine Athletes?

In an article from Whole Dog Journal, some veterinarians such as Dr. Christine Zink feel that some no pull dog harnesses can pose injury risks for dogs. That is because some no pull dog harnesses rests directly on the biceps and supraspinatus tendons of dogs - an area that has the most cases of forelimb injuries in athletic dogs.

Dr Zink claims that the extra pressure on these tendons can pose problems for dogs such as altering  their natural walking gait and increasing the chance of injury.

However, there has been no extended study on this claim and various other dog trainers / specialists feel that the benefits of a no pull dog harnesses outweigh the risks.

How To Choose A No Pull Dog Harness

No pull dog harnesses can come in a dizzying array of styles. The most important factors of a no pull dog harness are the fit, comfort, and build quality. 

Sizing And Fit

The most important factor of choosing a no pull dog harness is sizing. If the no pull dog harness is too loose, your Shiba Inu could get free of it. If the harness is too tight, your Shiba Inu will be uncomfortable and the extra pressure could cause physical harm.

Be sure to take the time to measure your dog accurately. Different no pull dog harness brands may have different instructions for measuring your dog. 


Good dog harnesses can cost considerably more than simple collars. That is why we chose manufacturers that have proven to produce quality products on a consistent basis. The two no pull dog harnesses in this review are both backed with solid manufacturers warranties and are both based in the USA. 

Tailored Features For Your Dogs Needs

The two no pull dog harnesses that we recommend are both multi-functional and versatile. They both can be used as a training harness as well as a harnesses for running or biking.

Your particular dog may require different features for its own individual needs. Some dogs might need a harness that is reflective for night walking. Other dogs with less hair may require a harness that has extra padding to prevent chaffing of their skin.

Be sure to assess your dogs particular needs before making a final choice.


Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness Training Package with Leash

The Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness Training Package is an all around excellent no pull dog harness choice. It is feature-packed, versatile, durable, and comes with an outstanding "chew proof" warranty. 

This no pull dog harness set comes complete with a double ended leash, training manual, and the ability to be a front attached harness and / or a back attached harness. It has four adjustment points and has a soft velvet-lined interior to improve comfort and reduce chaffing.

The back attachment has a Martingale style loop system that tightens the harness when a dog pulls. This tightening discourages pulling. This is a great feature because it gives this harness an additional anti-pulling ability.

This multi-featured no pull dog harness is a great training harness and the included training manual is helpful.

Overall, this harness is durable and well made. We like the fact that this harness is manufactured in the USA and has a "chew-proof" warranty. The manufacturer will replace a chewed harness up to two times, with the customer just having to pay shipping fees.

For average-sized Shiba Inus, the 5/8" medium sized harness usually works well. Smaller Shiba Inus will usually take a small. Be sure to take precise measurements before ordering.

Check the latest price of the Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness Training Package here. 

Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Harness with Quick Release Buckles

This Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Harness is another great no pull dog harness choice.

The best feature about this no pull dog harness is the way it is designed to fit around your dogs body. Most no pull dog harnesses are designed in a way that has part of the harness strap resting over the dogs biceps and supraspinatus.

There has been some worry that putting pressure on these canine body parts can be harmful in the long term - especially if the dog is a very hard puller.

This Kurgo no pull dog harness is designed slightly different and its straps do not rest over the dogs biceps and supraspinatus. Instead it straps a bit more towards the dogs neck like a traditional collar.

The build quality of this no pull dog harness is excellent for the price. It's constructed out of seat belt webbing for good durability.

It also has two leash connection points - one in the front for pulling control, and one on the back for jogging / running with your dog. Also included is a seat belt tether that comes in handy for car riding trips. This same tether can also double as a handle for training.

Whats great about Kurgo is that they offer a hassle-free lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects on their products.

This Kurgo harness has five adjustment points to ensure that it will fit well on your dog. For best functionality, it is very important for the harness to fit perfectly.

For most Shiba Inus, a medium size will work well. Smaller or younger Shiba Inus may require a small. Be sure to take proper measurements before ordering

Unlike other harnesses, this no pull dog harness is fairly easy to put on and take off due to its quick release buckles.

The chest plate provides the optimal amount of comfort for your dog by reducing stress on the trachea and sternum. Additionally, this Kurgo dog harness comes with a 10-inch lead for training, or to use as a seat belt loop to keep your pup safe while driving.

Check the latest price of the Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog No Pull Harness here.


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