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Best Shiba Inu Costumes 

Shiba Inus get so much attention nowadays. "Wow, look's like a fox!".... "Look, Doge!!"...."What kind of dog is that?"...."Blah, Blah"....

Sometimes, it seems that our Shibas might benefit from being under the radar a bit. Perhaps, dress them up so they don't get so much attention? 

Here are some dog costumes that were picked specifically with our Shiba Inus in mind.

One thing annoying about shopping for costumes for my Shiba is finding the right size. It seems like 75% of all the available costumes are for itty bitty dogs.

Luckily in 2021, manufacturers are realizing that dog owners love dressing up their dogs no matter how big they are. 

The pet costumes recommended here will fit most Shiba Inus. Getting them to move once there in it is up to you!


Panda Puppy Dog and Pet Costume Set

shiba inu panda costume

Right now, it's all about cute, cuddly, and kawaii.

And what can be more cute and cuddly than Shiba Inus walking around like lil teddy bears, bunny rabbits, or lion(s)(esses)?

Nothing really.

These costume sets got all the buzz when they were featured on Shark Tank a while back - and since then, the company has been continuing to improve the costumes and add larger and larger sizes.

For small Shiba Inus, size 3 should work well. For typical size Shiba Inus (up to 28 pounds), size 4 would be the best bet.

Check out the latest price and availability of the Pandalon Costume sets here.

LION Mane and Tail Costume

Lion costumes are a must for red Shiba Inus!

Sized for medium to large dogs, this costume set will work for typical sized Shiba Inus but might be a bit and poofy for undersized Shibas.

But that's actually the cool thing about it...

It'll make your lil' Shiba turn into a Shiba Lion King!

Check out the latest price and availability of the Lovelion Dog Costume Set here.

Sushi Pet Costumes!

shiba inu dog in costume

Shiba Inu? Sushi? Need I say more.

Who can resist a Shiba Inu dressed as a Sushi? 

The rice, shrimp, even the soy sauce!

Simply adorable!

Size large for both brands of costumes would work well for most Shiba Inus. If your Shiba Inu is undersize, a medium might work better

sushi shiba inu costume

Mardi Gras Afro Pet Wig

Our Shiba Inus bring so much color and zest into our lives. We love this little "granny-esque" perm rainbow wig.

The rainbow wig was pretty easy to get on and it stayed on well.

It can be worn by itself or with a variety of costumes that would fit the occasion. Mardi Gras? Check. Child's birthday party? Check. Rainbows and Unicorns theme party? Check!

Batman / Batgirl Costume DC Heroes and Villains Collection Pet Costume

We dig this Batman costume because we love the pointy ears of the bat mask!

 The mostly all black costume will contrast well with red and cream Shibas though should look especially good on Black and Tans!

The costume is made out of lightweight vinyl like material. It's also a snap to put on and take off.

The material is not especially breathable so be sure that your pooch does not get overheated.

WWF Costume DC Heroes and Villains Collection Pet Costume

shiba inu costume

Shibas are our Superheroes and look awesome in these costumes. 

Easy to take on and off and offer a good fit.

The material on this costume is not especially breathable, so be sure your Shiba looks cool and stays cool while in it!

Robin Pet Costume

shiba inu dog in costume

Na na na na na na Batman!!

Well true comic book aficionados know that Robin deserves just as much credit for being the ultimate side kick. 


shiba inu dog in costume

This "Thriller" of a costume is perfect for Halloween, parties, and more.

The costume was fairly easy to get on and the quality of the material is great for the price.

The red faux leather jacket fit our Shiba like "a glove" and looked spectacular. 

My favorite part of this costume is realistic curly wig! It might be virtually impossible to not break out into a stomach hurting gigging fit after putting the wig on your Shiba.

California Costume Collections Holy Hound Dog Costume

shiba inu dog in costume

If your religion is Shiba Inu then of course, this is the perfect costume! Especially for Creamies.

The quality of this particular costume is very high. The costume is easy to put on and take off. The stole is detachable, but I recommend you leave it on as it is an essential component of the costume

The headpiece took a little finagling to get on but looks great once on.

Costume Ghostbusters Movie Collection Pet Costume

shiba inu dog in costume

Who ya gonna call to zap all the ghouls on Halloween? 

A Shiba Ghostbuster, of course.

The costume is made out of quality material with the "arms" being a tad on the long side.

The Ghostbuster backpack needs to be inflated with air so a small air pump would be helpful.

The backpack has a bunch of straps that can easily be adjusted to any sized dog.


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