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Keeping your Shiba Inu active, engaged, and entertained is important for mental and physical development. Playing with your Shiba Inu relieves stress and anxiety in both humans and dogs. It’s also a great way to fortify a strong bond.

Shiba Inu’s can get picky with their toys. That’s why it is important to find a toy that can really “wow” them. You can’t just get any old chew toy and expect your Shiba to be thrilled with it for very long. In general, Shiba Inus are not toy crazy dogs like Retrievers and Labradors.

What Kind of Toy Will Your Shiba Love?

That is why it is necessary to do some homework before deciding on which toy to get your Shiba. Luckily this article has already done it for you with a compilation of ten cool toys for Shiba Inus. There’s got to be at least one in this list that will make your Shiba Inu do the happy dance!

KONG Flopy Knots Dog Toy Fox

Ok disclaimer here, any toy that looks like a fox has a better chance of making it on this list than others. 

The Kong Floppy Knots series of dog toys feature a "unstuffed" plush toy with a braided rope for extra functionality.

Being minimally stuffed an extra plus for Shiba Inu owners as Shiba Inus tend to like unstuffing things they come across.

Great For Nibblers

This size and shape of this toy works great for Shiba Inus. Its seems that most dogs love plush toys with small, pointy areas like ears, tails, and legs.

This Kong Floppy Knot Fox fits the bill perfectly with seven chew points.

KONG Floppy Knot Dog Toy Fox

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Nina Ottosson DogCasino Interactive game

Nina Ottosson has been developing renowned dog puzzles / games for the past 23 years. Her company has an excellent philosophy that simply states "busy minds equals happy pets".

Her company understands that dogs, just like humans have different skill levels and interests.

Some dogs like increasingly difficult challenges while some dogs just love doing the same game over and over.

Challenging But Rewarding

My Shiba Inu likes a bit of a challenge and this DogCasino toy at the highest level 3 out of 3 - fulfills that challenge. 

To get the treats out, your dog has to pull out the bone "keys" to be able to unlock the treat drawers. Once the bone key is pulled out, your dog can then pull out the drawers and get access to the treats.

shiba inu playing nina game

It's great to see my Shiba Inu engaging her though processes and having fun at the same time.

Advanced Dog Puzzles Not For All Dogs

Don't get this particular model if your Shiba Inu is impatient and not at this skill level yet. There are many other Nina Ottoson toys that are easier for beginners.

It's not good to frustrate your Shiba Inu, so start with easier puzzles at first and help your Shiba work up to harder puzzles over time.

Nina Ottosson DogCasino Interactive game

Trixie Pet Products Mover Toy, Mini, Level 3

 I love teaching my Shiba Inu how to solve puzzle games. Makes me feel just like a kid again. 

Trixie has a great line of interactive dog puzzles to really bring out the Einstein in your Shiba Inu.

Three Skill Levels

They have three different skill levels, but of course if you have a Shiba Inu, you may just want to go for the highest level first.

Shiba Inus do particularly well with these types of puzzles because Shibas naturally enjoy "flushing" prey out of their hiding spots. 

Also, the Shiba Inu's can make good use of it's elongated and slim snout in maneuvering through these puzzles.

Trixie Pet Products Mover Toy, Mini, Level 3

StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy

There are a lot treat of treat dispensing dog toys on the market but what I like about this Bob-a-Lot toy is the fact that it "weeble-wobbles". Remember that phrase anyone?

The weighted bottom allows the toy to continuously bob back and forth which is fun for your Shiba Inu (important) and also entertaining for us to watch.

Adjustable Treat Opening

What I really like about this treat dispensing toy is the ability to adjust the size of the treat openings. So I can easily put different types of treats in the toy or change the difficulty of the game depending on how long I want my dog to be occupied.

The description mentions that this toy is chew-proof but that might not be the case if your Shiba Inu is a very strong chewer.

Monitor Heavy Chewers

The yellow top lid  of the toy is an enticing chew magnet for some dogs so be sure to monitor your dog and take the toy away if chewing causes plastic pieces to fall off. However, this toy will still function without the top lid as the opening inside the cover is also very small.

Small and Large Sizes

There are two sizes, small and large. Both sizes would work well for Shiba Inus. Please take note that the size differences are quite sizeable, 6.4" tall to 8.9" tall.

StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy

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Outward Hound Hide A Bee Dog Toys

Hide-and-seek toys are just about the best types of toys you can get for dogs.

They encourage both exploration and problem solving.

shiba inu dog with bee

Toys like this are both fun and makes it easier to incorporate training later. 

Each of the three bees from the beehive squeak and can be played with individually - especially suited for puppies. 

Outward Hound Hide A Bee Dog Toys

JW Spiky Cuz Assistant Toy

Shiba Inus are stylish, hip dogs so naturally they can't have just any run of the mill squeaky toy. They need a squeaker that is unique, stylish and functional. 

This JW Spiky toy satisfies all these squeaky requirements with it's quirky, odd-ball look. These spiky "Cuz's" are cool because the feet of the toy causes the ball to bounce erratically.

Oral Gum Massager

The raised spikes makes for an interesting mouth feel for your Shiba while at same time massaging the gums of your dog.

 The rubber in this toy is pretty durable but definitely not chew proof. This toy will succumb to very aggressive chewing over time but at this price point, still a great value.

JW Spiky Cuz Assistant Toy

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Sky Bounce® Balls Color Rubber Handballs

If you have one of those rare Shiba Inus that love playing fetch than these Sky Bounce handballs are great. They are much bouncier and safer than tennis balls.

Tennis balls can be abrasive to your dog's teeth and gums. Also, the fur of tennis balls is easy to rip up and pose a swallowing hazard to your dog. 

The Sky Balls are just a bit smaller than tennis balls and do have give in them when they are squeezed - dogs love that. 

Softer Than Racquetballs

These balls may not be good for dogs that are very strong chewers. They are almost like racquetballs except they are much bouncier and softer - making them less durable than a racquetball but much more fun.

Sky Bounce® Balls Color Rubber Handballs

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Official Kawaii Shiba Co. Plushie 

shiba inu karakusa bandana
shiba inu plush

Kawaii Shiba Co's official Shiba Inu soft plushies are still available!

At 11" high and 8" deep, this plush plushie is the perfect size - not too big and not too small.

Featuring the Japanese "kawaii" style face and body - this plushie is a joy to snuggle with.

The Ultimate Shiba Inu Gift Set

This Kawaii plush set comes with not one but three bandanas for the plush Shiba.

A karakusa style reusable red drawstring bag holds the Shiba Inu making it a perfect gift bag.

shiba inu plush

Official Kawaii Shiba Co. Plushie - 

MultiPet Mr.Bill!

Who doesn't love Mr. Bill?

This adorable plush toy has a voice box that cries out the infamous Mr. Bill "Oh NOOOO!" verse.

It's hilarious and your Shiba will love the extra stimulation. 

No plastic parts for safety and constructed with durable stitching.

MultiPet Mr. Bill


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