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Yummy N’ Cute Shiba Inu Edibles!!

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shiba inu omurice

Shiba Inu Omurice

Shiba Inu Strawberry cake

Shiba Inu Cake

Shiba Inu Bento Box

Shiba Inu Bento Box

shiba inu cartoon butt dango

Shiba Inu “Butt” Dango

shiba inu macaron

Shiba Inu Macarons

shiba inu cartoon sandwich

Shiba Inu P.B. Sandwich

shiba inu cookies cartoon kawaii

Shiba Inu Cookies

shiba inu marshmallow stick cartoon

Shiba Inu Marshmallow

Shiba Inu cartoon brownie birthday

Shiba Inu Brownies


+ One Bonus Recipe

Yum – OOOO

Shiba Inu butt dango cartoon

Cute, kawaii, and delish!!

Cute Shiba Inu food is almost too cute to eat…

Here’s a compilation of the 10 best Shiba Inu edibles along with recipes and tips as well.

Some recipes are definitely more complicated than others.

If design is not your forte, pick a simple Shiba Inu design recipe and don’t stress about perfection.

Or, if cooking is not your thing, give the recipe to someone who likes to cook and hope you get rewarded with cute Shiba Inu edibles!

shiba inu omurice

Shiba Inu Omurice with Tomokku

@kentayeol malk shiba inu food pic.twitter.com/QOnWyaxfny

— nomki (@swadoka) May 15, 2014

Yummy and Savory Shiba Inu Rice Dish

This Shiba Inu “bento” style rice dish is a good introduction to the world of “cute edibles”.

It’s not so tiny and tedious to make like typical cute edibles – and at the end of it all – you can actually eat it for a fairly satisfying meal.

The key to this recipe is rice consistency. 

You want fairly well formed but sticky rice so the shapes will hold together well.


  • Seaweed
  • Rice
  • Eggs
  • Sliced cheese
  • Food coloring if you want to color the egg whites
  • Salt
  • Mayonnaise
  • Curry powder with sodium.
  • Dry pasta

Tools Needed:

  • Cling Wrap
  • Scissors
  • Patience


  • Don’t be too worried about getting the shapes exactly right – sometimes the simpler the better
  • If you plan to make a lot, consider getting a nori paper cutter

Shiba Inu Strawberry cake

Shiba Inu Strawberry Dog Cake

Kawaii Simple Shiba Inu Cake

I love the simplicity of this Shiba Inu cake.

I actually have no guilt eating it because I didn’t spend ten trillion hours making it.

Great for birthday parties or any special Shiba day!


  • Round Sponge Cake
  • Dark Chocolate
  •  Strawberry
  • Cream Cheese
  • Whipping Cream
  • “Chocolate” whipping cream (cream mixed with chocolate milk)
  • Sugar

Tools Needed:

  • Pastry bag pipe for making face
  • Parchment paper
  • Cake cream spreader


  • Try to get the eyes, nose and mouth proportions right – this simple step makes the whole “face”
  • You can add strawberries to the outside of the cake for extra decoration – maybe a strawberry dog collar?

Shiba Inu Bento Box

Two Bites Kitchen Shiba Inu Bento Box

Delicious Shiba Inu Lunch Box

Here’s another Shiba Inu bento box that is a bit simpler to design.

I really like the simplicity of the Shiba face design.

Having the rice colors separated and then added together makes the face assembly much easier.

Feel free to use whatever “add-on” lunch items that you have handy.

With the Shiba Inu face being the main star of this recipe, you can decide how much you want to design the remain food edibles.

Ingredients: (to follow below recipe exactly) – *You can use whatever proteins you already have available…

  • Ground pork 160g
  • Egg yolk 1ea
  • Corn starch 1tsp
  • Black pepper 1/2tsp
  • Sugar 2tbsp
  • Soy souce 2tbsp
  • Water 4tbsp
  • Black pepper 1/4tsp
  • Egg 3ea
  • Salt 1/4tsp
  • Corn starch 1/2tsp
  • Seaweed
  • Rice one bowl
  • Soy sauce
  • Tomato paste/ Ketchup
  • Cherry Tomato
  • Cheese
  • Lettuce

Tools Needed:

  • Plastic wrap
  • Small molds for cutting out cute shapes
  • Bento “box” (plastic, wood, disposable, etc)


  • Make use of foods you already have (meats, veggies, etc) to accompany the main feature (Shiba Inu rice face)

shiba inu cartoon butt dango

Two Bites Kitchen Shiba Inu “Butt” Dango

“Glute – e – nous” and Popular Rice Treat!

These adorably cute “mochi” like treats are super popular in Japan.

This recipe is fairly simple, albeit a bit time consuming.

The hardest part is molding the Shiba face and Shiba butt.

If you have molding clay or play-doh, you can practice the shapes before attempting this recipe.

Best when eaten immediately, though they can be reheated with a “wet” / steam method.


  • Glutinous rice flour 100g
  • Tofu 100g
  • Water 5g
  • Corn Starch 4g
  • Sugar 30g
  • Soy sauce 15g
  • Water 35g
  • Black sesame seeds

Tools Needed:

  • Pot for steaming
  • Wooden sticks
  • Clean tweezers


  • To reheat, either do a quick steam or microwave with water added and covered with wet paper towel

shiba inu macaron

Shiba Inu Macarons By Sumopocky

Shiba Inu A’ La Francaise

Macarons are a popular and tasty French treat.

Shiba Inu macarons are “tres mignon” French treats that can be made with a bit of baking skill and some patience.

What’s great about this particular recipe is that you can adapt the design of the Shiba Inu face to your “skill” level.

Also, you can check out Sumopocky’s other macaron filling recipes and use the filling that best suits your taste buds.


For Macaron Shells:

  • Meringue: 70g of Egg whites + 90g of Castor sugar
  • 80g of Ground almonds
  • 80g of Powdered/icing sugar
  • Black food colouring
  • Red food colouring
  • Yellow food colouring

For Cream Cheese Filling

  • 80g of Cream Cheese
  • 2 tbsp of Caster Sugar
  • 60ml of Heavy Cream

Tools Needed:

  • Electric mixer
  • Piping bag with round and small tips
  • Macaron silicon baking sheet
  • Baking Pan
  • Parchment paper


  • You can easily simply the fact by using less details. (instead of two elements for the eyes, just use one, etc)

shiba inu cartoon sandwich

Easy Peasy Shiba Inu Cut Out Sandwiches

Fast and Easy To Whip Up!

For those that don’t have either the time, skill, or patience to concoct fancy Shiba Inu designs, this sandwich recipe is perfect.

Basically, all you need is bread and a little imagination.

Great for children and can be modified to suit individual tastes.


  • Bread
  • Peanut Butter and / or
  • Condiments, jellies of your choice

Tools Needed:

  • Chocolate pen
  • Cup or round cookie cutter


  • You can use Nutella, cream cheese, bananas and more!

shiba inu cookies cartoon kawaii

Shiba Inu Omurice with Tomokku

Shiba Inu Cookies

This year I ordered some shiba inu cookies, It was a great birthday ☀️ pic.twitter.com/MJZRmOoRm5

— Wolf ho ho Girl 🎄 (@Dliok) September 10, 2018

Use Your Favorite Cookie Recipe (Premade dough is fine as well)

These Shiba Inu cookies are all about the decorations.

You can use your favorite easy or complex cookie recipe to form the main dough.

Here’s one of my favorite basic cookie recipes. 

After that, you’ll just use a Shiba Inu cookie cutter and then cut, bake, and decorate!

Shiba Inu cookie cutters come in face only or full body designs. The face only designs are simpler and have more for of the cute, “kawaii” feel.

The full body designs portray a true Shiba Inu body shape and is a good base for more formal or complex design techniques.


  • Cookie dough
  • Royal icing (colors optional but recommended)
  • Edible decorations of your choice

Tools Needed:

  • Shiba Inu shaped cookie cutter
  • Piping bags
  • Piping tips


  • You don’t have to make your own royal icing from scratch, there are many pre-made icing packs that are easy to use and work great.
  • If using pre-made icing, add color after blending well
  • Don’t stress about the design, if you have zero artistic skills, just stay as simple and clean as possible

shiba inu marshmallow stick cartoon

Cookat Homemade Shiba Inu Marshmallow

So Sweet and Kawaii!!

Have you ever made your own, homemade marshmallows?

I sure haven’t, but this adorable recipe took me over the edge and I finally tried it one day.

It’s a bit tedious, and some skill and patience is needed to get through it – but the results are sure to put a smile on a any Shiba Inu afficianado who loves sweets!

Take a lot of photos, cause you’ll probably never make them again.


  • 100g Sugar
  • 50g Corn syrup
  • 40g Cold water
  • 17g gelatin sheet
  • 2 egg whites
  • Coffee mix (10g Instant coffee mix + 30ml water)

Tools Needed:

  • Pastry Pipes
  • Skinny wooden sticks


  • Add them to top hot cocoa, cupdcakes and more!

Shiba Inu cartoon brownie birthday

Shiba Inu Brownies / or Cake

Shiba Inu Deliciousness Able to Feed a Crowd

These are adorable! Shiba Inu Brownies http://t.co/7p5AMZaHfX via @Clock_workLemon pic.twitter.com/pziIhK8RgQ

— Ayaka Nagata (@AyakaNagata) May 6, 2015

Remember that Food Network Show, “Semi-Homemade” by Sandra Lee?

This recipe by ClockworkLemon takes the same concept with either the brownies or cake being easily made from boxed mix – while the Shiba Inu designs is what gives this recipe the Wow factor.

I love this recipe as it’s relatively easy and can feed a bunch of people (perfect for parties) at once or one person over a period of time.

It’s not like those meticulous recipes that take 3 hours to complete and 3 seconds to eat….


  • Brownie or Cake mix
  • Royal Icing (with different colors)

Tools Needed:

  • Pastry Pipes
  • Wilton #1 Tip
  • Wax or parchment paper
  • Skinny wooden sticks


  • Neat and simple is WAAAAAY better than complex and ugly

Bonus Recipe!

shiba inu pull apart bread

Shiba Inu Pull Apart Bread

Carb Lovers Rejoice!

Shiba Inus truly make the best Shiba Inu breads!

The perfect color, the perfect shape, and oh, so addicting.

Use any of your favorite bread recipes.

The filling part is optional. You can do a custard, red bean, or cream cheese filling of your choice.

Fun, fun!


  • Bread dough
  • Optional: Filling of your liking

Tools Needed:

  • Chocolate pen
  • Optional: Piper for filling
  • Round Bundt Style Cake pan


  • You don’t have to do both face and Shiba butt. You can choose one or the other for simplicity..



Wilton 15-piece Decorating Set

Great starter set. Includes meringue powder to make royal icing. Love the silicone bottle for ease of use.

Joesph Joesph Adjustable Rolling Pin

Do you know exactly how thick to roll out your cookie dough? I sure don’t, so this is a l.i.f.e. s.a.v.e.r.

Disposable Decorating / IcingBags

I don’t enjoy clean up as much decorating so disposable icing bags are perfect.

Icing Bag Couplers

You need these to change to various tip sizes for your icing

Icing Bag Ties

These ties are essential to keep your icing bag closed so the icing doesn’t spill or dry out.

PME Piping Tip Set

PME tips are premium stainless steel tips made in the U.K. They cost more than other tips, but are worth the extra cost – especially for details and lettering

Food Coloring AmeriColor Student Kit

Americolor is one of the best brands for icing coloring. Stock up more on Super Red, Super Black and Super White

Gooday 6 PCS Scriber Needles

Of course you can get by with toothpicks, but if you plan to do a lot of icing, these needles will make it easier.

FooDoodler Marking Pens

For cookies, marking pens are a MUST HAVE… You can draw out outlines before piping as well as add details

Wilton Tube Fluted Bundt

This is the perfect bundt pan for making the Shiba Inu bread recipe. The shape actually resembles a Shiba Inu head and ears if you look closely.

Cute Food Mold Cutters

These cutters provide the perfect shapes for cute / kawaii food design. Can be used on dough, vegetables, and more…

Nori / Seawood Kawaii Face Cutter

This amazing tool will save you a ton of time cutting out tedious seaweed shapes for facial features on Shiba Inu rice designs

Wilton “Already Made” Icing

If you don’t want to deal with making royal icing and the necessary drying time, this buttercream icing is a great alternative. Simply tint with colors. Because of softer consistency, best for very basic designs…

Tracing Paper

Tracing paper is great to transfer designs onto a cookie. All you need is an edible ink marking pen like the Foodoodler above.

Wilton Cake Decorating Brush Set

Use brushes for one of my favorite cookie design techniques shortcuts: painting on dried royal icing

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