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There's nothing cuter than a Shiba Inu in a backpack.

Seriously, it's the cutest thing!

But aside from looks, these dog backpack carriers are very useful in a variety of situations.

They're great for carrying very young or older Shiba Inus on outings that they might otherwise have to stay home.

kawaii shiba inu backpack

And of course, nobody enjoys leaving their Shibas at home.

Dog backpack carriers are also good for hiking excursions where there maybe some difficult terrain to traverse.

For example, one of my Shiba Inus, Kitsu, loves galloping up 1,000 steps on a popular hiking trail here on the islands.

But on the way down?

Forget about it. 

Me and my weary forearms need to carry her 70% of the way back down. After finally getting a dog backpack, the task became much easier to bear.

shiba inu hiking

These backpacks come in handy in crowded outdoor shopping areas or events.

I always get a bit nervous about my Shiba getting stepped on or stressed out at these busy events, and carrying her in a backpack solved the problem nicely.

Finding The Right Dog Backpack Carrier Size

The one major issue with dog backpack carriers is finding one that will fit a full grown Shiba Inu.

Over 95% of dog backpack carriers available are only for small and small - medium dogs. 

And Shiba Inus at their largest seem to teeter right over the edge of small - medium.

Luckily, we were able to find a dog backpack brand that will easily accomodate Shiba Inus - even oversized ones! 

shiba inu backpack

The K - 9 Sports Sack is a durable, machine washable dog backpack carrier that unlike some bulky dog "backpacks" - actually looks like a typical backpack.

It features ventilated mesh sides, Foam-Tek slotted shoulder straps, side pockets, and easy pull zippers.

The backpack (size large) feels reasonably secure when carrying a 25 pound Shiba Inu. There are various straps and buckles to ensure that your Shiba Inu stays in the backpack.

shiba inu backpack

Overall, I would recommend this backpack for taller, leaner Shiba Inus and the Knavigate (below) larger and heavier Shiba Inus.

Check here for the latest prices of the K - 9 Sport Sack dog backpack carrier (large) here.

K9 Sport Sack Knavigate

TheK9 Sport Sack Knavigate has similar features to the original K-9 Sports Sack but it's built for larger dogs so it's quite a bit tougher!

The Knavigate is perfect for serious adventurers who enjoy tough hikes in all types of conditions.

  • - Fully ventilated sides for maximum air flow
  • - Padded back side for comfort
  • - Storage Pocket extending underneath the pet base to bottom of frame
  • - Dog lumbar support straps
  • - Strong 20mm thick bottom rest pad to keep your dog comfortable
  • - Safety carabiner for collar hook-up
  • - Dual side pockets
  • - Upgraded easy pull SBS zipper
  • - K9 Whistle Clip on light reflecting sternum strap
  • - Velcro soft side for custom name tags, safety lights etc.

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