A Diaper For Dogs?

Dog Diapers are probably not a dog product that we think of very often.

Yet these diapers can be very helpful during certain times of your dogs life. The most common use for dog diapers are for dog incontinence.

Incontinence could be due to an illness, age, or lack of former training. 

It is important to understand that dog diapers are NOT a substitute for proper potty training. A dog diaper, however, can be a valuable tool during potty training.

There are quite a number of other uses for dog diapers. Continue reading to learn more.

Benefits and Uses of A Dog Diaper

Aside from dog incontinence due to illness, disablity or old age, dog diapers are also used for the following:

    • Female dog on their menses (period)
    • Female dogs in heat (to avoid unwanted matings)
    • During housebreaking training
    • Periodic use (travelling, visiting friends homes, etc)
benefits of using dog diaper

Diaper For Female Dogs With Their Period

Female dogs that have not been spayed will have their periods roughly two times per year. 

Some dog owners choose to use dog diapers during these times, especially if their dogs have heavy menstrual flow. 

Additionally, dog diaper use would be warranted if the dog lives indoors - and even more so if the flooring is carpeted. 

If you choose to use dog diapers during your dogs period, it is prudent that you check and change the diaper often. 

Also, monitor your dogs skin for any signs of irritation.

Diaper For Dogs in Heat

Using a dog diaper during her heat cycle can collect blood discharge as earlier described and also help prevent unwanted mating. 

Be advised that diapers can be ripped off by determined males so do not depend on dog diapers to guarantee chastity.

Always supervise your female dog in areas where males could be present. 

You can use both washable and disposable doggy diapers for female dogs in heat as there isn't any specific "heat diaper" designed for doggies in heat.

Dog Diaper For Housebreaking / Potty Training

Potty training can be difficult for certain dogs and / or dog owners. You can use dog diapers as a temporary tool to help with the training. Dog diapers can be especially helpful when training large adult dogs. Cleaning up urine from a 60-pound dog is not pleasant.

When your dog is able to hold it until going out, give the dog a lot of praise when it finishes peeing in the correct area. Gradually increase the time between potty sessions.

Dog Diaper For Periodic / Occasional Use (Travel)

dog diapers for airline rides

Dog diapers can be invaluable during times of travel or visiting places where dog urine is not welcome. 

Disposable dog diapers can be beneficial when travelling long distances - especially on airplanes and trains.

These modes of transportation do not make it easy to potty your dog, so dog diapers can come in handy.

Certain dogs, especially males, tend to mark new areas that they visit.

This may not sit well with your dinner hosts who kindly invited your dog to come along with you.

If you know your dog is a "marking" type dog, this would be a great time to use diapers as a temporary precaution.

Types and Styles of Dog Diapers

For such an uncommon dog product, there are a surprising amount of options and styles in dog diapers.

There is disposable and washable. There are diapers for males and those for females. Organic, breathable, biodegradable, ultra-absorbent, you name it. 

There are also specialty dog companies that sell their own line of dog diapers such as Belly Bands and Dog Wraps.

The two main categories of dog diapers are disposable or washable. There are pros and cons to both styles. You should choose the option that best fits your dogs current needs.

senior dog using dog diapers

Disposable Dog Diapers

Disposable dog diapers are exactly like disposable baby diapers - they get soiled and then tossed. These type of diapers are perfect for occasional use.

However, if you will need to use dog diapers for a longer duration, the costs of these diapers will add up.

Additionally, disposable dog diapers are less breathable than fabric diapers. Long term use could cause skin issues. This type of dog diaper is not environmentally friendly.

Reusable Cloth Dog Diapers

Washable cloth dog diapers are a good option for dogs that need to use dog diapers often. They are economical to use and a better choice for the environment. Cleaning them is not fun, but of course we care for our dogs just as our babies. 

Available With Velcro or Harness / Suspender Closures

Reusable cloth diapers commonly come with adjustable velcro wraps for closure. Most cloth diapers are designed to allow to insert additional sanitary pads for additional absorption.

Reusable  diapers are also available with suspender / harness type straps. These styles of dog diapers usually are more complicated to put on. They also cost a bit more.

Aesthetically, harness diapers look a bit less like diapers and more like a full body dog harness. This feature is geared more towards dog owners than the actual dog who is usually not fashion conscious. 

These harness style diapers are commonly used for anxious dogs because the wraps swaddles the dog and provides  comfort. Harness style diapers can also be used for dogs that tend to try and remove their diapers as they are more secure.

Dog Belly Bands

Belly bands are also made out of cloth and washable / reusable. Belly Bands differ a bit from reusable cloth diapers because they look less like diaper and more like stylish dog "undergarments".  

puppy dog diaper

Male dog Belly Bands are especially unique because the band simply wraps around the crotch area and does not extend to the butt area or tail.

Female Belly Bands look like stylish female undies and are available in many different colors and styles.

The US company that makes Belly Bands uses high quality materials designed especially with your dogs comfort and safety in mind. Belly Bands are breathable and can be used in conjunction with sanitary pads

Belly Bands are a great option for potty training because they can function as a simple reminder for your dog not to pee. In these cases, less absorbency is required and the bands are more breathable than typical dog diapers.

Later, if you do require more absorbency, you may simply insert a liner or small pad

How To Make Your Own DIY Dog Diaper

Doggy diapers, especially the disposable types can get expensive in the long run.

If you have even a little sewing and or crafting skills, making doggy diapers on your own is actually quite easy.

You can make reuable / washable doggy diapers with various fabrics and even an old t-shirt.

Disposable doggy diapers can also be made with puppy / bed pads that you can buy or may have available in your home.

How To Use A Dog Diaper and Keep The Diaper On

It's very important to measure your dog correctly and choose a dog diaper that is the perfect size and fit. Different types of dog diapers have different directions for measuring.

When putting on a dog diaper, ensure that the diaper fits well but tight enough to cause any discomfort. Try to choose a dog diaper that has soft fabric for better comfort and protection from chaffing.

Dog Diaper Suspenders and Extenders

To keep doggy diapers on securely, you can also use "suspenders" for doggy diapers that act just like pant suspenders for humans. 

It's important that your dog is trained not to chew on them though as that'll defeat the whole purpose of the suspenders.

Certain dog diaper brands sell "extenders" for washable doggy diapersthat will extend the doggy diaper up to about eight inches for a better custom fit.

The most important aspect of using a dog diaper is too change it as soon as you notice soiling. Keeping a wet diaper on a dog can cause more problems than it solves.

You can use baby wipes to gently clean your dog in between diaper changes.

Dog diapers are not meant for fecal waste - unless in extreme cases where a dog is elderly, ill, and immobile. 

Be sure to train you dog that defecating in diapers is not allowed. You can use a combination of stern reprimands and positive reinforcement if this happens.

Can I Use Human Diapers On Dogs?

human diaper for dogs

Yes, if you find the right size of baby diapers they will work fine for dogs. They also will cost less than regular dog diapers.

You will just need to make a hole for your dogs tail to fit through.

If you decide to try baby diapers on your dog, select a brand that a very elastic and stretchable waist area.

When putting the diaper on your dog, try reversing the diaper so that the normal front on a human baby will actually be placed on the backside or tail area of the dog. For most dogs, reversing the diaper provides for a better fit.

How To Make A DIY Reusable Dog Diaper

If you are just a bit good with you hands, you can easily try and make your own washable dog diaper with material you may already have at home. 

Male belly bands can be made by finding some stretchable material like an old yoga pants leg and cutting to size.

If you are industrious, you can sew the cut edges for extra durability and aesthetics. To fasten, you can either use safety diaper clips or sew on velcro fasteners on both sides of the band.

To make female reusable diapers, I recommend watching the following video. The dog owner is pretty clever with her DIY poodle diapers. If your dog is very small, you could easily find young child briefs to accomplish the same thing.

Precautions When Using a Dog Diaper

As earlier stated, the main danger of using dog diapers is problems arising from not changing the diaper frequently.

Bacteria thrives in wet environments so frequent changing is critical to avoiding any issues from using diapers.

It is important to be certain that your dogs incontinence is not due to serious medical issue. If your dog suddenly becomes incontinent for no apparent reason, be sure to have a vet exam your dog.

Cognitive dysfunction syndrome, bladder stones and kidney disease are three serious conditions than can cause sudden incontinence in dogs.

Diapers are a helpful tool for many situations. But, there are by no means a substitute for proper potty and behavioral training.

Discontinue the use of dog diapers if you notice any skin irritation or inflammation. If dog diapers are a medical necessity, take your dog to the vet to evaluate the skin irritation. There are a number of ointments that your vet may recommend you to use.

Neglecting to train your dog the basics of potty training will lead to serious long term consequences for both you and your dog. Your dog will become confused when it gets scoldings for accidents and you will be frustrated.


Reusable Washable Dog Diapers (3 Pack) - Durable Dog Wraps for both Male and Female Dogs

These Pet Parent's Dog Diapers are a great choice for both male and female dogs. 

Washable and comfortable, these diapers are the perfect choice for dogs that will be wearing diapers on a regular basis.

Made out of high quality durable and soft materials with soft inner material as well as a waterproof outer materia.

The velcro enclosure is sturdy and tail hole size seems just right - not too big, not too small.

The washable diapers have an absorbent inner lining - though you can always insert an additional liner for more absorbency. 

Check the latest price of Pet Parent's Dog Diapers

Pet Parents Washable Belly Bands For Male Dogs

These Pet Parent Washable Belly Band wraps are specifically for male dogs. They work great for incontinence as well as a housebreaking training aide. 

There are quite a bit of choices in male belly bands styles, colors, and designs. We like the simplicity and durability of these belly bands.

These belly band wraps  will work fine for small to medium dogs. For larger dogs, we recommend these Belly Bands.

We like these bands due because of the thickness of the breathable material as well as the fit.

We also really like the pad insert design that allows you to use either sanitary pads or simple soft paper towels for additional absorption.

This feature is especially handy during times when sanitary napkins are not readily available.

It is important to not that most reusable washable dog diapers are not completely waterproof.

You must determine how much fluid protection your dog needs and add the correct sized liners for sufficient liquid protection.

Check the latest price of the  Pet Parent Washable Belly Band wraps

All-Absorb A26 Male Dog Wraps

The Honeycare All-Absorb disposable male wraps are our favorite choice for disposable male doggy diapers. 

Designed to be light, comfortable, and most importantly - breathable, these diapers are a step up from current competing brands.

The velcro closure is also designed to minimize hair becoming trapped and pulled when opening and closing.

An especially handy feature of this diaper is a wetness indicator that changes color when the diaper becomes wet.

Be sure to carefully read the instruction on measuring to ensure that you find the best fit for your dog. 

Check the latest price of the Honeycare All-Absorb disposable male wraps

Paw Inspired 32ct Disposable Dog Diapers | Female Dog Diapers Ultra Protection |

Our choice for female disposable doggy diapers comes from Paw Inspired.

These super absorbent diapers designed to be both leak proof and comfortable have multiple uses for female pups.

They can be used for urinary incontinence, menstruation, as well as protecting your female when she's in heat.

Featuring advanced dryspeed technology - once absorbed, liquid converts to a gel-like consistency to prevent leaking and spillage.

What's also great about these diapers is that the fasteners  are strong and can be repositioned while being gentle of your pup's fur. 

Check the latest price on Paw Inspired disposable female diapers here.

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