If there's one thing we at My First Shiba love to talk about—photogenic shibes!

What's better than spending hours looking at photos and memes with cute, fluffy, and smiling doggos?

four photogenic shiba inus

Though we like to compare all the pics that happy Shiba Inu owners around the world share of their furry companions, there's one account on Instagram that we can't help but drool ever.  

smiling happy shiba inus posing for camera

Seriously, these Shibas seem like they've been mentored by Annie Leibovitz.

Lovingly owned and pampered by Yoko - these girls are living charmed Shiba lives.

yoko doing yoga with kikko the shiba inu

No doubt, when you start going through the photos, you are going to wonder how Yoko gets her fuzzy family to do some of the poses, how she gets them to sit so sweetly, wear birthday hats, shamrock sunglasses for St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween costumes, or regard certain items in the frame.

We wished she gave lessons! Well if you're in Hong Kong, you may be able to take yoga classes from Yoko and perhaps you'll be lucky to see the girls one day!

About Yoko

yoko with her four shiba inu dogs

Before we introduce you to the most photogenic shibes on the planet, let’s talk about their owner, Yoko Kikuchi. 

Currently, Yoko is an Anahata yoga instructor in Hong Kong. A lot of her pictures are taken around Hong Kong with her four shibes posing around famous landmarks, but she also has a huge volume of yoga pictures that are impressive!

happy shiba inus smiling

If you ever wanted to do yoga with dogs, check out her pic and video collection for some inspiration. 

She also writes descriptions in Japanese and English, so if you are trying to learn Japanese, you can get some additional practice. 

It's amazing following Yoko’s adventures on Facebook and Instagram. She takes her motley crew around Hong Kong and to other destinations, delivering up calendar-worthy shots. 

About Kikko

Kikko the red Shiba Inu and friends

Kikko is the sole red Shiba Inu of the group, who was born in 2012 on October 8th.

Being that Kikko is the eldest of the Shibes, she seems to be a bit more laid back than her sisters and is usually front and center whenever a photo is taken.

Kikko has the most soulful eyes of the bunch that conveys wisdom beyond her years. 

beautiful shiba inus on a mountain hike

This foxy lady is often smiling at the camera, ears perked forward. Unlike some of the others, Kikko seems to be the only one who doesn't mind playing dress up. 

You'll never catch her looking upset at sporting yet another costume!

About Sasha

smiling shibas

Sasha is the first black and cream Shiba Inu and is one year older than Momo.

Born 2014, March 14th, Sasha is the serious Shibe who sometimes looks upset that she has to join the others with their photo shoots!

smiling shiba inus in front of water fountain

That expressive face is such a winner, though! 

Her browns and tans are little darker than Momo’s.

smiling photogenic shiba inus

Like Kikko, Sasha is usually looking right at the camera or showing the others how to be a good girl.

About Momo

shiba inus smiling for camera

The second black and tan Shiba Inu Yoko owns is Momo.

Momo is smaller and has slightly lighter tan markings compared to Sasha.

Yoko introduced Momo to the group on May 15th, 2015, and she was the cutest little ball of fluff back then.

four beautiful smiling and happy shiba inus

She had to travel all the way from Japan to meet her sisters and the anticipation of her arrival was through the roof!

Now, Momo has grown up to become another pivotal part of the traveling sisterhood of Shibes, oftentimes mirroring her big sister Sasha.

About Hina

photogenic shiba inu Hina

Everyone loves Hina, the pure white Shibe in the group.

Hina is the youngest, born August 14th, 2015, and since then, her antics and bizarre sitting position has won the hearts of fans around the world.

four beautiful smiling and happy shiba inus

Hina is energetic, giddy, and always excited whenever her Mom and Dad come home.

You'll often see pictures of Hina partnered with Kikko, who took the wheel in teaching Hina the ways of doge. The two of them after often caught sticking out their tongues or smiling happily at the camera.

shiba inus striking a pose

Of course, no one can deny how cute a disgruntled Hina looks on Mondays, either. 

We’re not going to ask you which of these four lovely girls is your favorite, because Kikko, Sasha, Momo, and Hina are all lovable and adorable.

gorgeous smiling shiba inus on the beach

Surely, the photos would not be the same if one of the group was missing. Kikko, Sasha, Momo, and Hina are like the Spice Girls of the Shiba Inu world, after all!

Okay, now that you have so much inspiration, start capturing captivating shots of your Shibes!

backside view of four shiba inus

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