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Meet Cooper, Bindi, Tucker, Curly and Rocky - probably the 5 most spoiled black and tans all in one family!

Thanks to doting mama Sheryl Royalty, this clan of five gorgeous Black and Tan Shiba Inus know nothing but the good Shiba life!

five gorgeous black and tan shiba inus

Bindi (mama), Tucker (first born), Curly (second born),  Rocky (third born), Cooper (pops)

Their parents recently bought them an upgraded RV to keep them all nice and comfy during their yearly road trips through the U.S.

shiba inus in rv

Check out this custom auto decal of them on their awesome rv ride:

shiba inu on decal

shiba inu custom decal on rv

Check out there custom rv decal!

And just what kind of activities do this Royal Five get to enjoy?

We’ll for starters, they love  road trips that is sure to include tons and tons of blankets for the best of comfort.

Sunset beach walks are nice as well.

shiba inus walking on the beach with owner

And who doesn’t enjoy getting chauffeured around in their own golf cart??

How about enjoying some time on beautiful bodies of water in your own boat? Nothing to complain about here - except perhaps the Shibes would probably prefer not to wear any harnesses.

five black and tan shiba inus on a boat
shiba inus on the boat

Mom Sheryl describes her Shibas as loving, affectionate, smart, and well-behaved.

They are a tight-knit family that rarely have disagreements and don’t mind sharing as well as singing together.

shiba inu black and tan puppies

As adorable puppies!! 

Yep, they are quite the adorable Shiba quintet! They love howling and serenading everyone with their soulful Shiba sounds.

Like most Shibas they are picky with their company. They don’t take to new dogs that readily but don’t mind respectful attention from human strangers.

Also, baths and nail trims may not be their cup of tea - but whip cream straight from the can is their forte! You won’t be able to open a can without them noticing and demanding a taste.

black and tan shiba inu with mother

In addition to loving blankets and comforters, they also love heating pads in the winter and when the air con is just a bit too chill for their liking!

Royalty indeed.

shiba inu black and tan relaxing on a boat ride

Ahhhh... Shiba Life...

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