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Finding a reputable and ethical Shiba Inu breeder in certain parts of the U.S. can be tough.

Fortunately, California is above average when it comes to reputable Shiba Inu breeders that actively show their dogs.

Yet for every one good Shiba Inu breeder, there’s dozens of breeders that are either inexperienced or down-right negligent.

It’s not easy knowing how to spot some of these shady breeders but we’ve been doing as much as we can to steer you onto the right path. 

two women smiling and holding a Shiba Inu with San Francisco in the background

Finding an Ethical Shiba Inu Breeder in California

The Shiba Inu dog breed is relatively a “newer” breed in the states therefore you find as much Shiba breeders compared to say, Golden Retriever breeders.

Trustworthy Shiba Inu breeders around the U.S. are difficult to find. And when and if you find them, the waitlists are usually long and the requirements to get a Shiba puppy from them can be a hurdle.

Quality Shiba Inu breeding programs virtually never turn meaningful profits. Instead breeders do it due to the passion they have for the breed and their drive to better the breed in meaningful ways.

When researching reputable Shiba Inu breeders, look for breeders affiliated with National Shiba Club of America as well as members of the AKC Breeders of Merit program. 

bad shiba inu infographic

Additionally look for breeders that show their dogs in local competitions including but not limited to agility, conformation, good dog, dog sports. 

Also it’s important to seek breeders that do health tests that check for genetic issues that affect Shiba Inus as well as eyes, hips, and patellas. 

It’s a red flag if a breeder does not go to AKC shows and do any health tests.

Keep in mind that breeders that sell multiple dogs are more likely, but not always, focused on breeding for a profit  versus breeding for health and quality.

Shiba Inu Fanciers of Northern California annual parade

Shiba Inu Fanciers of Northern California annual parade

How To Spot Puppy Mills and Backyard Breeders

Learning to spot a puppy mill / backyard Shiba Inu breeder is not difficult once you learn the basics.

Puppy mill breeders often advertise and sell their puppies on various websites platforms. These platforms look almost like infomercial sales pages and almost always have an abundance of puppies available to “ship anywhere and everywhere”. 

On these sites, background checks are usually never needed as breeders will sell their pups to the first one that makes a payment.

 Although some of these sites are reported to have “puppy contracts” and or “puppy guarantees” - many of these contracts are reported to come up short once any claim is attempted. 

Shiba Inu with Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco in the back drop

Puppy mill Shiba Inu puppies are a “bargain” compared to reputable breed Shibas - but not in a good way.

That’s because puppies from these types of breeders often face serious health and temperament issues down the road.

It’s a known fact that many of these puppies come from “puppy farms” that are often linked to Amish puppy operations. 

It’s important to understand that purchasing Shiba Inu puppies from these types of establishments perpetuates the cycle of animal abuse and cruelty.   

The following is a list of known and / or reported “puppy-mill type” operations or serve as a “hub”  to puppy mill operations, so be cautious: 

  • Lancaster Pets
  • Puppy Spot
  • Greenfield Puppies
  • Shibapup.com
  • Keystone Puppies
Shiba Inu in California neighborhood

California Shiba Inu Breeder: Jogoso Shiba Inu

Susanne Ozasa is one of the top Shiba Inu breeders in North America and regularly shows her dogs at events across the country.

Her knowledge and expertise of the Shiba Inu breed is extensive. She often contributes her insights to various articles on our website.

Unfortunately, getting a Shiba Inu from Jogoso usually is a long process due to her long waitlist. Also, lately her waitlists have been closed to new applicants. 

Website: Jogoso Shibas

Address: Norco, CA

Phone: 951-218-6069

shiba inu breeder jogoso emi

Gorgeous Shiba inu from Jogoso Shiba Inu

California Shiba Inu Breeder: Ranchlake Shiba Inu

Denise Onstott is an AKC breeder of merit and states on her website that she and her team at Ranchlake have a passion for Shiba Inus.

They manage intentional breeding programs to ensure that each generation of Shiba Inu puppies contribute to their mission of bettering the breed.

Applications are necessary and there is likely to be a waitlist

Website: Ranchlake Shiba Inus

Address: Prunedale, CA

Phone: (925) 785-8082

beautiful shiba inu puppy for Jogoso Shiba

Too cute to be legal Shiba Inu puppy by Jogoso Shiba Inus

California Shiba Inu Breeder: Copperdots Shiba Inu

Diane Smiley and her husband Tim specialize in breeding Shiba Inus for good looks as well as temperament. 

Diane has an extensive knowledge of dog breeding going back to the 70’s when she started breeder Rottweilers. She also has experience with breeding another native Japanese breed - the Akita Inu

Website: Shibas of Copperdots

Address: Santa Rosa CA 95404

gorgeous red smiling shiba inu

California Shiba Inu Breeder: Southampton Shiba Inu

Long-time Shiba Inu breeders and AKC breeder of merit, Southampton states that their goal is to preserve the Shiba Inu breed as well as educate future Shiba Inu owners.

Learn more about Southampton's Shiba Inu breeder Kim Bousson here.

Website: My Shibas

Southampton Shibas

Concord, CA

Phone: 1-925-250-2343

cute young shiba inu puppy

How to Find More Shiba Inu Breeders in California

The tried and true way to find reputable Shiba Inu breeders is networking.

So take a shot at attending Shiba Inu breed events and shows, as well as Shiba Inu clubs.

When it comes to establishing good leads on a Shiba Inu puppy, networking at these types of events is going to be your best bet by far. 

Networking takes way more effort and time compared to doing a simple Internet search  - but the end results should make those efforts more than worth it.

Check out the Shiba Inu California resources below to get a start on finding more leads.

cute young shiba inu puppy

Shiba Inus in California Resources / Links

Finding an Ethical Shiba Inu Breeder in California

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