Stubborn. And Stubborner.

A Shiba Inu Chow Mix is a designer dog breed that is composed of two dog breeds that are known to be "difficult' - especially for new owners.

This mix is sometimes referred to as a "Chowba" or "Chow Inu". ​

Both the Shiba Inu and the Chow Chow are ancient dog breeds. Ancient dog breeds retain a lot of the characteristics of their wolf ancestors. This translates to dogs that can be stubborn, aloof / independent, and dominant.
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Chow Chow

AKC Shiba Inu dog

Shiba Inu

A Shiba Inu Chow is not a dog for new or novice dog owners. Period.

​In addition to consistent and structured obedience training - Shiba Inu Chow's will also need quite a bit of grooming attention due to it's thick, long double coat. 

A designer dog breed is the result of breeding two purebred dogs together to produce a dog that supposedly has the best traits of each dog breed.

Although this concept might sound logical - there are many negatives in the designer dog industry.

For one thing, breeding together two dog breeds can just as easily also produce a dog that exhibits the worst traits of each dog breed.

The main issue with designer dog breeds is the fact that the breeders that produce these types of dogs are usually inexperienced backyard breeders or puppy mills. 

Characteristics of a Shiba Inu Chow Mix

A Shiba Inu Chow mix is a dog that needs an experienced and confident owner. This dog breed is intelligent but needs firm handling to deal with it's inherently stubborn nature.

Shiba Inu Chows are serious dogs that don't particularly enjoy play. Some may not be especially keen to walking either so it's important that they receive regular exercise - whether they like it or not. 

Being that a Shiba Inu Chow is a ancient dog breed mix - dominance and aggression can be a serious issue with this breed. In most cases, this dog would not be recommended for a multi-dog household or in a household with young children.

However, with the right owner, a Shiba Inu Chow Mix will be one of the most loyal dogs around. They may not be affectionate and cuddly - but their love and dedication to their family will be expressed on their own terms. 

Physical Characteristics Of A Shiba Inu Chow Mix

The Shiba Inu Chow is a sturdy, strong dog with a particularly thick double coat to contend with.

With pointy, prick ears and a teddy bear / fox face - a Shiba Inu Chow is no doubt a stunning dog.

​Their coat color can range between red, black, fawn, blue and dark brown. The length of their coat can vary between medium to medium-long - and can be particularly dense around their neck area. This thickness is what gives Chow Chow's their lion-like appearance. 

​With a Shiba Inu Chow mix, expect a lot of shedding. A lot. They will "blow" or lose their soft undercoats twice a year. During these times, extra grooming - and vacuuming - will be necessary. 

​Chow Chows are one of the few ancient dog breeds that have a purple / black tongue. Shiba Inu Chow mixes may inherit this unique characteristic with a partial or sometimes fully purple / black tongue. 

A typical Shiba Inu Chow Mix weighs between 35 - 50 pounds and has a height between 14 - 17 inches.

​Health Issues of The  Shiba Inu Chow Mix

The Shiba Inu Chow is a relatively healthy dog. Both the Shiba Inu and the Chow Chow have few serious health issues as a whole. This is likely due to the fact that they are ancient dog breeds that have not been tampered much in terms of breeding.

The thick and plush coat of this dog will make consistent grooming care important. Fleas can be a problem with this breed so preventative flea treatment should always be used.

​Health issues to be on the lookout for in Shiba Chow's include:

  • hip dysplasia
  • auto-immune diseases
  • entropion
  • glaucoma / cataracts
  • skin melanoma

The Drawbacks Of Designer Dogs​

Designer dogs are usually never bred by reputable, serious dog breeders. It take so much time and effort to produce a single quality dog breed specimen that it would be ridiculous for serious breeders to attempt to become notable experts of two dog breeds.

Instead, most designer dogs are bred by inexperienced backyard breeders and puppy mills. 

Because there is no oversight for designer dogs like there are for purebred dogs - low quality dog specimens are often produced - and no one would no any better.

​This makes designer dogs perfect for amateur breeders or puppy mills looking to make a profit. Sadly, the "trendiness" of designer dogs has allowed these unscrupulous breeders to demand outlandish prices for these dogs. 

Learn more about the risks of designers dogs here.

Some Proponents of Designer Dogs Claim That Hybrid Dogs Are "Healthier"

Heterosis, or hybrid vigor in it's simplest form is the theory that breeding two dogs with diverse gene pools will produce a healthier dog. This is the same theory that make many people believe that mixed breed dogs are healthier than purebred dogs. 

However, a recent veterinarian study revealed that mixed bred dogs are susceptible to nearly the same amount of genetic health issues as purebred dogs are.

Most feel that the theory of hybrid vigor is valid and many dog breeders have improved their breeds with this method. The main issue is that these dog breeders were experienced professionals and knew what they were doing. They were not puppy mill breeders that probably never even heard of the term hybrid vigor.

​While the heterosis claim sounds perfectly feasible, it simply isn't backed up by any reputable scientific studies concerning dogs. 

Should I Get a Shiba Inu Chow Mix?

If you are absolutely confident in your ability to handle the needs of a Shiba Inu Chow Mix and there is one in need of rescue - then yes, you should rescue a dog in need

However, other than rescuing a dog in need, we here at My First Shiba will never advocate the "purchase" of designer dogs. Never. 

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We believe in keeping the Shiba Inu breed as true to standard as possible. The Japanese have already spent centuries perfecting the breed that they take immense pride in.

We also believe the majority of designer mixed dogs are from puppy mills or breeders that are simply interested in profit and not for the health and welfare of the dog or the betterment of the breed. 

However, we understand that there are many circumstances when our readers already have a designer dog mix.

These readers can thus benefit from the information we provide about hybrid dog mixes mixed with Shiba Inus.