What do you get when you a cross s Shiba Inu with a Cocker Spaniel?

​It's a "Shocker" if you guessed it right!

Shiba Inus are typically beautiful, majestic-looking dogs while Cocker Spaniels are sweet, affectionate dogs. 

The result of mixing these breeds can be variable depending on which breed the puppy takes after more of. Since the Shiba Inu and Cocker Spaniel are different looking dogs - the appearance range of a Shocker can vary quite a bit.

The Shocker is a relatively new designer breed of dog. With Shiba Inus being more independent and Cocker Spaniels being very family-oriented, the Shocker is a dog that loves to participate in activities with their owners, but is also okay being left alone for a time.

The Personality of a Shiba Inu Cocker Spaniel Mix

The Shocker is a dog for people who need an active dog. These dogs are very lively and do require daily exercise. Playtime and exercise are important for to keep you Shocker grounded and content.

Shockers are generally people friendly, though can be aloof if more of the Shiba Inu personality is present. This dog will do with behaved children and other pets if introduced properly.

Shockers are very intelligent and as a result can be very stubborn. Their intellect can cause other problems as well; they tend to find ways to escape a fenced-in back yard, for instance.

With their intellect, however, Shockers are very trainable if training begins early. They'll respond well to consistency in your training with good positive reinforcement.

purebred cocker spaneil
AKC Shiba Inu dog

Left: Cocker Spaniel, Right: Shiba Inu

Physical Characteristics of a Shiba Inu Cocker Spaniel Mix

Shockers are on the smaller end of the medium size range. They tend to weigh between 15 and 30 pounds when they are fully grown. They can reach heights of up to 16 inches.

Cocker Spaniels and Shiba Inus have a wide variety of coloring between the two breeds, and Shockers can manifest any combination of those colors. They can show any mix of black, brown, tan, or white.

Shockers are thick-coated dogs, with medium to long hair that does require consistent grooming

.Shockers have a relatively long life expectancy for dogs, averaging about 12 to 15 years. 

Important to note that since Shockers contain genes from half of each of these two breeds, any of their physical characteristics can lean slightly closer in either direction from these averages.

Health Issues Found in Shiba Inu/Cocker Spaniel Mixes

Shockers are prone to any of the common health issues found in either Shiba Inus or in Cocker Spaniels.

Cocker Spaniels in particular are susceptible to a number of various eye problems, especially in their old age.

Other issues that commonly afflict this breed, and by extension Shockers as well, are leg issues such as hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. Epilepsy, also, can be a common affliction.

Many of these same issues are also commonly found in Shiba Inus as well. Therefore it becomes even more important for you to be aware of these concerns, especially eye problems and hip problems. 

In addition, Shiba Inus tend to commonly experience allergies as well which can cause dry skin and itching.

Who Should Own a Shocker?

There are various drawbacks to designer dog breeds. These dogs can sometimes be bred in less-than humane conditions, such as puppy mills.

We do not advocate the purchasing of designer dogs breeds for this main reason.

We do however always advocate the rescuing of any dogs in need.

Unfortunately, designer dogs are being seen more often in our nation's shelters due to poor breeding practices.

Crossing two different dogs with each other can also have unexpected genetic and health consequences as well.

However, anyone considering adopting a Shocker should certainly take into account several factors. In addition to your personal feelings on designer dogs, it is also important to consider these physical and personality characteristics.

With their temperament and intellect, a good family with time and attention to give to a dog would be a good home for a Shocker.

If you are someone who is able to exercise the dog daily and be consistent with training, you might be a good owner for this dog.






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