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Phew! It's almost the end of 2019..... already!!

The year of the dog, well has been an year of the dog - both literally and figuratively.

It's time to "wrap" this year up and get ready for 2020. 

Choosing gifts for friends and relatives can be both fun and stressful. It’s exciting to see if you can find that perfect gift that really proves you went the extra mile. However, finding said perfect gift is easier said than done.

Since my blog is all about Shiba Inus, and since a lot of my friends have Shiba Inus, it’d be of course fitting to center their gifts around Shiba Inus. For some of my closer friends, it has been tradition and now expected, to exchange gifts for both human friends and Shiba friends.

Despite their off-the-charts cuteness, finding Shiba Inu themed gifts - unless you live in Japan - is rather difficult.

So we buckled down and did our best scouring to find the perfect gifts for your Shiba Inu loving friends, and their beloved Shiba Inus.

shiba inu gifts

When Cuteness Reigns Supreme

When it comes to "kawaii" - "cuteness" in Japanese - nothing represents it more than cutesy Shiba Inu merchandise.

However, unless you live in Tokyo, finding Kawaii Shiba Inu merchandise can be a bit challenging. 

We did some legwork and found some Kawaii Shiba Inu products that can be easily purchased in the United States.

Shiba Inu Bandanas / Bibs / Scarves

shiba inu bandana blue

You simply can't own a Shiba Inu without dressing him or her up in a bandana! It's just the cutest thing!

The Japanese have got Shiba Inu bandana fashion down to a science. After all, Shiba Inus are the most kawaii dogs on the planet.

shiba inu bandana

Check out our newest Shiba Inu bandanas here.

Shiba Inu Shirts and Tanks

shiba inu shirt tank

New for 2019, Kawaii Shiba Co. has just released new kawaii Shiba Inu t-shirt designs.

Shiba Inu shirts are really a can't go wrong gift buy.

Practical and so kawaii.

Check out the newest Shiba Inu shirt designs here.

Shiba Inu Plushies

shiba inu plush

Kawaii Shiba Inu plushes are always a great gift for the holidays.



And.... can be accessorized!

Check em out here!

Dani's Choice Shiba Inu Socks

These Shiba Inu socks are nothing but adorable.

I mean, look at the little ears!!  ^ ^

Made out of a comfortable cotton / spandex blend, these socks will fit women's sizes 5 - 8. 

A great stocking stuffer. Check the latest prices and availability here.

Uniqme Shiba Inu Plushie Doll

This plump and plushie Shiba Inu doll is perfect for cuddling - especially if you have "real" Shiba Inus that are not fond of snuggles.

This Shiba Inu plushie is about 21 inches long and can also be used as a comfy pillow. The fabric is soft and the plushie itself is well contructed.

Check the latest price of the Uniqme Shiba Inu Plushie Doll here.

Kawaii Shiba Co. Tote Bag

Kawaii Shiba Co. Tote Bag

A spacious and trendy Kawaii Shiba Inu tote bag to help you carry around everything that matters.

Or you can carry nothing at all but at least have an adorably cute Shiba tote bag!!

Available in an assortment of styles and colors.

Check out the tote bags here.

Cute For Your Shiba Inu Succulent Vase

Succulents have been all the rage lately. So Shiba Succulents?


A perfect little stocking stuffer for any plant - loving Shiba fan. I just wish there more of these so I could collect a whole Shiba Inu succulent family.

Made out of resin, so it can't crack from a tumble / drop.

Click here to check the latest price and availability of these Mini Shiba Succulent vases.

Shiba Inu POP Socket Phone Stand

Pop Sockets have all been the rage lately. Simply attach them to the back of your phone and voila, you have a portable phone stand. Can easily be used for tablets too.

Use it to take easier selfies (if you're in to that type of thing).

Super cute, super practical - super Shiba!

Absolute perfect give for anyone addicted to their phones... So basically anyone.

It attaches to most phone backs except textured types. For those with iPhone 8, 8+, X, it come with an adapter to make attachment easy. 

Check out the Shiba Inu pop socket here.

Cute Shiba Inu Micro Fleece Soft Blanket Throw Blanket

This Shiba Inu Micro Fleece blanket is perfect for both humans and pups to stay warm and comfy.

This Shiba Inu blanket is quite large, measuring in at 78" by 59". 

Our favorite part of this blanket is off course, the Shi-butts! (adorable Shiba Inu butts).

Check the latest price of the Shiba Inu Micro Fleece Large Blanket here.

Shiba Inu Hats and Beanies

shiba inu dad cap

These kawaii Shiba Inu hats make great gifts for dads, moms and everyone in between.

With an ample choice of various colors and styles, there's bound to be a perfects Shiba hat for someone on your gift list.

One of my personal favorites is the Shiba Inu pom pom beanie cap that's perfect for the winter season.

Check the latest prices of Shiba Inu hats and beanies here.

Super Cute Ygmonger Shiba Inu Keychain Pendant

This lil Shiba Inu keychain makes for the perfect stuffing stuffer.

It features a realistic looking leather collar and the Shiba Inu head actually rotates!

About two inches tall. Check it out here

Shiba Inu [PetLovers] Lucky charm amulet for Safe "Baby" Delivery

Anybody lucky enough to have a Shiba Inu in the family knows how fortunate they are for such a special companion.

This lucky Shiba Inu amulet represents fertility and easy and safe delivery for expecting mothers.

A little on the pricier side, but worth it as it was designed by famed Japanese artist Yumi Nakano.  Check it out the Shiba charm here.

Doge Wallet / Coin Purse

Perfect for those who enjoy anything "Doge" memes.

This cute wallet can hold cash, make up, and anything in between. The back side is soft and plush. 

The ears is what really sold me. Check out the Doge wallet here.

Kawaii Shiba Inu Keychain / Key Cover

If you already got your Shiba Inu keychains, you know need Shiba key covers.

These adorable Shiba Inu key covers will fit most standard size house keys - up to one inch in width. However, be sure to measure your keys before ordering.

My only complaint with these Shiba Inu key covers is that they only come in one color. These are so cute that it's hard to buy just one!

Check the latest price of the Field Point Shiba Inu Key Covers here.

Renegade Game Studios Shiba Inu House

Shiba Inu House is a great family game for holiday get togethers and is suitable for all ages.

The adorable Shiba Inu artwork is the work of Aza Chen.

Basically, it's like a card game where you have to use your visual acuity skills to put together the correct Shiba Inu scene as fast as a possible. 

At first, I thought it was too kiddish for me, but it's actually fun and addicting.

Check out Shiba Inu House here.

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