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Shiba Inus are addicting to admire no matter what form.

Photos, videos, memes, and Tik-Toks...

We just can't get enough!

But what about full length movies?

Sadly, there's not a lot of Shiba Inu movies to choose from at this time. 

Read on to learn more about what's available.

Shiba Inu star

Shiba Inu In Movies

Although Shiba Inus have star quality good looks - they’re actually kind of hard to find in movies outside of Japan.

This is probably partially attributed to the fact that Shibas can be a bit difficult and stubborn to train.

Being a good dog actor requires the dog to be well-trained and eager to please. 

That’s okay, because true Shiba Inu enthusiasts don’t want their beloved Shibas to become “popularized” just to be popular -  like the Taco Bell Chihuahua.

After the Taco Bell Chihuahua commercial went viral - many people unfamiliar with the breed became new chihuahua owners only to learn later that the breed has special requirements that they weren’t ready to handle.

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Shiba Inu Movies From Japan

The majority of movies with Shiba Inus in them come from Japan so subtitles are usually necessary. 

One of our favorites include the story of Mari, the Shiba Inu that helped save her elderly owner during an earthquake.

And of course, most everyone’s favorite movie that featured a Shiba Inu puppy was the story of Hachiko.

Hachiko was an amazingly loyal and devoted Japanese Akita Inu that waited at the train station for his deceased owner daily for over nine years.

Akita Inus and Shiba Inu are ancient Japanese dog breeds that share a similar heritage though Akitas are much larger and are a part of the working dog group while Shibas are classified as non-working dogs.

The following are movies that have Shiba Inus in them.

The majority of them are Japanese and may be difficult to find and watch outside of Japan.

Hachi - A Dog's Tale (Hachiko) - 2008 - USA

Hachi is a heart wrenching tale of a dog's love and devotion based on a true story. Although the dog is actually an Akita Inu which is another ancient Japanese dog, the puppy that stars in the film is a Shiba Inu. You'll need a tissue box because there should be a lot of tears.

A Tale of Mari and Her Three Puppies 2007 - Japan

Shiba Park - 2019 - Japan

Walking With The Dog - 2004 - Japan

Seven Days of Himawari and Her Puppies - 2012 - Japan

Inubaka - 2009 - Japan

Happy Together: All About My Dog - 2011 - Japan

Dude, Where’s My Dog? - 2014 - USA

Inu no kieta hi - 2011- Japan

Harasu no Ita Hibi - 1989 - Japan

Mameshiba: Cubbish Puppy - 2009 -  Japan

Mameshiba Ichiro - 2012 - Japan

Mameshiba Ichiro Futen No Shibajirou - 2013 - Japan

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