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A dog’s life…

Full of nappies, walkies, treats, and fun. 

And while those nappies may seem excessive to our “get it all done” mentality - it’s perfectly normal for dogs. 

You may be wondering if your Shiba sleeps a bit too much or maybe even too little?

First off, It’s wonderful that you’re concerned about your Shibas well-being! 

Thankfully though, you have likely little to worry about as dogs, sleep, and just “hanging out” comes naturally to our canine friends.

sleeping shiba inu

How Much Do Shiba Inu Sleep Each Day?

Most dogs including Shiba Inus spend roughly half of their day sleeping. 

Additionally, dogs will spend an additional 25% of their day simply “chilling” - or enjoying the simple things like comfortably observing all the little things the day sets in front of them. 

Naturally, older dogs, larger dogs, and certain breeds will sleep even more than this. 

So add it all up and you’ll realize that your Shiba Inu spends roughly 75% of their day either sleeping or lounging around. 

This means that adult Shiba Inus spend about 10 to 12 hours of their day sleeping.

Shiba Inu puppies need 18 to 20 hours of sleep per day for proper physical and mental development.

Sleep is very important for young puppies because sleep deprivation can be detrimental for the pup’s health and wellness. 

Shibas that are eight-years-old or older are officially senior Shibas and will roughly sleep about the same amount of time as puppies -  between 18-20 hours.

To ensure that older Shibas, as well as you, get enough sleep during the night, make sure that you give your elder Shiba Inu some daily light physical and mental activity.

This could be a leisure walk or some time in the yard / garden. A little bit of sunshine is always good for both a human and a dog’s soul. Of course, be conscientious about avoiding sunburn.

sleeping shiba inu

Is it Natural For Shiba Inus To Sleep So Much?

 It’s definitely natural for dogs to sleep when they want to.

Unlike humans with busy schedules, dogs don’t have the pressure to constantly feel that they “need” to be doing something productive.

This allows dogs to listen to the signals that their bodies constantly produce.

So when their body signals that it’s time to rest - they rest. 

This is critical because just as with humans, sleep is therapeutic and important for mental acuity as well as immune system functioning.

The Difference Between a Dog and a Human’s Sleep Patterns

Another one of the reasons dogs sleep so much is due to how much REM sleep they get.

Because dogs have irregular sleep patterns, they spend only about 10% of their total snooze time in REM sleep, whereas humans spend 25% of their sleep time in REM.

This means that dog’s need a higher volume of sleep to achieve the necessary benefits of REM rest.

sleeping shiba inu

When To Be Concerned About Your Shiba’s Sleeping Habits

As a proactive Shiba Inu parent, it’s important to be on alert for any pattern changes with your Shiba. Especially in terms of eating, sleeping, and potty habits.

If you’ve noticed that your Shiba is sleeping a lot more than normal then a trip to the vet is warranted. 

Your veterinarian can check for conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, hypothyroidism, and heart disease.

If your Shiba Inu is sleeping a lot less than normal that’s also a concern that may need to be checked on by your vet - especially if your Shiba seems more anxious or depressed.

Senior-aged Shiba Inus may have difficulties sleeping due to canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD) and a condition called sundowning which also affects humans. 

Your veterinarian may recommend certain medications to help.

Additionally, ensuring that your Shiba Inu gets daily exercise, sun, and good nutrition will likely help alleviate some of the symptoms. 

Certain animals with difficulty sleeping respond to background noise such as a radio as well as having night lights in their sleeping area.

sleeping shiba inu

How To Improve Your Shiba Inu's Sleep 

Quality sleep is essential for your Shiba’s health and well-being.

The main factors that contribute to good night’s sleep include:

Since your Shiba Inu will be spending a considerable amount of time sleeping, it’s important to provide an ideal environment for this to take place.

All dogs are social animals and generally like to be near their family, even while snoozing. 

I give my Shibas full reign of the house and have multiple beds located throughout.

I always buy quality dog beds, ideally orthopedic to give my Shibas a comfortable rest as well as protect their joints as they get up in age. 

Daily physical and mental stimulation is important for overall well-being. Simple walks, games, strolls in the park or the beach are all perfect options for our spoiled Shibas. 

Be cognizant of your Shibas’s potty schedule so that both you and your Shiba can sleep well through the night. 

Most healthy adult Shibas can comfortably hold their bladder for the duration of the night (8-10 hours) provided they get their last bathroom break right before bedtime. 

Keep in mind that puppies and senior Shibas will need more potty breaks. 

With senior Shibas, it’s helpful to have a night light in their sleeping area so that get up and move around if necessary.

Most senior dogs will have vision issues so night lights will help.

Wrapping It Up

By now, you should feel comforted knowing that your Shiba is likely not “over” sleeping but rather just doing what all dogs do.

However keep vigilant and always monitor any changes in eating, sleeping, and pottying habits. 

Good, restful sleep will result in happy and healthy Shibas as well as their pawrents.

The tips in this article should help you ensure you can provide just that!

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