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Super Shiba Sunday - October 2021 Edition - 

2020 has been tough—for Shibas and their humans alike.

That’s why we're going big in 2021to bring you tons of Shiba Inu sweetness!

And of course silliness as well.

There are thousands upon thousands of Super Special Shiba Inus located all throughout the continent - though only a tiny handful get recognized due to "going viral".

We'd like to recognize and introduce you to ALL Shiba Inus who are uniquely special in their own ways. 

Whether the hail from California or Dubai - each Shiba Inu's life is of course - totally AWESOME!


Barak & SoomSoom (@greywolf.blackfox)

Barak and Soomsoom Klee Kai and Shiba Inu

SoomSoom is a sweet Shiba girl who was born in 2015 and shares the account with handsome Barak, an Alaskan Klee Kai, who was born in 2013.

Both live in Los Angeles, California.

Supposedly, SoomSoom was a trash panda in a former life and tends to relapse into her old ways every now and again. 

These two are comedic relief when you need it most, from their hilarious expressions when  donning hats and costumes, to their play-fights.

Klee Kai and Shiba Inu
Black and tan Shiba Inu and Klee Kai

Much of their videos have incredible commentary that will brighten your day, which is one of the reasons why Barak and SoomSoom are on our 2021 Favorite Shiba Inu list. 

SoomSoom definitely rocks her sass and class better than any Kardashian around.

Shiba and Klee Kai dog
Supreme Shiba and Klee Kai

You will find a lot of photos of the black and tan shibe being her quirky and mischievous self, whether that means smirking at the camera, showing off a new outfit, or taste-testing a new yummie snackie.

Shiba Inu yawning
Black and tan shiba inu grinning

Hiro (@hiro_the_swedish_shiba)

Beautiful red shiba inu from sweden

Pawesome since 2014, Hiro the Swedish Shiba Inu has stolen our hearts - all the way from being the most adorable Shiba pup! 

Hiro has won awards in Sweden for being a distinguished pedigree. Though that made him prideful, he really did it for the treats.

shiba inu eyeing something sweet and tasty
red shiba inu lying down

Hiro loves sweets!

Give him a cinnamon bun or some cookies, and his tail rockets to overdrive.

Off course, he likely only gets a sniff as his humans take very good care of him!

Hiro also loves finagling his small human brother for some hamburger or stealing pieces of cheese from his humans’ plates. Naughty, naughty.

Bed time on nice linen is really Hiro's thing though. The comfier and higher thread count the better!

adorable red shiba inu puppy
gorgeous red adult shiba inu

On the days Hiro is not winning awards for Best in Show or being a food thief, he goes on long outdoor adventures with his people.

He has spent days at lakeside cabins and frolicking through the snow or drawing in the salty sea air.

Amid the hills and wildflowers, Hiro wears his biggest smile. And that makes us smile, too. Thanks for making us smile, Hiro!

red shiba inu on beach sand
red shiba inu in the snow

Ryo (@ryotheshiba)

handsome ryo red shiba inu

 Ryo (pronounced rye-oh) is a red Shiba inu male who's a pro at napping and chewing. 

Evidently, Ryo's chewing mastery was honed from a young age. Check out his pawesome puppy chew workout.

He has two tags that you should follow: #trickswithryo and #ruffruffryo. 

young ryo chewing bone
adult ryo chewing

Ryo was born in 2017 and presently resides in Los Angeles alongside his attentive hoomans. He’s a goofy baby whose mochi mochi cheeks are to die for.

Ryo thinks his pawrents are crazy—crazy in love with him. We would be, too, if we knew him!

It's a good life for Ryo with nice digs, nice clothes, and adventures around every corner.

Not to mention the treats!

His hoomans give him all kinds of (safe) chew treats and toys to see if he can destroy what is claimed to be indestructible.

Ryo Speaks and We Listen!

Ryo also loves Karaoke and being able to speak his mind. He may have a bright future as a news anchor some day!

ryo wearing stylish thread
ryo and blanket

Ryo is an all around GOOD BOI that doesn't mind being the center of attention. 

He'll pose for pics, engage in learning, and even don silly outfits for our amusement.

Just don't bother when he's sleeping! Mr. Grouchy may appear...

smiling shiba inu ryo
grouchy shiba inu

Hanzo (@happi_hanzo)

Happy and smiling Hanzo

 Hanzo is relatively new to the Instagram scene, but that’s because he was born in October 2020!

He's since transformed from an absolutely adorable potat to a handsum and cool Shibe!

shiba inu in bow tie
smiling happy shiba inu

Here is what we know about Hanzo so far: he is the son of two pedigree Shibas who have won awards.

He's a good boy and knows how to work his pawrents for the best treats.

Hanzo loves adventure and new experiences. From a trip to the park, or a jaunt at the lake - Hanzo wants to be there! 

Hanzo is all about quality - and enjoys good food! You know, the fresh stuff - all of the good, none of the bad! 

shiba inu Hanzo eating good food
shiba inu in front of buddhist temple Hanzo

As Hanzo grows, he's getting more handsome by the minute!

He loves accessorizing with bow ties, bandanas, and premium harnesses.

But the best thing about Hanzo is his heart melting smile and positive exuberance!

The world is yours Hanzo!

happy shiba inu
smiling shiba inu

Momo (@momo.the.lion.shiba)

momo woolly shiba inu as a puppy

Momo as puppy!!

Meet Momo - a breath of pure fluffiness~

She's a long-haired, "woolly" shiba, with an expressive face and adorable smile to brighten anyone's day.

Momo is a social bug and has tons of other furry friends.

She's often spotted with various Shibes exploring everything the world has to offer them.

shiba inu birthday cake
shiba inu birthday

Momo is always down to celebrate anything - and her fun parents always provides tons of parties and get togethers with her four-legged pals.

Cakes, costumes, fun, and yum!

And of course, who can resist Christmas AND Shibas - Shibemas!

Everyone is sporting Christmas scarves in front of the fireplace and stockings. . A. D. O. R. A. B. L. E.

awesome shiba inu birthday party
shiba inu christmas party

Momo, though, is so dog-gone expressive with her eyes that she is hard to ignore.

From photos of Momo’s mane flowing in the breeze, heckin’ cute costumes, to her serious shiba side-eye,

Momo and company is keepin' it real in Shiba Land.

Burakki (@bur_the_shiba)

handsome black and tan shiba inu

Bur, short for Burakki, is a handsome black and tan Shiba Inu that resides in the beautiful country of Croatia with his pawrents.

Because of his location, many of his adventures are in places many of us - especially now - are getting wanderlust over. 

black and tan shiba inu burakki
shiba inu wanting a cookie burakki san

When he isn’t seeing the wonders of Croatia, Bur is playing with all his furry friends, which include golden retrievers, samoyeds, huskies, and other shiba inu.

He also enjoys kicking back at cafes with his humans (and all the dogs he meets there).

black and tan shiba inu ripping toy
black and tan shiba at cafe burakki

Bur loves his "toysies". When Bur the Shibe isn’t meeting up with buddies, he endeavors to gut every single one of his plushy toys.

Ripping the stuffing from them is an art.

Thank goodness his humans provide him with plenty of toys to tear into!

Burakki and family love Christmas!

He even helps decorate... Hopefully, he gets more stuffies to shred for the holidays.

burakki and friend
shiba inu christmas black and tan burakki

Panko Breadcrumb (@panko.breadcrumb)

shiba inu beautiful lake

Panko is a Japanese-style breadcrumb that is often used with tempura and used as a topping on noodles and soups.

The shibe named Panko Breadcrumb, though? He’s not flaky in the slightest! 

Panko hails from Burnaby, British Columbia in Canada and was born in 2019, so you can see Panko grow up picture-by-picture.

He shares the house with his sister, a bubbly brown dachshund.

shiba inu and dachshund
shiba inu and dachshund

Panko loves the dramatics (and dislikes the bathtub), and he shows us the many sides of shibe behavior.

From turning into a sleepy puddle on the floor to showing off his impressive teef, Panko is all about that Shiba Sass!

red shiba inu in red raincoat
shiba inu playing tug

In his point of view, lounging in sunbeams after a romp in the park with dog friends and his humom is paradise.

But he also gets to travel a lot, too—and awesome places like the beautiful Alouette Lake.

Stay cool, Panko!

handsome panko
nice profile of panko the shiba inu

    See ya next time for more Super Shibas!!

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