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2020 has been tough—for Shibas and their humans alike.

That’s why we're going big in 2021to bring you tons of Shiba Inu sweetness!

And of course silliness as well.

There are thousands upon thousands of Super Special Shiba Inus located all throughout the continent - though only a tiny handful get recognized due to "going viral".

We'd like to recognize and introduce you to ALL Shiba Inus who are uniquely special in their own ways. 

Whether the hail from California or Dubai - each Shiba Inu's life is of course - totally AWESOME!


Lumi (@badgrl.lulu)

lulu the cream shiba

Want to follow a cutie creamie from puppyhood into full shibe-hood?

Lumi’s name was inspired by the Finnish word lumi for “snow” and the French world lumiere for “light.”

And as you can see from the pictures, Lumi is the light of her humom’s life.

This little lady has a Labrador brother named SoSo, who has taught her all the Ways of Doge, including how not to sit still when a human is trying to take a photo. 

lulu the shiba inu

Lumi, or Lulu, has had an adventurous life for having been born in 2019.

She has enjoys swimming in the family pool, racing through flowering fields, and getting as many cuddles as she needs from her #shibamom.

As Lumi Lu gets older, she is bound to become more of a character and go on many more adventures with her humans. We look forward to seeing more of Lulu and SoSo in the future!

lulu shiba inu on swing

Jimmy (@jimmi_t_shiba)

jimmy t shiba inu

Also known as Go Klumpens Fox Jimmi, Jimmi the Shiba is a fun-loving doge who lives in Norway. What makes Jimmi such a cool dude? Well, for starters, Jimmi seems to adore water and aglity training!

He'll gladly take leaps into the ocean or even the pool. Plus, he knows how to jump over hurdles in an obstacle course—and does so with panache. 

He’s even shown off his athleticism in mud runs like Gjormelabben. Being that he dwells in Norway, it should also come as no surprise that Jimmi often takes to über cool hiking trails, like Kjolleknuten.

jimmy t hiking

Jimmi adores his family. He gets to go to a lot of fun places, like agility runs and dog parks, where he has other Shiba inu friends.

Other times, he'll join his doting dog dad on coffee breaks or watching the TV. 

Jimmi also is a hat aficionado and two of his faves include a Viking helmet and police hat.

Yuki (@yuki.le.shiba)

yuki le shibe

When we say that shibes have taken over the globe, we mean it!

Yuki is a young Shiba inu who lives in Beirut and Dubai. Born in 2016 - Yuki quickly is a heart melter with his innocent face and sweet smile.

He's often seen accompanying his humom during work hours and gives input on how projects are supposed to be done.

When he’s not working for the treats, Yuki is glad to play fetch, smile for the camera, and show off his latest kill (toy). 

yuki le shibe

Oftentimes, Yuki gets to go on cool trips with mom.

They've gone to famous historical sites throughout Lebanon, such as Baalbeck Temple, or snowy hillsides and flowering fields to give people complete wanderlust. 

Through parks and streets, Yuki wanders the city alongside his human. It's cool to see how shibes get to enjoy traveling just as much as we do!

yuki the shiba from Dubai

Ichigo & Natsu (@ichigoandnatsu)

Ichigo Natsu and friend

Best buddy Yoshi, Natsu, and Ichigo

In Japanese, “Ichigo” means strawberry and “Natsu” means summer.

And these super sweet puppers definitely fit their names. Ichigo, the black and tan shiba inu, was born on December 8, 2016; Natsu was born on September 9, 2019.

The two of them live with their humom in Belgium and get to explore the magical hills and forests all around them.

Ichigo black and tan shiba inu

Clad in bandanas and harnesses, Ichigo and Natsu happily romp over dunes in Zeebrugge, Belgium, nip at stalks of wheat, and take plenty of breaks to sniff at daisies and wildflowers. And they do it all while looking incredibly cute. 

Natsu red shiba inu

Once in a while, Ichigo might get a bit stubborn and display the quintessential shiba inu “nope face.”

Meanwhile, Natsu keeps it real and shows off the fox-like side of the shiba inu breed.

Check out Ichigo and Natsu (@Ichigoandnatsu)

Luci (@lucifurmae)


Despite an ominous I.G. handle, "Luci" is an ultimate sweetie!

Born in 2016, Luci - unlike many other Shibas - LOVES the water and kayaking! What fun!

Luci loves hopping aboard the boat and going out onto lakes.

She also finds pillows and stuffed animals to be the pawfect accompaniment for naps.

And Luci enjoys her a nice nap! During those moments of lounging on the couch or bed, Luci is never without a stuffed companion. 

luci black and tan Shiba Inu

Aside from kayaking and napping, Luci plays ball on the trampoline, makes videos for TikTok, and sits beside her empty food bowls in an attempt to make her humom feel guilty.

But she'll always make up with mom once she's fed - sometimes by bringing mom frog "peace offerings" from outside. 

luci black and tan shiba inu

Luci has four “shiblings” that you should also follow: @kona_the_shibe, @hana.theshibainu, @royalkiyomi, and @itizhirokuma.

Toshi (@toshiba_inu)

Toshi the red shiba inu

Now let's meet Toshi - one of our friendly and awesome Canadian neighbor!

It's easy to see how Toshi  is a heartbreaker providing us with maximum cuteness overload. 

toshi the shiba inu

This quirky boy loves being vocal!

He serenades his humans with all sorts of noises when he suspects that they might be "up to something".

Like trying to teach him how to dance or smooshing his cheeks. There are  plenty of videos of this little dude showing off a hilarious smile. 

And of course, loads of pics of Toshi being pranked after his humans were "up to no good".

toshi the shiba inu

Toshi adores being outdoors romping around with his dog-sister (@maltipoohappy). 

One of the most recent outings was to Lake Chelan State Park.

What adventures will Toshi go on in the future? We can’t wait to see! 

Check out Toshi (@toshiba_inu)


kira the shiba in the snow

Kira is a gorgeous red Shiba and another one of our favorite Canadian friends!   Kira is a big-time fan of the snowy season, hiking, and cake. 

Born in 2016, Kira came into this world knowing that she was meant for greatness.

She's a Super Shibe - and she knows it!

kirat he shiba smiling

 Kira has been a pampered pooch since puppyhood, and that love was what helped her grow into the adventurous and smiley girl we know today.

Since puppyhood, Kira loves carving paths through the snow and making snow dogs.

She doesn’t mind the cold one bit, though she won’t shake her head at a snow coat, either. 

Kira shiba inu loves bath time

As Kira matured, her pawrents introduced her to other furry residents of Toronto.

She shares many pictures of her outings with pals on her Instagram, as well as a cool shots with Toronto’s city and parks in the backdrop. 

Though she is not a fan of swimming, (bathing is a-ok) Kira does enjoy visiting places like Flowerpot Island and beyond. 

Check out Kira (@kiratheshiba_)

Well that does it for this week's Sunday Shibes!

Hopefully, exposure to such Shiba sweetness will set you up for an awesome week.

Be sure to check for more Super Sunday Shibes in the future. Also, please check out our Facebook page if you want to nominate a Super Shiba(s) for future articles.

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