Hey Shiba Inu Family! 

We’re currently looking for Shiba Inu parents who enjoy “videoing” their Shibes to make video content for our website and social media channels.

To qualify, you simply need to have at least one Shiba (of course) and decent video skills.

We all know raising Shiba Inus can be an expensive affair.

Why not have some fun doing creative things with your Shiba and earn money at the same time!

We’re making the process easy by having detailed guidelines, examples, and support for whatever questions you have along the way.

shiba inu film director


  • Flexibility - Work at your own pace at home with reasonable deadline dates
  • Learn new things and expand your creativity
  • Earn an easy side income so you can spoil your Shiba even more!

Video Content We’re Looking For:

  • Shiba Inus with awesome talents
  • “How To” Guides - training, grooming, bathing, feeding, etc.
  • Product review guide
  • Adorable videos of new puppies (responsibly bred only)
  • Funny Shiba Inu challenges, games, etc
  • Your own creative ideas are always welcomed!

How To Apply:

Send an email to headshiba@myfirstshiba.com with your name, information about your Shiba Inu(s), pet-related experience, any photo / video experience , and provide at least 3 relevant videos you have published (YouTube, Facebook links are fine).

We’ll review your application as quickly as possible. 

We’ll make our final selection based on video quality and presentation.

Tips on Video Production:

We’re looking for videos with the following attributes:

  • Great lighting
  • Sharp focusing with minimal shaking (tripods are great)
  • The video should have a “landscape” view instead of portrait
  • If sound is necessary for the video, the use of a mic (lavalier, etc) is preferred

Some Examples of What We're Looking For:

my first shiba official logo