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Dog strollers?

Are you serious?

Why of course!

Dog strollers have been steadily growing in popularity as dog owners are realizing the multiple benefits that dog strollers provide to both dogs and human.

Dog strollers are not just for spoiled, "foo - foo" dogs.

In fact, dog strollers are perfect for aging and injured dogs to get out and about with their owners as usual without missing a beat.

Additionally, many doggy parents use strollers as a way to take their pooches just about every where they go.

Types of Dog Strollers

Basic, Light Use Dog Strollers -

Basic dog strollers are affordable and great for short term or light use.

Although not as durable as other rugged, running type dog strollers, they still will work fine for lighter / less frequent use.

As far as terrain, basic strollers should only be used for flat, even terrain like sidewalks and roads due to the nature of the plastic wheels.

All Terrain / Running Dog Strollers

All terrain dog strollers are ruggedly built to be able to handle rough and tumble runs on various types of uneven terrain.

These type of dog strollers are normally equipped with inflatable tires versus the plastic type which make them much more durable.

Multi-Use Bike Trailer Dog Strollers

Multi-Use dog strollers are great for dog owners that also cycle. 

With a few simple adjustments these doggy strollers easily convert to a bicycle trailer. 

Dog Strollers Can Be Used For

For Older, Injured, or Physically-handicapped dogs - 

Dog strollers are great for elderly dogs as well as injured or physically handicapped dogs.

Physically unable dogs still yearn to get out and accompany their masters on walks.
Having a dog stroller will allow you to take your dog on nice strolls outside or even accompany you on errands.

Senior dogs will appreciate being able to enjoy being out and about with you - especially if it involves the sights and smells of nature.

Stressed / Anxious Dogs -

Many dog suffer from various forms of anxieties that limit them from getting out and about.

A dog stroller can be a helpful tool to rehabilitate the anxious or nervous dog in a safe, controlled environment.

Just be sure to monitor your dog's stress levels at all times.

Running and Exercising With Dogs -

Not all dogs can keep up with their athletic owners.

Dog strollers designed for running are great options for dog owners who enjoys running at a certain pace without being limited by their dog's stamina.

Some dogs can run a lot, some can't. A dog stroller allows the dog owner to place their pooped out pooch into the stroller and keep on going without worrying about their dog getting exhausted.  

Taking Your Dog Wherever You Go!

As dog owners, we all know how it feels like when we want to go to places "with" our dogs but can't because of the usual "no dogs allowed" sign.

With a dog stroller and some ingenuity, you'll be allowed to get into "more" places than without one. 

Most businesses do not mind well-behaved, and quiet dogs in strollers - and most don't notice since dog strollers look almost identical to baby strollers.

Just remember to ensure that your dog is trained to be well-behaved and quiet.

Also don't bring your dogs into places where hygiene is a high priority (medical facilities, certain food operations, etc).

Dog Stroller Features To Look For

  • Waterproof
  • Sunproof
  • Portability
  • Extra room for shopping
  • Brakes
  • Height of handle
  • Removable pad
  • All terrain capability
  • Ease of entry/exit for your dog
  • Type of wheel best suited for your needs (plastic, EVA, inflatable rubber)
  • Safety features such as reflectors, tethers, flags


Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition Pet Stroller or The Pet Gear No-Zip AT3 Stroller

This Pet Gear Special Edition 'No-Zip' Dog stroller is a good sized stroller for Shiba Inus and small-medium dogs. 

The weight limit for this stroller is 45 pounds. An average-sized Shiba Inu should fit fine, however, overly tall or large Shiba Inus might find this stroller a tad bit snug. 

If you really like the features of this particular dog stroller but need it to be slightly larger than check out the Pet Gear No-Zip AT3 Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry which has all of the same features but is made for a slightly larger dog.

It's also equipped with bigger wheels for better rolling.

This Pet Gear Dog stroller features quality water resistant materials, rear safety brakes and front shock absorption.

It also features an easy to use "no-zip" feature  that allows you to quickly open and close the mesh screening without having to deal with a zipper.

The wheels of this stroller is made out of EVA plastic and is quite durable and effective on a number of different terrains.

We like the three-wheel configuration versus the four-wheel configuration because it's much easier to maneuver - especially while jogging. 

There's also a very handy front wheel lock that allows you to lock the front wheels when using the stroller on uneven surfaces or while jogging.

Check out the latest price of the Pet Gear No Zip Dog Stroller here. 

Pet Gear No Zip Doggy Stroller

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Pet Gear No Zip AT3 Stroller

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Pet Gear Expedition No-Zip Dog Stroller

The Pet Gear Expedition No-Zip doggy stroller is our favorite dog stroller choice for size and speed!

Lower to the ground, this baby can handle both leisure strolls and fast-paced jogs.

It's also sturdy and features a convenient buckle closure system that makes it a zip to get off and going!

This stroller features a one-hand folding mechanism that makes it a breeze to set up and put away.

There's a removable liner to make cleaning fast and easy.

The inside of the stroller is spacious and has top, front and side mesh windows for your dog's viewing pleasure.

You can adjust the handle to the perfect height for you and place your drink and other essentials in the handy cupholder and pockets.

Check out the price and availability of this stroller here.

Pet Gear EXPEDITION Stroller

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Petique "Trail Blazer"

The Petique Trailblazer is another great stroller for those that enjoy exercising with their dogs.

It's a bit slimmer than the Pet Gear jogging stroller though it still can handle dogs up to 60lbs.

The one tired front wheel makes it a "faster" stroller on straightaways - but may be harder to turn than the two-wheeled types.

Featuring large, bicycle-type tires, this stroller can easily handle rugged and uneven terrain for nice jaunts in nature.

The Petique stroller features a two-wheeled back braking system and also has a "parking" brake to ensure that it doesn't roll off.

Check out the price and availability of this stroller here.

Petique "Trailblazer"

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