Dog strollers? Yes! Dog strollers have been steadily growing in popularity as dog owners are realizing the multiple benefits that dog strollers provide to both dog and human.

Dog strollers are not just for spoiled, "foo - foo" dogs. In fact, dog strollers are now being used for big, active dogs too. In addition, these strollers are incredibly handy for senior dogs, arthritic dogs, physically disabled dogs, injured dogs, as well as nervous or anxious dogs.

For dog owners, dog strollers provide multiple benefits too. I purchased a dog stroller for my Shiba Inu because I wanted to do longer exercise sessions with her. Normally, when my Shiba is done. That's it, she is done. With a dog stroller, I can simply place her inside, let her relax, enjoy the view, and then keep on running.

​Types of Dog Strollers

Basic, Light Use Dog Stroller

Basic dog strollers are affordable and great for short term or light use. Basic strollers are not as durable as other rugged, running type dog strollers but can work just fine for lighter / less frequent use.

The main thing to consider with these type of strollers is the terrain it's going to be rolling over. It's best to use this type of stroller on flat, even surfaces to prolong the life and functionality of the stroller.  Basic strollers are usually fitted with plastic wheels that are fine on flat terrain but not so much on rough, uneven terrain.

All Terrain / Running Dog Strollers​

Running dog strollers are ruggedly built to be able to handle rough and tumble runs on various types of uneven terrain. These type of dog strollers are usually equipped with inflatable tires instead of the usual plastic ones. These tires are durable and handle various types of terrains much better than plastic tires. They do however, require more maintenance. It is important to make sure that the tires are always properly inflated.

Multi-Use Bike Trailer Dog Strollers​

​The pet product industry continues to create more and more innovative tools to help make our lives with our pet fulfilling and fun. There are now rugged running dog strollers that can also be used a dog trailer for bikes. These types of multi-purpose dog strollers are great for active dog owners that can't stop getting to places!

Uses For Dog Strollers

​For Older, Injured, or Physically Handicapped Dogs

​Dog strollers are great for elderly dogs as well as injured or physically handicapped dogs. Physically unable dogs still yearn to get out and accompany their masters on walks. Having a dog stroller will allow you to take your dog on nice strolls outside. Senior dogs will appreciate being able to enjoy being out with you. The fresh air and warm sun is good for both dogs and human's soul.

​Stressed / Anxious Dogs

​Many dog suffer from various forms of anxieties that limit them from getting out and about. A dog stroller can be a helpful tool to rehabilitate the anxious or nervous dog in a safe, controlled environment.

​Running and Exercising With Dogs

​Not all dogs can keep up with their athletic owners. Dog strollers designed for running are great options for dog owners that enjoy running and want to take their dog with them. We see baby parents do the same thing with their infants all the time!

​Some dogs can run a lot, some can't. A dog stroller allows the dog owner to place their pooped out pooch into the stroller and keep on going without worrying about their dog getting too exhausted.

Taking Your Dog With You 'Wherever' You Go

As dog owners, we are used to constantly having to rearrange our schedule because of our faithful companions. There are many places where dogs are allowed, and many places where dogs are not.

With a dog stroller, you can temporarily put your dog in the stroller and keep on schedule with your activities for the day. Most businesses do not mind well-behaved, and quiet dogs in strollers - and most don't notice since dog strollers look almost identical to baby strollers.

Dog Stroller Features To Look For

  • Waterproof

  • Sunproof

  • Portability

  • Extra room for shopping

  • Brakes

  • Height of handle

  • Removable pad

  • All terrain capability
  • ​Ease of entry/exit for your dog
  • Type of wheel best suited for your needs (plastic, EVA, inflatable rubber)
  • Safety features such as reflectors, tethers, flags


OxGord Pet Stroller Cat Dog 3-Wheel Walk Jogger Travel Folding Carrier Deluxe

oxgord dog stroller

This Oxgord 3-Wheel dog stroller is an affordably-priced stroller that has many of the same feature as more expensive dog strollers on the market. 

The cheapest dog stroller on the market usually goes for around $50.00. For just a bit more, I would much prefer this Oxgord 3-wheel stroller that has many more features and is quite durable. 

This stroller can accommodate dogs up to 55 pounds. It's a great size for most Shiba Inus. The stroller is lightweight, foldable and has a large undercarriage for ample storage - great for shopping runs.

We really like the fact this stroller is inconspicuous and looks just like a typical baby stroller.  This is a great stroller to take your dog just about anywhere and everywhere with you.

This dog stroller is best for flat and relatively even surfaces. The three-wheel configuration of the stroller makes it highly maneuverable. The wheels are made out of plastic though, so this stroller wouldn't do good on rough, uneven terrain.

Check out the latest price of the OxGord 3-Wheel Dog Stroller here. 

oxgord dog stroller

OxGord 3-Wheel Dog Stroller

**February 04, 2017 - currently out of stock

Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition Pet Stroller

This Pet Gear Special Edition 'No-Zip' Dog stroller is a good sized stroller for Shiba Inus and small-medium dogs. 

The weight limit for this stroller is 45 pounds. An average-sized Shiba Inu should fit fine, however, overly tall or large Shiba Inus might find this stroller a bit snug. If you really like the features of this particular dog stroller but need it to be slightly larger than check out the Pet Gear No-Zip AT3 Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry which has all of the same features but is made for a slightly larger dog. It also has bigger wheels for better rolling.

This Pet Gear Dog stroller features quality water resistant materials, rear safety brakes and front shock absorption. It also has an easy to use "no-zip" feature  that allows you to quickly open and close the mesh screening without having to deal with a zipper.

​The wheels of this stroller is made out of EVA plastic and is quite durable and effective on a number of different terrains. We like the three-wheel configuration versus the four-wheel configuration because it's much easier to maneuver - especially while jogging. There is a very handy front wheel lock that allows you to lock the front wheels when using the stroller on uneven surfaces or while jogging.

 Check out the latest price of the Pet Gear No Zip Dog Stroller here. 

Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition Pet Stroller

Pet Gear No-Zip AT3 Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry

Best Choice Products 2 in 1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer Bicycle Trailer Stroller Jogger w/ Suspension Red

This Best Choice Dog Stroller / Bike Trailer For Dogs is the perfect multi-use stroller for highly active dog owners and dogs who are always on the move. 

​This dog stroller is the perfect off-terrain running stroller that features inflatable rubber wheels and full suspension handling in the popular 3-wheel configuration. 

​The quality of this dog stroller is impressive. It's constructed with a sturdy steel frame and water-resistant polyester material.  It can handle weights up to 66 pounds and will comfortably fit one or even two Shiba Inus with ease. Take note, this is a rather large dog stroller compared to the others in the review.

​This dog stroller can easily convert to a dog bike trailer with just a few easy adjustments. It has multiple safety features such as easy-to-see flag, reflectors, and a brake system to keep the stroller / trailer locked from rolling.

​There are multiple large openings that allow your dog to get in and out easily. A mesh screen as well as canopy protects your dog from the elements such as rain, sun, and bugs. 

Included with this stroller is a removable soft cushion that provides extra comfort for your dog during bumpy rides. 

Although this trailer is quite large, it impressively folds down into a manageable compact size that will be able to fit most car trunks and storage areas.

Check out the latest price of the Best Choice Dog Stroller / Dog Bike Trailer here. 

Best Choice Products 2 in 1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer Bicycle Trailer Stroller Jogger w/ Suspension Red

Pet Gear Roadster Dog Stroller

This Pet Gear Roadster Dog Stroller is a nicely-sized three wheel dog stroller. It is rated to hold up to 100 pounds, but after using it we would recommend no more than 50 pounds of total weight. 

This dog stroller includes an internal waterproof pad and safety tether. The handle height can be adjusted from 37.5" to 39". 

The best feature about this dog stroller is it's easy folding system that makes transporting this dog stroller manageable. 

​The main negative with this dog stroller is the price. The price is a bit high for this stroller when comparing it's features to other strollers. However, we really like this particular style and size of dog stroller that made up for the additional cost.

The wheels are made out of plastic / EVA and are pretty durable. They can be used on uneven, bumpy surfaces without worrying about blow-outs.

Check out the latest price of the Best Choice Dog Stroller / Dog Bike Trailer here. 

Best Choice Products 2 in 1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer Bicycle Trailer Stroller Jogger w/ Suspension Red