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Shiba Inus, particularly male Shiba Inus are regal dogs that can conquer our hearts with their handsome looks and larger than life personalities.

The Shiba Inu is a confident dog that demands respect and of course, the usual “royal” Shiba Inu treatment.

This same kind of respect should be considered when deciding on a name for a male Shiba Inu.

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Names will stay with the Shiba for the rest of their life so it’s important not to name your boy a silly name that may seem “cool” at the time - until you learn that maybe it wasn’t such a cool idea later.

We’ll help you get the ball started rolling by giving you the following name suggestions for male Shiba Inus.

Tips For Naming Your Male Shiba Inu

One of the best things you can do when deciding on your Shiba Inu’s name is take your time and thoroughly research the origins of the names you’re thinking about.

Certain names that you think sound cool or interesting at the time may have an improper or negative connotation in another culture. So do your research!

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You don’t have to rush to name your new Shiba Inu puppy and it’s actually better to “sit on it” for a while and get to know your pup and his personality and quirks. 

It’s best to opt for shorter names with “sharp” consonants. 

Shiba Inus are known to be stubborn so it’s better to choose a name that can be called quickly.

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Male Dog Names For Shiba Inus:

Aki (M/F) – pronounced “Ah-kee”

Akira (M)

Ashitaka (M)

Arashi (M)

Aruto (M)

Ai (M/F)

Aigo (M)

Ban (M) – “Bahn”

Ben (M)

Beni (M/F)

Benitaka (M)

Boruto (M)

Bunta (M) – pronounced “Boonta,” not “Bundta”

Chion (M)

Chiaki (M/F)

Dai (M) – pronounced “Die” not “Day”

Daigo (M)

Daichi (M)

Daimon (M)

Gen (M)

Genji (M)

Gekkou (M/F)

Haku (M/F)

Haru (M/F)

Hayashi (M)

Hayato (M)

Han (M)

Hikaru (M/F)

Himitsu (M/F)

Hiro (M)

Hiroshi (M)

Ichiro (M)

Ikuma (M)

Isamu (M)

Ikko (M)

Iga (M)

Issei (M)

Ichigo (M/F)

Ichi (M/F)

Iro (M/F)

Jigen (M)

Jun (M/F) – pronounced “Joon”

Junji (M)

Junya (M)

Jin (M)

Kai (M/F)

Kaiji (M)

Kaito (M)

Kazu (M)

Kazuki (M)

Kei (M)

Kei’ichi (M)

Keita (M)

Kenta (M)

Kentarou (M)

Keiji (M)

Ken (M)

Ken’ichi (M)

Kengo (M)

Kenji (M)

Kou (M)

Kou’ichi (M)

Kouhei (M)

Kouji (M)

Kuma (M/F)

Kumo (M/F)

Makoto (M)

Mao (M/F)

Masao (M)

Masashi (M)

Masayuki (M)

Mugen (M)

Mamoru (M)

Miki (M/F)

Muramasa (M)

Munechika (M)

Naruhiko (M)

Nobu (M)

Nobuo (M) – pronounced “No-boo-oh”

Nozomu (M)

Noboru (M)

Natsu (M/F)

Nobukuni (M)

Nobunaga (M)

Osamu (M)

Onimaru (M)

Oni (M)

Oto (M/F) – do not say “Otou,” as this means “older brother.”

Rai (M)

Rei (M/F)

Raita (M)

Reita (M)

Riki (M)

Rikiya (M)

Reiji (M)

Ruki (M)

Raki (M/F) – word play on “lucky.”

Rumi (M/F)

Ren (M/F)

Satoshi (M) – pronounced “sah-toe-shi”

Satoru (M)

Shio (M/F)

Shu (M)

Shun (M)

Sho (M)

Shiro (M)

Shion (M/F)

Shin (M)

Shinji (M)

Shin’ichi (M)

Shinya (M)

Shouta (M)

Tai (M)

Taiga (M)

Taiki (M)

Taito (M)

Taka (M/F)

Tatsu (M)

Tomo (M)

Tomohisa (M)

Tomoya (M)

Toshi (M)

Tori (M/F)

Wataru (M)

Watari (M)

Wakame (M/F)

Yasu (M)

Yamato (M)

Yuji (M)

Yuki (M/F)

Yuuta (M)

Yu (M)

Yoshi (M)

Yoshimitsu (M)

Zen (M/F)

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