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Shiba Inu Gift Ideas

To many, including myself, Shiba Inus are more than a dog breed - they are a lifestyle.

Loyal Shiba Inu devotees spoil and pamper their Shibas to no end. 

What better way to reward such loyal Shiba Inu servants with gifts that further remind them that their life is "all about the Shibe"!

Shiba Inu fans will love our selection of unique Shiba Inu gifts. Your Shiba Inu friends will appreciate the thought you put into finding the perfect gift that highlights the true "loves" of their lives!

shiba inu plush toys


Shiba Inu Plushes!!

shiba inu plush

New for 2019! 

Original Kawaii Shiba Co. soft plushies. 

These adorable plushes are simply too kawaii! About 11" tall and comes with extra bandanas and reusable cotton karakusa bag.

shiba inu plush

Shiba Plush

Shiba Inu Threadz!

Not everyone can own an actual Shiba Inu - but everyone can wear one!

New Kawaii Shiba Co. designs for 2020.

Check em out!

Shiba Inu Bandanas!

shiba inu karakusa bandanas

Doggies in bandanas are the cutest thing.

But Shiba Inus in bandanas take it to the next level!!

Official Kawaii Shiba Co. bandanas now available in collar, bib, and traditional tie styles.

Chubby Shiba Inu Plushies

cute shiba inu plush

These super soft and super chubby Shiba Inu plushies are perfect for Shiba Inu lovers, young and old.

Tokyo Otaku Mode has Shiba Inu plushies in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They ship quickly and affordably directly from either their Japan or North American warehouses.

Our favorite Shiba Inu plushies are the ones that are fat and round like these because they are so fun to hug and cuddle with.

Tokyo Otaku Mode also stock the smaller "mini" Shiba Inu plushies that are typically only found in Japan.

cute shiba inu plush

Shiba Inu Assorted Plushies

For The Chef: Shiba Inu Aprons

These artistically designed Shiba Inu aprons are perfect for the culinarily inclined Shiba fan.

Since most Shiba Inus are so spoiled, their owners are most likely often in the kitchen slaving away, making their Shiba Inus gourmet food anyway.

These washable aprons are fade and stain resistant. 

Plus, these multipurpose aprons can be used for a variety of activities such as cleaning, gardening, crafts, and Shiba Inu grooming and bathing.

Shiba Inu Apron By Caroline's Treasures

Shiba Inu Apron By Caroline's Treasures

Shiba Inu Doge Socks

shiba inu socks

These quirky Shiba Inu socks will delight any Shiba Inu lover that loves to laugh while breaking fashion rules at the same time.

Although these one-size-fits-all tube socks are more of a novelty item - rather than a utilitarian one - they still can be worn for the countless Shiba Inu photo ops that Shiba Inu owners must endure.

These Shiba Inu socks are also great gifts for men as most Shiba Inu themed items tend to be cutesy and designed for women.

shiba inu socks

Doge Meme Socks

marutaro shiba inu pillow

Wow! Doge Socks

Shiba Inu Pillow / Cushion

Although technically the designer of these adorable Shiba Inu pillows are calling them Akita Inu pillows - they certainly pass for Shibas as well.

shiba inu pillow

These carefully made hand sewn and machine washable pillows are printed both back and front. They measure approximately 11.5 x 9 inches and are stuffed with polyester fiberfill. 

The pillows come in four different colors. The simple, yet modern design will go along with a variety of indoor decor themes.

We especially love the cute expressions of their Shiba face - superior and always judging you!

Shiba Inu / Akita Pillow - RED

shiba inu pillow

Shiba Inu / Akita Pillow - CREAM

shiba inu pillow

Shiba Inu / Akita Pillow - Sesame

shiba inu pillow

Shiba Inu / Akita Inu Black Tan

Even More Shiba Inu Stuff!!

shiba inu gifts


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