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If you've walked your Shiba in snow, rain, or mud, you know the struggle.

You get home and spend the next 10-15 minutes cleaning off their legs.

AND, if you miss a spot, you might be looking at a good floor scrub, too.

Many dog owners have tried to solve this problem with dog shoes / booties.

Great in theory, but in practice, they can be a hassle. There's an answer to your messy dog-paw woes: dog leggings!

Keep reading to find out about Walkee Paws,  the world's first dog leggings.

What Exactly Are Dog Leggings and What Are They Used For?

Dog leggings are the solution to those dog boots that take forever to put on then - never seem to stay on.

These specially designed dog leggings cover paws and legs and are designed to stay on comfortably.

The dog leggings bootie portion is connected to an elasticized legging that runs up the leg.

Each legging connects to a top strap that runs along your dog's back. You can easily adjust the length using the back strap.

Use Indoors

Your fashion-forward Shiba can either wear dog leggings inside or outside. 

Inside leggings have "grippies" on the boot part covering the paws. 

The added traction the grippies provide is perfect for senior Shibas that are prone to slipping on hard surfaces. 

Use Outdoors

Outdoor dog leggings are useful for keeping those paws and legs free from snow chunks.

They also keep the wet and muddy mess of rainy days from ruining your flooring.

However, they're not just for winter. Dog leggings also protect your dog from walking on hot pavement in the summer.

We love our Shibas, but sometimes they can induce allergies to us humans. Dog leggings prevent your best friend from bringing outside allergens in your house after walks and potty breaks outside.

If you live in a busy metro area, you may be worried about harmful substances on the sidewalk.

With dog leggings, you can confidently walk your Shibe knowing they're protected from any undesirables lurking on the pavement.

Stays Put!

Any dog parent who has tried dog boots understands their common problem: they take forever to put on and don't stay on very well. 

Dog leggings are designed to stay. Since it's all one piece, you won't be stuck searching for that one lost boot each time you head out for a walk.

Dog Leggings vs Dog Boots / Shoes

Dog boots and shoes are also designed to protect your pet's feet from extreme temperatures, allergens, and harmful things outside.

Some owners might even put them on their geriatric dogs to prevent slipping indoors.

The biggest difference between dog leggings and dog boots/shoes is how well they function.

Boots and shoes come as four separate pieces: one for each paw. And since most dogs have four paws it's easy to imagine how long it'll take to properly secure each shoe.

Dog boots and shoes fasten using a strap or elastic. They are made from a variety of materials from fleece-lined leather to neoprene. Some work much better than others.

You can find "cheap" dog shoes under $20 - though typically these shoes don't hold very well at all.

Stylish and functional dog boots are available, but they'll cost you. A top-rated pack of good-quality dog boots can set you back over $50.

shiba inu in dog shoes

Benefits of Dog Leggings

Since dog leggings are all one piece, you won't be searching for that one lost bootie - they'll always stay together as one unit.

Just hang them up with the leash and you'll have them when you need them.

Another big difference between dog leggings and dog boots/shoes? They also protect your pup's legs and help keep them cleaner. 

If your Shiba is a magnet for collecting grass, mud, or burrs  - dog leggings can help clean up time. 

Introducing Walkee Paws

Walkee Paws were created by Fur Mama Lisa Baronoff. Lisa wanted a way to protect her pups from the ruff stuff outside while enjoying their Manhattan walks.

After continued frustration with awkward and uncomfortable boots, she decided to solve her problem herself - and Walkee Paws was born.

These stylish leggings quickly caught on and were even featured in People magazine.

Walkee Paws On Shark Tank

After a successful 2018 launch, Lisa took her product to Shark Tank. While she ultimately turned down Mr. Wonderful's royalty deal, Lisa has continued to drive her company's success.

Walkee Paws continues to expand. Matching accessories such as rain coats, vests, and leashes are also available.

Both practical and stylish - Walkee Paws has it all.

Walkee Paws, As Seen on Shark Tank

How Do Walkee Paws Work?

Walkee Paws feature a comfortable, tractive sock portion that enables your dog's sensory needs. 

Traditional bootie materials work against your pup's sensory instincts. (Your dog won't be able to feel the ground).

Walkee Paws booties are made from natural latex, free of harmful chemicals.

A wider opening helps you slip your dog's paws in each boot with ease. The elastic leg cinch helps you get it snug once they're on.

The bootie portion is attached to the dog legging, giving your dog style and protection on their walks.

Walkee Paws are designed to let your dog "go" without soiling the material - plus you can machine wash them (gentle cycle).

Do Walkee Paws Affect a Dog's Gait?

Properly fitted Walkee Paws will not negatively affect your dog's gait.

They're designed to function properly while giving your dog ample range of motion. 

Just be sure to follow the sizing guidelines as well as instruction on putting them on.

How To Size Walkee Paws

To properly find the right size regular leggings with boots, measure your dog's waist and paw size. When in doubt, paw-size up.

Indoor leggings are determined by paw size only, as the legs and back are adjustable.

Check out their regular fit, snug fit, or new adjustable fit leggings.

Most small / medium sized dogs like Shiba Inus fit into a size medium.

Walkee Paws has full sizing guide instructions and measurement templates on their website.

Where To Buy Dog Leggings

Walkee Paws has something for every Shiba - and even their human.  They even have a stylish doggie and me collection so you and your Shiba can be twinsies.

You can find Walkee Paws on their website at Walkiepaws.com and on Amazon.

At MyFirstShiba.com, we want to give you quality info to help you and your Shiba live your best lives together.

Go ahead, strap on those Walkee Paws and take on the world!

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