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Shiba Inu Plush Toys

Quality Shiba Inu plush toys can be hard to find. In fact, on a recent trip to Tokyo, my friends and I were disappointed that Shiba Inu merchandise in general was few and far between.

We searched quite a bit for Shiba Inu merchandise in the bigger cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto but mostly found "neko" or cat plush dolls instead of Shiba Inus. 

We had hopes of finding a treasure trove of Shiba Inu plush dolls at Wankodo in Kyoto, but were disappointed when we realized that the store had closed permanently.

Surprisingly, it seemed that we would have a much easier time finding the once elusive
Shiba Inu plush dolls online! Here are some that we recently found. The Shiba Inu plush toys in this article can be easily bought online from tested and trusted sources, including Amazon.

shiba inu plush toys

TOP PICKS - Our Favorite Shiba Inu Plush Toys

Our Very Own Kawaii Shiba Co. Plush Set

shiba inu plush
shiba inu karakusa bandana

Kawaii Shiba Co. is our very own line of Kawaii Shiba Inu merchandise.

So of course, it's #1 on our list.

This Kawaii Shiba Plush is actually a set that comes with two additional Japanese karakusa bandanas and a karakusa bag.

A perfect gift set for any Shiba Inu fan!

About 11" tall, 7" wide, and 8" deep.

shiba inu plush

Official Kawaii Shiba Co. Plush

Price Range: $29.99-34.99

30" Sleeping Shiba Inu Hugging Plush Toy / Pillow

Who can resist a splooting Shiba Inu?

Constructed with ultra soft, quality materials and stuffed full of PP cotton.

Sleepy, splooting Shiba is waiting to go home to your comfy bed! =)

Sleepy Shiba Inu Plush

Auspicious beginning 19.6" Stuffed Animal Shiba Inu Plush

Why not go big or go home??

This chonky, stuffed Shiba plush is just waiting to be squeezed!

Approximately 15.7" x 19.6"

Shiba Inu Plush

best shiba inu toys

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 Official Kawaii Shiba Inu Plushies In Stock!

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