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Shiba Inu owners love their Shibas like…Like a lot.

And when their Shiba Inus smile, the whole world loves them!

Smiling Shiba Inus has become a “thing” on the Internet and it’s something we could never get tired of.

But what makes certain Shiba Inus smile?

Are they really happy?

Are they mimicking us? What gives?

Let’s take a quick dive into the world of smiley, happy, Shibas.

smiling black and tan shiba inu

Why Do Shiba Inus Smile?

Shibas, and all dogs smile when they are happy as well as when they want to let us know that they are no threat.

This appeasement gesture, called a submissive “grin” is a way of your Shiba to show deference to whomever they’re encountering.

Dogs are highly perceptive mammals and have mastered the art of body language between its own species as well as humans.

Evolution has taught dogs what makes us humans happy and what doesn’t. They’ve learned that when they smile it elicits a positive response from us which enforces the tendency to smile at us.

Basically, dogs love making their owners delighted and smiling is just one of their tools to get the job done.

smiling red shiba inu

What Makes a Shiba Inu Smile So Special?

No matter what a Shiba’s mood may be - they’re always so so cute!

But a Shiba Inu smiling?

That’s next level cute!   

Shiba Inus are known for their wide, full cheeks - affectionately referred to as “mochi” cheeks by the Japanese.

And these chunky, mochi cheeks are perfect for creating the cutest, happiest smiles to melt everyone’s heart!

Plus, when Shiba Inus smile they tend to squint their pretty eyes and pull their “airplane” ears back  in the cutest fashion that exudes happiness to the moon!

Shiba Inus are well-known for being aloof and even a bit snobbish at times.

So naturally, seeing a happy, smiling Shibe is truly a treat.

three smiling shiba inus

Do All Shiba Inus Smile?

Unfortunately no, not all Shibas smile.

In fact, smiling dogs for that matter is not that common.

Even when a dog is happy, smiling might not be a way of expressing this happiness.

Instead most dogs show happiness with subtle body language signals that most humans may miss.

Signs of a happy pup:

  • Fast wagging tail
  • Jiggly but
  • Staring contentedly in your eyes
  • Wanting to be close to you
  • Howling
  • Giving you a “paw”
smiling red shiba inu in the snow

Do Shibas Smile at other Shibas?

Shibas may not not necessarily “smile” at other Shibas or dogs because instead, they rely on other body language cues.

Since dogs don’t really have advanced verbal communication skills, they depend on body language to communicate their feelings to each other.

Fortunately, dogs are smart enough to understand that body language cues with humans are not the same as with other canines.

For instance, dogs know that a human's big smile, showing teeth is a happy gesture whereas another dog showing teeth could be a threat.

gorgeous red smiling shiba inu

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the smiling Shibas on this page has given you a good dose of happiness.

Man’s best friend has continuously proven their devotion to us in the most unique and endearing ways.

Maybe, one day, our cats will smile at us.

But probably not. =)

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