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Shiba Inus.

The worst dog ever?

Now, who actually says those kinds of things??

The Internet, apparently.

This article aims to dispel this myth and show that no, Shiba Inus are DEFINITELY not the worst dogs ever. 

In fact, Shiba Inus are one of the BEST DOGS EVER. 

beautiful black and tan shiba inu

The Origin of Shibas Being The Worst Dog Ever Moniker

The origin of this unappreciated label likely comes from the fact that most people don’t understand the needs of this majestic breed.

Simply put, most Shibas are smarter than their owners.

When the Internet meme “doge” craze hit, Shiba Inus were all the buzz and everybody and their grandma wanted a puppy.

This rampant popularity continues due to the doge coin, Elon Musk, and social media.

So add up all this popularity and so many inexperienced dog owners scooping up dogs that require owners with either experience and or expertise - the results are usually bad.

Instead of blaming themselves, inexperienced Shiba Inu owners will naturally blame the dog, hence the term, “worst dog ever”. 


Instead, these good-intentioned Shiba Inu parent fail should’ve done due diligence on the breed before deciding to bring a Shiba home.

The following are the main reasons Shibas have been labeled the worst dogs ever and actual facts from an experienced Shiba Inu owner to dispel each claim.

shiba inu snarling

Shiba Inu Worst Dog Ever Claim # 1 - Shiba Inus are Aggressive

Properly bred Shiba Inus should not be overtly aggressive as experienced breeders will NOT breed aggressive Shiba Inus.

Shiba Inus are indeed more primitive than their more domesticated doggy counterparts and therefore the chance for aggression is higher due to their wilder nature.

However, the overwhelming majority of properly bred and reared Shiba Inus are not aggressive to the extent where an “aggressive dog label” is warranted. 

Instead, properly-bred Shiba Inus are bred to be confident, stoic, and possess the intelligence to know when assertiveness is needed and when it’s not.

The big issue here is the fact that the popularity of Shibas has contributed to a tsunami-sized influx of backyard breeders and puppy mills selling them.

Poorly-bred Shiba Inu puppies often suffer from anxiety, aggression, and fear issues - as does any puppy coming from puppy mill situations.

So to avoid an aggressive Shiba Inu, research breeders carefully and realize that Shibas need an owner skilled in proper socialization, and obedience training. 

Otherwise, perhaps get a Corgi instead? (Corgis can be nippers though….)

not very happy shiba inu

Shiba Inu Worst Dog Ever Claim # 2 - Shiba Inus Hates Everyone!

Shiba Inus definitely do not hate everyone.

But if I had a guess, any Shiba would probably hate the type of person that has the nerve to state such things. 

Shibas are independent, and oftentimes, aloof.

This means, instead of hating everyone, Shibas instead are selective in who they’ll give their attention and affection too.

Shibas are just not the type of dogs who’ll love everyone at first sight - which actually proves their superior intelligence. 

If you want a Shiba Inu to like you - you have to earn it.

And if that’s something you can’t handle and need a dog that cherishes the ground you walk on - try a Golden Retriever instead - they're a hungry bunch though….

shiba inu barking

Shiba Inu Worst Dog Ever Claim # 3 - Shiba Inus are Crazy Screaming Dogs!

There are many viral clips of Shibas literally screaming their buns off when enduring such minor procedures like baths, nail clips, and vet visits.

But the fact that a Shiba Inu is an expressive, vocal dog does not make a Shiba “crazy”.

Being a basal, primitive-type dog, Shibas naturally have kept “wilder” wolf-like traits such as howling, and yes, screaming.

wet shiba inu getting a bath

Huskies, known for their melodious howling, have this trait as well. 

As for Shibas - their screaming is their own special form of an “upgraded” howl meant to convey slightly more urgence in the matter.

The fact is that Shibas can be a dramatic bunch, and even small displeasures can lead to them letting you know (deafeningly) that they’re not happy campers.

However, most excessive Shiba screaming can be avoided by ensuring that the Shiba get’s proper socialization and training during early puppyhood - especially for grooming rituals such as bathing and nails. 

shiba inu running away

Shiba Inu Worst Dog Ever Claim # 4 - Shiba Inus Will Run Away

Shiba Inus were at one time bred to be small game hunters.

So this “love of the chase” is still ingrained in their D.N.A.

But like any dog, with proper and consistent training - this tendency to bolt can be corrected. 

That being said, Shiba Inu owners do need to take extra caution in ensuring that their Shibas are always secure whether they’re at home or out and about.

With early training and socialization, Shiba Inus can learn to be obedient dogs.

However, if you’re not the type of dog owner with much experience in obedience and training, it’s probably better to opt for a cat instead.

shiba inu obedience training

Shiba Inu Worst Dog Ever Claim # 5 - Shiba Inus Are Hard To Train

While Shiba Inus are not the easiest breed to train - they’re definitely not the hardest.

Shiba Inus are naturally very intelligent dogs and will respond to an owner they trust and respect.

Instead of phrasing it that Shibas are hard to train, it should instead be, Shibas need competent and experienced dog owners to train them properly.

The key to success in training a Shiba Inu is understanding their motivations and desires.

In general, food-motivated Shiba Inus are easier to train than non food-motivated Shibas. 

Fortunately, most Shibas have pretty good appetites.

Although training Shibas may take more time and effort than other people-pleasing dogs, the satisfaction of living with an obedient and loving Shiba Inu is worth the effort many times over.

And speaking of training, Shiba Inus are such a clean dog breed, that they’re one of the EASIEST breeds to potty train.

Shiba Inu peeking

Final Thoughts

Shiba Inus are definitely not for everyone.

But to call them the worst dogs ever? 

C’mon now.

Not all humans are capable of understanding the amazing layers of these gorgeous dogs that make almost all dogs look just “average”.

The beauty of the Shiba Inu dog breed demands respect versus petty expectations. 

Those that can have their feelings easily bruised by a dog that may not think they’re the best thing since sliced bread should definitely not get a Shiba.

Beautiful red Shiba Inu from Nippo Hauoli Shiba

There are many other dog breeds that were bred simply to coddle all the whims and fancies of various subsets of human’s “desires”. 

True Shiba Inu aficionado’s understand that Shibas are that one-of-a-kind dog breed that keeps us attuned and appreciative of the power and beauty of nature. 

Shibas are one of those very few dogs that can give us a glimpse of a simpler time long ago, when dogs, and humans, and the wilderness - coexisted harmoniously.

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