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If you have decided to crate train your Shiba Inu, you have made a wise decision.

Dog crates have multiple benefits for both humans and dogs.

Some unknowing dog owners believe that crating their dogs is cruel and a form of punishment for the dog. In actuality, crate training is only cruel if you misuse the crate for the wrong intentions.

The Benefits Of Dog Crates

Crate training your dog allows your dog to understand that they will always have a safe and familiar place to relax and sleep.

taro the shiba dog

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Your dog will see the crate as it's very own "home within a home". Crates fit well with a dog's natural instinct to take refuge and shelter in a den during certain times in their lives (mother dogs during childbirth, puppies).

For dog owners, crating their dogs allows their dogs to be safe in times when they cannot supervise their dogs. This is especially important for puppies or new dogs that have not been house-trained.

Dog Crates Prevent Accidental Ingestion of Foreign Objects

Each year, a large number of dogs get sick, hurt, or poisoned by getting into things they shouldn't be getting into. Crating your dog will protect your dog from these dangers when no one is supervising them.

Crate Training Helps To Properly Housebreak Your Dog

Dogs which descend from wolves have the natural instinct to want to keep their living areas clean. As an ingrained instinct to protect their health, dogs usually try to avoid soiling the areas they sleep and eat at.

Dog crates are a great tool for house breaking your dog. Your dog will naturally not want to soil in their sleeping area, so you can use the crate to slowly increase the time between potty breaks.

Luckily for Shiba Inu owners, Shiba Inus are fastidious and clean dogs. Shiba Inu puppies need very little potty training and sometimes potty train themselves. Using a dog crate during potty training will make this process even easier.

How To Choose A Dog Crate For Your Shiba

By far, the most important thing to consider when choosing a dog crate is the size.

Most dog trainers, owners, and experts recommend choosing a crate based on the final adult size of your dog.

Use Wire Dividers To Accomodate Puppies

Dog crates can be easily modified with a divider to fit your dog when it is a puppy and then be gradually resized as your dog grows into adulthood.

The Best Sized Dog Crate For Shiba Inus

For most adult Shiba Inus, 36" large wire crate would be the best option. If your Shiba Inu is on the smaller size, a better choice would be the 30" medium-sized crate. 

A 30" medium sized crate will work fine for all Shiba Inu sizes, but we prefer the slightly roomier 36" size for our adult Shiba Inus. When using these crates for potty training, we use dividers as needed to decrease the space of the crate.

Types of Dog Crates

There are quite a number of different styles of dog crates available on the market. They include wire crates, plastic / resin crates, soft-sided crates and designer crates.

For the large majority of uses, the collapsible wire crate is the best choice in terms of functionality, durability , and price.

Wire dog crates are the most commonly used type of crate for crate training and house-breaking dogs.

Wire Dog Crates Are Durable and Easy To Clean

Wire dog crates are easy to clean and are very durable. Most models fold flat for easier portability. However wire crates can be very heavy depending on the size. 

The open cage-like feature of wire crates allow the greatest airflow compared to other style crates. Some dogs may like the openness and ability to see outside of the crate - while others may not.

For dogs that prefer more privacy and warmth, wire dog crates can be covered with a variety of materials.

A Few Disadvantages of Wire Dog Crates

The main disadvantages of wire dog crates include the weight of the crate and the fact that it is the easiest type of crate to escape from. Of course, extra locks can be used for more security. 


MidWest Homes for Pets Newly Enhanced Single & Double Door New World Dog Crate- OUR FAVORITE CRATE

The MidWest Homes for Pets Newly Enhanced Single & Double Door New World Dog Crates are our go-to crate choice.

Midwest crates are available with a single door or a double door. For a few dollars more, I recommend getting the double door option. With double doors, the crate can be easily positioned in various surroundings. 

We like the Midwest line of wire crates because they have always been a consistent manufacturer of quality wire crates.

The crate includes a one year manufacturer's warranty and their customer service can be reached via telephone during normal business hours.

Check the latest price of the MidWest Homes for Pets Newly Enhanced Single & Double Door New World Dog Crate

Midwest 36" Crate w/ Divider

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MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate - 36" Double Door With Divider

The 36" iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate is another great wire crate option from Midwest.

This Midwest ICrate model has most of the features of the Midwest Life Stages model in terms of portability, doors, and ease of cleaning.

What's nice about this purchase is that it comes with all the bells and whistles as a package.

Check the latest price of the Midwest 36" iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate here.

Midwest I-Crate

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The LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage is the cage you want if you have an advanced-level escape artist.

Especially designed for determined dogs that need maximum security protection.

It has double locks positioned so that your dog won't have easy access to attempt escapes.

The crate is made out of high-grade, powder-coated steel that resists scratches, dents, and rust. Stress points of the crate are enforced with extra welding as well.

It includes a slide out tray for easy cleaning.

The only thing that's not easy..... is carrying it. It weighs over 70 pounds.

So considering the weight and the cost, this crate is best suited for Shibas that really need the extra protection due heightened escape tendencies or destructive nature.

LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage

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