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Shiba Inus are dogs that really seem to enjoy “the good life”.

They know what they like.

And they definitely know what they don’t like.

This article will guide you to incorporate things that Shibas love and steer you away from things they don’t.

After all, of course our Shibas deserve it.

10 Things Shiba Inu Love!

Shiba Inu Love - #1 Good And Delicious Food!

Shiba Inu looking at her delicous and healthy food being prepared

Shiba Inus tend to be quite the gourmet chow hounds.

And of course they deserve the best quality we can afford.

Feeding your Shiba Inu a fresh, balanced diet is one of the few things you can do to ensure a better chance for a long and happy life for your beloved.

While we can’t control genetics and other health anomalies - we can control what we feed our Shiba.

Just as in human nutrition, a dog’s nutrition can heavily impact the health and overall well-being of your Shiba.

Shiba Inu looking at fresh food

And while human authorities continuously push for eating “fresher”, with less preservatives, additives, chemicals - why is it completely opposite in the dog realm?

You can learn more about Shiba nutrition in one of our many articles on the subject. 

But in the meantime, feed your Shiba Inus good food. It’s really that important.

Shiba Inu Love - #2 Walks in Nature

beautiful red Shiba Inu on top of Hawaiian mountains

Warm sunny skies, salty ocean breezes, the fragrant smell of rolling hills of grass.

Nature is beautiful!

And also rejuvenating for both mind and body with both dogs and humans.

While some Shibas may not be particularly fond of “city” walks in busy urban areas - most Shibas love being in nature whether it be simply soaking up sun or romping on up hilly hikes.

playful shiba inu

There enormous benefits in inhaling fresh air and getting both you and your Shibas heart pumping!

Even if you live in an urban jungle instead of a literal jungle - there should still be ways to find a bit of nature to enjoy with your Shiba - even at a nice small corner park.

Shiba Inu Love - #3 A Comfy Bed

gorgeous Shiba Inus from Jogoso Shiba Inu

Deep, restful sleep is a vital component for your Shiba’s health.

A comfortable and supportive orthopedic bed can improve your Shiba’s sleep as well as protect their joints. 

Shiba Inu love to enjoy a good snooze and while some dogs are more of “sprawlers” - Shibas are more “nesters” and prefer dog beds with edges.

Be sure to locate the bed in a cozy and quiet area that your Shiba feels comfortable in

shiba inu orthopedic bed

Shiba Inu Love - #4 Catching Prey!

barn hunting

Iko the Shiba enjoying a barn hunt session

While Shiba Inu may not be as ball-loving as retriever-type doges - they do enjoy themselves a nice prey hunt.

Since they used to be small game hunters in the past, their instinctual drive to catch prey is still lurking in their genes. 

With some Shibas expressing more of this drive than others. 

If your Shiba is lucky enough to have a yard with critters such as lizards, mice, squirrels, etc - you’ll probably already know by now if your Shiba has this prey drive.

If not, you can try giving barn hunting a try.

Your Shibas can enjoy the thrill of the hunt with live prey that don’t get hurt at the end.

Shiba Inu Love - #5 Engaging, Interactive Toys

Shiba Inuy with interactive toy

If catching prey isn’t an option for your Shiba either due to your environment or your discomfort about hurting other creatures - interactive puzzles and games are also great!

Most dogs actually enjoy working for their food.

Interactive dog puzzles provide both mental stimulation and entertainment for your dog.

interactive dog toy for shiba inus

There are various types of puzzles to choose from with different levels of complexity. 

It’s important to start easy to allow your Shiba to gain confidence instead of frustration.

Shiba Inu Love - #6 Hide N Seek Type Games

Shiba Inu hide and seek illustration

Along the same vein as catching prey, Shibas also love playing most children’s favorite pastime - hide and seek!

And it can be in the form of hiding various objects or even hiding yourself and having your Shiba search for you.

This is a great way to activate your Shiba’s problem solving skills while having fun at the same time.

Start by telling your Shiba Inu to "stay" - and then use a release work like "go find". Most Shibas love it!

Shiba Inu Love - #7 Clean Digs

Shiba Inus in a clean home

Shiba Inus are known to be fastidious and “cat-like” dogs.

This is why Shibas appreciate both a clean and comfy environment.

Ideally, dog beds should have removable and washable covers. Alternatively, you can use a blanket or towel to cover the bed and then wash regularly.

Floor surfaces should be cleaned regularly with a non-toxic cleaning product.

Clean floors are both safer and healthier for Shibas as well as humans. 

Shiba Inu Love - #8 Air Conditioning

senior shiba inu lying inside the house

Since Shiba Inus are double-coated dogs, they are more prone to be affected by hot and humid weather depending on where they are located.

Enter modern air conditioning - they love it.

It’s always important to ensure that your Shiba is safe from excessively hot and sunny conditions.

Double-coated dogs have an increased chance of suffering from heat induced health issues.

Thankfully, reliable air conditioning is one thing that Shibas really love and appreciate during hot spells!

Shiba Inu Love - #9 Treats, Especially Creamy Ones!

Shiba Inu celebrating birthday cupcake

It always feels great to “treat yo self” from time to time.

And Shibas, of course, would not disagree.

Shiba Inu love creamy treats such as ice cream, whip cream, and of course, Starbuck “Pupacinnos”.

Just be sure your Shiba Inu is otherwise healthy and able to eat dairy products on an occasional basis.

Moderation in your life, as well as your Shibas - is everything.

Shiba Inu Love - #10 - A Grrreeeeaaat Stretch!

Shiba Inu stretching

Most everyone can agree that getting in a nice, long stretch feels great when getting our bodies out of deep slumber.

Shiba Inus seems to take this to the next level.

Shibas love stretching and they do it all the time.

 And a lot of them have their own unique stretching “routine” that’s adorable.

For example front leg first as in yoga downward dog, then back legs, then left leg, and finally right let to cap it off.

Shiba Inu stretching

10 Things Shiba Inus Hate!

Shiba Inu unhappy

Shiba Inu Hate - #1 Negativity Stress

negativity arguing affects shiba inus

Dogs are surprisingly perceptive animals. 

In Shiba Inus, this perception tends to be magnified due to their sensitive nature. 

So this is why it’s important to keep your Shiba’s environment as stress free and tension free as possible.

Shibas hate it when we argue and stew. And this stress can actually be harmful to their health.

Instead of heading deeper into negativity during a stressful moment, think of your Shiba and give em a big hug and kiss.

Shiba Inu Hate - #2 Rough Handling

mad shiba inu angery doge

While some dogs like Shepherds and Labs don’t mind rough and tumbling with their owners - Shibas, in general, don’t.

A typical Shiba is calm and dignified so they prefer their humans to be as well.

So it’s important to handle Shibas calmly and avoid being rough or jerky. 

When training Shibas never use aversive training methods as they’ll just shut you out.

If you don’t respect a Shiba - a Shiba definitely won’t respect you.

Shiba Inu Hate - #3 Vet Visits

Unhappy Shiba Inu at the vet

For most dogs, going to the vet is definitely not a favorite pastime. 

But for many Shibas, going to the vet can be terrifying to them!

Shibas are dogs that know what they like and what they don’t like.

And when they don’t like something - they’ll definitely show it.

Trembling, crying, and heavy panting are all signs that your Shiba is distressed about the visit. Most dogs will sense the impending visit before entering the vet’s office. 

tentative red shiba inu

Being so perceptive, Shibas can easily pick up cues about the upcoming visit by observing your demeanor and during the car ride there.

Since most vet visits may include a stinging jab from a needle, Shibas will remember this and of course want to avoid this in the future.

To make vet visits more tolerable make sure that you remain calm and confident at all times. 

Reward the experience after with your Shiba’s favorite treats and or toys.

Shiba Inu Hate - #4 Unwelcomed Attention

unwelcome attention

Being naturally aloof, most Shibas don’t take to strangers quickly. 

And they’ll get annoyed when the stranger doesn’t “get the hint”.

Explain to the person that your dog is wary around strangers and doesn’t want to be petted due to this.

After all, it’s just a Shiba being a Shiba.

Even with their own family, many Shibas frown upon excessive attention when they’re not in the mood.

Just be sure to understand your Shiba’s temperament and respect both their mood and comfort levels.

Shiba Inu Hate - #5 Fireworks

shiba inu scared of fireworks tips

Like many dogs, most Shiba Inus dislike loud noises such as fireworks and thunderstorms.

There’s some evidence that certain breeds like Shiba Inus and are more prone to noise-aversion compared to other breeds.

Shibas terrified of fireworks willce around, breathe heavily, whine, look for places to hide and take shelter.

Early socialization during puppy hood will drastically improve your Shibas sensitivity to loud noises.

shiba inu doge look

 If the Shiba is already an adult, behavior modification therapies such as desensitization can be helpful. If you don’t have any experience with this contact a behavioral specialist to help you get started. 

Be sure that your Shiba has a safe place to take refuge in when you know there may be loud noises occurring.

Close the windows and blinds to block the light display that may also trigger fear. 

Shiba Inu Hate - #6 "Certain" Grooming Rituals

Shiba Inu bath myths

Shiba Inus awell known for their dislike in various grooming routines such as bathing, nail clipping, and coat brushing.  

And they’ll typically show this distaste with their famous “Shiba scream”.

So when a Shiba Inu is not pleased about getting groomed they’ll use their drama queen antics along with the scream to really put on an Oscar deserving performance. 

Shiba Inus are one of the most primitive dog breeds known at this time and because of this they are a breed that are not as accustomed to human handling as other more domesticated breeds are. 

Again, early puppy socialization along with obedience training can prevent your Shiba from being uncomfortable with these necessary grooming routines. 

If your Shiba is already an adult, be sure to work on remedying this aversion to prevent stress for both you and your Shiba.

Shiba Inu Hate - #7 Harness

Shiba Inu wearing a harness

Being a breed that leans more to the “primitive” side - Shibas are dogs that prefer “au natural”. 

Many Shiba Inus despise being harnessed and will show this by either running away or “freezing”. 

Even the act of trying to put the harness on itself can be kind of a circus feat.

back attach harness for shiba inus

To make harness wearing more tolerable choose a harness that fits will and is comfortable.

Most dogs don’t like putting their heads into anything so look for a harness that allows you to put it on through your dog’s legs instead.

Shiba Inu Hate - #8 Bodies of Water

shiba in harness

Shiba Inus are not usually swimming fans as even bath time alone can be a nightmare for them.

There are of course, always exceptions to the rule, but for the most part Shibas probably won’t fetch anything thrown into any bodies of water.

With patience and positive reinforcement, Shibas may eventually learn to like or at least accept being in or near the water.

Just make sure you keep the exposure within their comfort zone.

Shiba Inu Hate - #9 Boisterous Children

loud children may irritate  shiba inus

Since some children can be loud and boisterous - most Shibas will likely not want any part in that.

Add in to the fact that kids can be “in your face-ish” - that’s definitely a no go for Shibas.

This is especially true for older Shiba Inus that are more set in their ways - Shiba puppies are likely to accept young children much easier.

Shibas may eventually come around to children that have been taught to be polite and not invade a Shiba’s personal space.

Read more about Shibas and children here.

Shiba Inu Hate - #10 Disrupted "Schedules"

spoiled shiba inu at the dining table

"Don't dilly dally, it's time for bread and tea Karen...."

Dogs are creatures of habit. They thrive on structure and dependability. 

Shiba Inus hate when their schedules are moved - especially when it’s something they enjoy like eating.

Well, mostly it’s the eating.

Shiba Inu will let you know when you’re past their expected times to be fed. 

And some Shibas can be much more expressive than others. 

Take this one for example.

So remember, if you have to disrupt a Shiba’s schedule - make sure there’s a good reason behind it.

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