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Your Shiba inu is a diva.

Or divus.

A natural Hollywood hound in the making! 

And currently there's no better place to flaunt that fluff than TikTok.

Oh, and if you're like me and older than Generation-X, don't worry - we'll explain TikTok and get you and your Shibe(s) rockin' in no time.

(Oh, and we have some amazing accounts for you to follow as well! Learn from the best, we say.)

tik tok shiba inu

What's TikTok?

TikTok is a trending and popular app that allows users to post short-form (15 second) videos with tons of music and dialogue options.

In 2018 TikTok merged with an app called Musical.ly, and became a social media phenom that offers users a fun and creative way to share their life.

As of January 2021, TikTok has over 500 million users throughout the world. It' also one of the most downloaded apps, competing with Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 

The main advantage of TikTok is that it doesn’t have the same kind of algorithms as Instagram.

That means that dog lovers and dog owners who want to share funny pictures and videos (or easily find such content), there's far less competition. (Pssst... so hurry get on there now!)

You also have to worry less about the quality of images and instead get to focus on making videos with stories, character, humor, and so on. In other words, TikTok is perfect for spunky, mouthy, and photogenic breeds like the Shiba inu.

tiktok shiba inu doing yoga

5 Tips For Getting Your Shibes TikTok Famous

Tip # 1 - Do Challenges!

One of the reasons TikTok is so popular are the viral challenges.

There are new challenges popping up weekly that fit all kinds of niches.

On the Discover page, you'll find over 30 challenges to try out—and many of them feature doges from across the globe.

The best part? If your diva Shibe makes the top 8, they get to be featured; that means more attention, more shares, more comments, and more followers. 

An example would be this video posted by Zelda & Kova, where the challenge is “how many times can you tap your dog before they get angry.” 

Some of the best challenges that came out of 2020 and are still going strong include: 

  • #Dogs React Challenge:  Have your pooch sit beside you and play some of their favorite sounds, like a squeak toy, and see how they react. Get creative with the noises! It's adorable watching dogs tilt their heads from side to side and get heckin’ excited over the sounds you play. 
  • #Obstacle Challenge: Some Shiba inu are all beauty and grace. Others are klutzy. Whichever Shiba you have, make a maze and record them busting through it as daintily as possible. Use #obstaclechallenge when you post. 
  • #Clapping at Your Dog Challenge: Here is an easy challenge. Have family and friends summon your dog into the room then give them a round of applause. Check out their reaction, which is usually a wagging tail and smiles. Heartwarming! 
  • #Mario Kart Challenge: Have multiple shibes in your household? This one is for you. Line up your dogs’ favorite treats in a race course fashion. Have your Shibes dress like Mario Kart races and let them tear through the course, gobbling up treats as they go. First to cross the finish line wins.
  • #Hide and Seek Blanket Challenge: You have seen this one before. Hold up a blanket in front of you and try to trick you dog by “vanishing” behind it as it drops. Set up your phone to record how your dog reacts to your sudden disappearance.
  • #Patatak Dance Challenge: Do you love to dance? You can play the Patatak music and do the jig (seen in this video). Your dog should get super excited as you dance around them. 
  • #LearningToDog Challenge: This comical challenge has you doing your best to "dog".  For example, while your dog is staring out the window, you follow along. Your dog might be a bit baffled by you copying everything they do. Record their reaction. 

Give them a try! 

Tip # 2 - Use Viral Songs and Sound Effects

TikTok revolves around catchy songs and cool "beats". Choosing the right song for your video can quickly catapult it to viral status.

You can choose a song from artists in the TikTok app or browse songs via Apple Music. 

If you're not sure what to choose, songs and sound effects can be added after you film your video content. 

It's best to take some time planning out content beforehand that'd fit nicely into your possible music choices. 

Also take some time and watch some of the most popular TikTok videos to see what works and how you can incorporate similar effects.

Tip # 3 - Aim To Get On Your Viewers "For You" Page

The "For You Page", or FYP (#fyp or #foryoupage), is pivotal to getting viewers TikTok.

All TikTok users will come across the For You page as soon as they open the app.

The For You page is basically content that TikTok believes it's viewers will enjoy based on past viewings.

Your job is to create good content so that your Shiba's TikTok will make it's way to more For You feeds.

Tips to get on audience's "For You" feed:

  • Create high quality, aesthetically pleasing content 
  • Find catchy music that matches the content
  • Keep the videos short and to the point
  • Use the right #hashtags so your audience can find you
  • Create content relevant and appealing to your niche (concentrate on topics that Shiba Inu owners can relate to)
  • Keep up with trends and recent news to get ideas for new content
  • Engage with your audience (comment back, etc)
smiling tiktok shiba inu

Tip # 4 - Use #Hashtags Correctly

To ensure viewers can find your Shibes' TikTok always incorporate hashtags in the caption on your video.

Avoid using "common" hash tags like #foryoupage and instead focus on hash tags relevant to your content instead.

For instance, you can use #shibainu and #petsoftiktok to draw in people who spend most of their time watching cute dog and cat videos. 

Don’t forget your #shibainu, #shiba, and #doge either!

Tip # 5 - Keep Your Videos Short and Sweet

The best videos are the ones that keep it simple and focused.

TikTok viewers have relatively short attention spans.

More users engage with 15 second videos versus longer ones.

You can stitch together 15 second clips to make longer videos if you have a good reason to do so. But for the most part, try to stick to 15 second videos.

There's also another reason to make short videos - re-watches. 

A short and addicting video is much more likely to earn multiple "re-watches" - which will likely bump the TikTok algorithm in your favor.

Recommend Shiba Inu TikTok Accounts To Follow

Shibakoma (@shibakoma)

Hailing from Japan, Shibakoma is one TikTok's biggest Shiba Inu stars.

And it's easy to see why.

Shibakoma is an absolute photogenic braniac!

Her parents are top-notch TikTok directors as well with excellent filming and music choices. 

TikTok clip HERE

Zelda & Kova (@huskyandshiba)

Zelda, the Husky and Kova, the Shiba Inu both like to rock their attitude in front of the camera

Both of them have an attitude, but Kova takes the prize.

Kova is often featured in video challenges or seen attacking her toys. Her pawrents are just as spunky as well, which makes the account all the more fun to watch. 

Seriously, when Zelda and Kova’s mom wears the Shiba inu costume, things can’t get anymore hilarious. 

Kova TikTok HERE

Zelda TikTok HERE

Tyson (@tysons_tail)

If you love Shiba inu related memes and viral TikTok challenges, then you'll definitely get a kick out of Tyson's TikTok 

One of his video's features a Renaissance painting filter turning Tyson into a wonderful Bepis meme.

Another one shows Tyson getting "booped" on the head by a ball.

Check Tyson out you'll surely get your daily dose of laughs and chuckles! 

TikTok clip HERE

Nerodice (@nerodice)

@Nerodice is Japanese account that shares dozens of Shiba inu related content daily. 

Som videos feautre viral challenges, while others are just classic Shiba inu mochi mochi cheeks or airplane ears or even the classic Shiba scream. 

So Shiba Inu.

And so kawaii!!

TikTok clip HERE

Taurus the Shiba (@taurus_the_shiba)

Taurus is an adorable young Shiba Inu puppy with a witty and doting papa.

His papa shares informative and funny facts about Shiba Inus, including how Shibas can be great for single people. Lol!

Taurus is a quick learner and can be seen learning impressive tricks like ringing bells, dancing, and more!

While Taurus's daddy calls him "weird" at times - Taurus is weird in all the coolest ways.

TikTok Clip Here

Mika (@anna_and_mika)

Anna and her adorable Shiba inu, Mika, hail from Germany.

The two of them are inseparable, adorable, and comical. They take part in various TikTok challenges that'll give you great ideas for your own videos

Also, you can watch Mika’s not-so-great ball catching skills in action - it's adorable and hilarious!

TikTok Clip HERE

Wrapping It Up

TikTokking your Shiba should be a fun experience for both of you and your family and friends.

Just keep the tips you learned today in mind as you start creating your first TikTok vids.

Don't forget - Every Shiba Inu has something to special to share with the world - TikTok is the latest and most fun way to do it!

Are you on TikTok? What do you think? Who are you following and do you have any recommendations? Let us know! 

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