Why, why, why can’t the Internet get enough of Shiba Inus?

From puppy cams, to memes, to Instagram accounts with 100k+ followers - Shibas seem to have catapulted to the status of top dog, or “doge” online.

Yes, we know they are cute - of course they are.

But are that really THAT cute?

After much agonizing research, we came to the conclusion that, yes, they are really THAT cute and compiled a list of the reasons how Shiba Inus conquer the cuteness factor to the nth degree.

Reason # 1 - The "Just Right" Shiba Inu Body

AKC Shiba Inu dog

In terms of looks, one of the reasons Shiba Inus are so popular, and cute, is their "optimal" body size and proportions.

They have a compact body that seems to have the curves at all the right places.

They are not too large and unwieldy, yet not too small and scrawny.

They’re just right, and they know it too.

Topping off the cuteness of the Shiba Inu body is it’s beautiful fluffy coat, adorable round butt, curly-q tail, and of course it’s foxy face.

gorgeous red shiba inu

Well how about the chubby, potatoey body of a Shiba Inu puppy?

Forget about it. Game over.

Too, too cute to talk about it. And talking about Shiba Inu puppies…..

Reason # 2 - Shiba Inu Puppies

cute shiba inu puppy

If one had the difficult task to describe the word “cute” with a dog, I think Shiba Inu puppies would win.

I know i’m probably very biased but just look at Shiba Inu puppy pictures and tell me if you disagree.

Pomeranians are cute.

So are Corgi’s and Labs. But Shiba Inu puppies?

It’s simply the next level of cute.

Shiba Inu puppies have the most adorable expressions highlighted by their perky ears and chubby cheeks.

They are the cutest little fatties ever.

Reason # 3 - The Shiba Inu Smile

the famous shiba inu smile

A smile from a Shiba Inu is like a never-ending weekend.

Pure bliss.

When you see a Shiba Inu smiling, you have hope that everything's gonna be alright.

The facial structure of a Shiba Inu with its wider cheeks enlarges their smile to be basically make it twice as happy.

smiling and happy shiba inu dog

Nobody knows better to appreciate Shiba Inus smiles than us owners.

Shiba Inus are not typically known to be especially affectionate and happy-go-lucky dogs.

So when they see their Shibe flashing its pearly whites, nothing could be cuter than that.

Reason # 4 - The Shiba Inu "Booty"

shiba inu booty butt

If you have ever had the privilege of walking behind a Shiba, you probably noticed the Shiba Inu is endowed with shapely buns.

The so-called Shiba “booty” has captured the adoration of many fans. In fact, cartoons and even merchandise have been designed around Shiba booty’s.

What is it that makes Shiba Inu butts so captivating?

Many attribute the cuteness of Shiba butts due to all the shapely curves that draw attention a Shibas typically plump and fluffy booty.

Personally, I think Shiba Inus have the cutest booties because they also have the cutest "booty trot" to go along with their fluffy buns. 

Reason # 5 - The Shiba Inu "Trot" Walk

If you don’t know what a Shiba trot is, take a second to find a video of Shiba Inu walking and you’d probably quickly learn what I am talking about.

Shiba Inus don’t simply “walk” like other dogs.

They trot.

With butt swinging and a little sashay to the left, a little to the right - the Shiba trot is quite an enchanting event to witness.

This Shiba trot accurately portrays a confident dog that has a “I’m on top of the world” kind of attitude to match.

Reason # 6 - Black and Tan Shiba Inus Look Just Like Miniature Hukies

cute black and tan shiba inu puppy

While the Red Shiba Inu is the most popular Shiba, the Black and Tan Shiba has a loyal bunch of fans as well.

The unique coloring of the black and tan Shiba make many mistake the Shiba for a mini husky.

So if you’ve ever admired the looks of a Husky but can’t shoulder the responsibility of such an active, larger-sized dog, then a black and tan Shiba could fit the bill.

Aside from looking like mini Huskies, black and tan Shibas also possess the cutest “eyebrows” that are noticeable due to the dark color of their coat.

The eyebrows look like exclamation points that shout out the message, “too cute for words.”

Reason # 7 - Shiba Inu Chubby Cheeks

Shiba Inu chubby cheeks

Shiba Inus have noticeably wider cheeks than most dogs.

These wide Shiba Cheeks are likely to be associated with the fat, chubby cheeks of human babies that everybody want’s to squeeze cause they’re so cute.

Due to plain genetics, Shiba Inus have a bit more fat and fur in the cheek region that causes their cheeks to be nice and plump.

And, oh so squeezable.

The Japanese have even coined a term for this called Mochi-mochi, which of course, eventually went viral.

Tons of Shiba owners began pulling their poor pooches cheeks to share on social media sites.

​Ahhh, the life of the Shiba...

Reason # 8 - Shiba Inu "Attitude"

shiba inu head portrait

With all that cuteness going on for the Shiba Inu, there must be some kind of catch.

And in this case, there is.

They call it “Shibattitude”.

Shiba Inus tend to have attitudes and personalities closer to actual humans than dogs.

They are not easily amused.

unhappy shiba inu

Not easily pleased.

And they sure as heck don’t want to do pointless “tricks” for you unnecessarily.

Shiba Inu owners know Shibattitude very well. It’s endearing to us.

And we think it’s actually pretty cute.

This attitude seems to encourage us to go the extra mile to please our Shibas.

Alas, when we occasionally get rewarded with happy airplane ears, or a simple Shiba smile - it definitely makes it all worth it.

Reason # 9 - Shiba Inu "Airplane" Ears

Shiba Inus possess some of the cutest and perkiest pointy ears you can find on a dog.

These perky ears seem to function as little antennae beaconing cuteness on anyone lucky enough to be in the proximity of Shiba Inu.

Some Shiba Inus take this cuteness one step further by doing “airplane ears.”

​This phenomenon is not common in most Shiba Inus as airplane ears are a sign of submission. And most Shiba Inus are not submissive.

When you do see a Shiba Inu that does airplane ears for you, then you know that that’s one sweet Shiba.

Much sweeter than other non-airplane ear compliant Shibas.

And it’s just so cute.These pulled back airplane ears are usually accompanied by the biggest smile, a wagging tail, and a genuine happiness to be in your presence.

Coming from a Shiba Inu - that’s priceless.

Reason # 10 - The Shiba Inu Tail

shiba inu tail

The Shiba Inu tail is kind of the exclamation point at the end of the word that best describes the Shiba Inu.

And that word is cute!

The famous Shiba Inu tail is a fluffy, plump, and curly tail that usually sits high and proud on the back of a Shiba Inu.

Some Shiba Inus have tails so plump that it resembles the appearance of a nautilus.

The tail of a Shiba is the good indicator of the Shiba Inus current mood.

shiba inu fluffy tail

When it’s up, the Shiba Inu is happy and ready to take on the world.

When it’s halfway up, the Shiba Inu is concerned and a bit apprehensive.

When the Shiba Inu’s tail is down, the Shiba is definitely not liking something.

It’s highly recommended that you do what you can to get that tail up high and wagging again.

Reason # 11 - The Shiba Inu Scream

Now, this cuteness factor is a bit controversial.

Some say it’s cute - while others would rather describe it as “terrifying.”

So the cuteness factor, I assume, depends on the “type” of Shiba Inu scream.

Some Shiba Inu screams when they are just plain happy and excited.

They are just so overflowing with joy that they start screaming in the most inharmonious manner.

When Shiba Inu owners hear that, it’s just pure love.

And of course, cuteness.

Other times, Shiba Inus scream because they are unhappy, scared, or simply being over dramatic.

For the most part, these screams are largely due to the Shiba Inu being a drama queen - which of course is also adorably cute.

For all other Shiba Inu screaming reasons, please be sure to do whatever it takes to make that screaming Shiba Inu a happy Shiba Inu.

Reason # 12 - Famous Shiba Inus

shiba inu looking at another shiba inu on a computer

Did you know there is a Shiba Inu that is a cover model for a men’s fashion design magazine?

Of course you did. And in case you didn't know his name, it's Bodhi.

Then there’s the Shiba Inus that have Instagram accounts with more followers than me, and my friends, and friend’s friends, combined.

Plus 100,000.

Give or take.

A lot of these famous Shiba Inus like Marutaro hail from Japan.

It just seems that the Japanese really know how to capture the true essence of Shiba Inu cuteness.

From the costumes, to the food, to the beautiful scenery of Japan.

Just so Kawaii.

Oh, and how could anybody forget the famous Shiba Inu shopkeeper from Japan.

Now retired, this adorable and always happy Shiba would open the shop’s window and greet customers with airplane ears, and a gorgeous Shiba Smile.

Sometimes randomly with a cucumber in her mouth too. These Shiba Inus....

Reason # 13 - Shiba Inus Having A Knack For Finding Themselves In Unique Situations

As if Shiba Inus weren’t cute enough just the way they are.

Imagine seeing one of them randomly ‘stuck’ in a bush and trying to act like it’s not really a big deal.

Now that’s extra cute and funny wrapped in one.

It doesn’t stop there.

An even cuter Shiba Inu spectacle is seeing one, two, sometimes three Shiba Inu heads peering out tiny squares in cement walls.

Seeing the Shiba’s soft fluffy faces juxtaposed against the hard, brick wall just makes the Shibas cuteness all the more noticeable.

Besides bushes and cement walls, Shiba Inus have also been found to be stuck in chain fences, bookcases, and plant pots.

Reason # 14 - Shiba Inu And Cats

vector illustration of shiba inu and cat

Many describe the Shiba Inu dog breed as cat-like due to their cleanliness and their fox-like appearance.

And maybe their conceitedness also.

But did you know that most Shiba Inus get along quite well with their feline “cousins.”

In fact, many Shiba Inu and cat friendships seen and adored on social media are more like adoring relationships full of love.

Interestingly, it’s usually the Shiba Inu that is swooning over the cat.

shiba inu with cat friend

Reason # 15 - Dog Memes

shiba inu twinkie instructions

If you are familiar with something called the Internet, then you probably seen dog memes.

A lot of them.

The Shiba Inu became the “face” of dog memes in 2012.

These funny Shiba Inu memes, with it’s unique doggo slang and creative use of Photoshopped Shiba Inus is what helped Shiba Inus become such Internet rock stars.

Most of the Shiba memes were just comical reflections of our modern plugged-in society.

As mentioned earlier, even the most “concerned” or “condescending” Shiba Inu face can turn out to be the canvas for viral memes.

Reason # 16 - Shiba Inu Merchandise

shiba inu merchandise plushie

Now, when you have companies spending millions of dollars producing merchandise in the likeness of a dog, you KNOW that dog must be cute.

And cute the Shiba Inu is.

And so are the Shiba inu plushies, the Shiba Inu accessories, the Shiba Inu apparel and the Shiba Inu comics and manga creations.

For those that can’t have a real Shiba Inu, there are luckily so much cute or as Japanese say, “Kawaii” merchandise to choose from.

And aside from buying cute merchandise of Shiba inus, you can also buy cute accessories / toys  for your Shiba Inu, and you!

From cute little handkerchiefs to dog booties and rain jackets - there is no limit to what you can buy to make your cute Shiba Inu all the more cuter.


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